Introducing Carol Creager, author of Why Did I Do Tricks for Luis?

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Simón es adorable. No pude resistirlo. Cuando me pidió que escribiera un libro con sus trampas, le prometí hacerlo. Aquí se puede ver el resultado: las fotos y las palabras de Simón. Simon is adorable. I could not resist him. When he begged me to write a book showing his tricks, I promised to do it. Here you can see the result: the photos and words of Simon. Carol Creager

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Yo soy un mono araña y vivo en Costa Rica.,Cuando vi a Luis Barrantes, que saca fotos para la conocida Carol Creager, yo hice mis trampas para ganar su atención. ¿Qué mejor manera de ganarla? A Luis le gustó tanto que sacó fotos, aunque de veras él prefiere sacar fotos de pájaros. Lo seguí.De esta manera obtuve la atención de Carol para convencerle que me haga héroe de un libro.Así llegué a mi meta. I am a spider monkey and I live in Costa Rica. When I saw Luis Barrantes who takes fotos for the well-known Carol Creager, I performed my tricks to gain his attention. What better way to get his attention? Luis liked them so much that he took photos because he could not resist, even though he prefers taking photos of birds. I followed him. That way I got Carol’s attention to become the hero of a book. That is how I reached my goal. -Simon, the spider monkey

Introducing Carol Creager, author of What is a Tamandua: My story as told to my friend

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Carol Creager chose Spanish-speaking countries for two reasons. First, she speaks the language and photographed everything she could for many years for my students to see as they learned the language. To communicate successfully with people of other countries, a person needs to understand their customs and culture as well as their language. Second, people are familiar with huge African and Asian animals. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to the wealth of Latin American wildlife. While this book has been written for children, adults will enjoy the photographs and humor, too.

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I am a tamandua or lesser anteater. I search trees for termites and ants, which I catch with my long, sticky tongue. That benefits YOU! I greet my friends when they visit Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica. Carol has photographed me and written my story & my hopes. Why? She is a dedicated wildlife photographer and writer of wildlife stories for children & adults who like our humor & photos, mostly of Costa Rica. She has spent 30 years searching for and photographing every species she can find in my country. – Tammy Tamandua