Introducing David Trawinski, author of Chasing The Winter’s Wind

Chasing The Winter’s Wind is my second book published through Outskirts Press. My experience was excellent, and the staff is not only knowledgable and engaging, but they bring a professionalism to guide the author effortlessly through the process. I look forward to publishing my next novel with Outskirts Press as well!”

David Trawinski is a retired Aerospace Engineering Executive who pursues his love of history, travel and storytelling in his novels. He lives with his muse and wife, the lovely Marie, in the North Georgia countryside. This is his second novel, the sequel/prequel to his first historical fiction, entitled “The Willow’s Bend.”

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Book description…

The CIA is hunting one of their own, Stanley Wisniewski, across Europe. Deputy Director Jack Trellis wants Stanley silenced forever. Stanley is driven by his feelings for the only woman he has ever loved, the beautiful Agnieszka Danuska. Her father was tragically murdered by the Soviets in the 1940 massacre of over twenty-two thousand Polish military officers in the forest at Katyń. In the late 1970’s Stanley recruited Agnieszka, linking the Solidarity movement forming in the Gdansk shipyards to the CIA. Over the next fifteen years, Stanley and Agnieszka worked together to enable the series of events that brought about the abrupt end of the USSR itself. Now, through his actions, Stanley threatens to expose the corruption within the CIA itself. The agency’s pursuit of Stanley is being conducted by the woman who was once his protégé – Diane “The Huntress” Sterling. “Chasing The Winter’s Wind” takes the reader across Europe and through the turbulent history of the “Cold War” in Poland.