Introducing George B. Blake, author of Widow

“For the first time using self-publishing, the experience was at times a little trying only because I was new at this type of publishing. But, my Author Representative, Lisa, was very patient with me and a very big help, answering all my questions so that I could understand and follow through properly. Everyone involved was very accommodating also making the whole process come to an exciting end. A successfully published book! Thanks to all.”

George B. Blake is a successful advertising executive who became single after 18 years of marriage. He soon realized how very difficult is was to meet new single acquaintances of the opposite sex so he embarked on a 20 year research program among singles to determine the best ways and the best places to meet other singles. His research involved interviews with over 29,000 singles from all around the country, many as a result of his appearances on 160 call-in talk shows. He has written a popular syndicated newspaper “singles” column for 14 years which helped considerably with his research. After he wrote 6 books on “singles meeting other singles” he realized that no book had ever been written of the difficulty of widows meeting other singles…so he stepped-up his research to specifically involve widows (and some widowers as well). Now the 50 million widows in the U.S.A. have a source to turn to restart their lives after the tragic loss of a loved one.

Product description…

Widow starts with a bang as the first chapter has letters written to Mr. Blake by three widows who each tell how they made the adjustment to their newly unwelcomed lives. The book emphasizes the “positive” side of life, with a little humor thrown in, attempting to bring back some joy into the lives of widows (or widowers) trying to recover from the loss of a loved one.

Introducing Mark George, author of Chutin’ the Bull

“I am really impressed with the professionalism of the Outskirts staff. They’ve been very helpful.”

Mark George and his family live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where in addition to writing he maintains a full-time practice as a family therapist. His humorous shorts and essays have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dog Fancy Magazine, San Juan Horseshoe and other magazines and newspapers. This is his first collection of pieces in book form.

Product description…

In Chutin’ the Bull, psychotherapist Mark George examines the distracted mind and finds hope for change in a crazy world; one where people and animals talk out their dilemmas. Whether it’s goldfish hoping for a better life, a poor soul overcoming a fear of snakes in his toilet, or a couple breaking up over syntax, this book is filled with creatures engaging in healing conversations to cope with life’s stresses…and funny things happen! Where do serial killers go for help? Are we teaching our kids to become socialists? Why does “going green” frankly stink when you get right down to it? Join Mark George as he tries to make sense of utter nonsense through hilarious dialogues of people and animals seeking relief in a stressed-out world!