Introducing Sharon Ogden Jeske, author of The Beginning: Tiger Pass

“Everyone I worked with was totally awesome.”

Sharon Ogden Jeske is one of 13 children. She and her husband of 46 years have two sons and four grandchildren. Sharon has been with the same company for 25 years. She is looking forward to retiring in 2017 and traveling with her husband. One of her favorite past times is riding her Harley when she is not reading or writing. Currently she is working on Book 2 of the series Tiger Pass “Lost and Found”.

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Love, Family, and Friends — What Life Is All About! Clint and Tram are not only friends from childhood but military brothers in the Special Forces. After serving more than ten years together, they are on their way home, where Clint wants to build a lodge. Clint reaches out to Jackson—a fellow military brother, a good friend, and an architect—to help him draw up the plans. Sparks fly between Clint’s sister Tara and Jackson, and things quickly become serious. But when someone arranges to kidnap Tara, the men join forces with the FBI. Not only must they find the man behind the kidnapping—as well as several unsolved murders—but they will soon have escaped prisoners to contend with as well… The Beginning: Tiger Pass is a fast-paced debut novel filled with twists and turns. Woven throughout is a strong thread of love, friendship, and the unbreakable bond between brothers and friends.

Introducing Emerson Perry, author of A Wave’s Desire

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Lisa and the others to help this book come to pass. I greatly appreciate all the work you did to make my project a reality. I look forward to continuing to move forward with this process. Thank you.”

Emerson Perry is a retired sailor of the U.S. Navy. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a passion for poetry and reading, and is a member of Romance Writers of America and First Coast Romance Writers. Perry resides in Jacksonville, FL, where he and his wife-his high school sweetheart-have three daughters.

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Honor and Service…or Life and Love? Lieutenant Jasmine S. Kendrick-an independent nurse, an officer in the US Navy, and a chess prodigy-is on a quest to help save lives on behalf of her mother, who was tragically taken from her as a child. Subconsciously, she also pines for the affection of her absent military father, a distant yearning from childhood that puts her in harm’s way of a jilted lover, determined to possess her. Petty Officer Marcus T. Patterson, a charming enlisted navy personnel specialist, uses the navy as an escape from his declining Miami neighborhood…and from a long-ago crime he and his sister swore never to bring up again. When tragedy forces Marcus to come face-to-face with his own past, he must answer for a crime he can no longer hide. Jasmine and Marcus meet, and love soon follows. But their relationship is strictly forbidden by military law, and before long, Jasmine finds herself in the ultimate chess match-a game that could destroy her career, her love, and her life. A WAVES Desire is an unforgettable debut novel of deep emotion, featuring characters who are haunted by their past but determined to find their own, elusive fairy-tale ending.

Introducing Jim Davis, author of The Last Resort: Going Back to Mexico

“Like many authors, I am interested in writing, not the details of publishing. When I discovered One-Click publishing, I said to myself, This is for me. Now I can go back to writing.”

Jim Davis is professor and dean emeritus at the University of Denver. The author of eight academic books, he is now retired from teaching and administration to work full time on writing fiction. The Last Resort is his debut novel. Widely traveled, Jim lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Adelaide, who is originally from Brazil. Jim can be reached at: Home page: Email: Facebook: Jim Davis, author

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Marquito Gonzales, an outstanding student and high school track star, is forced to return to Mexico with his undocumented parents. The young man has lost everything-his chance to go to college, his girlfriend, and his dreams. After ten years in America, Marquito is now a waiter at the upscale Sunset Point Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, and he is angry, confused, and vulnerable. When he meets a red-haired runaway radical named Ashley-a tattooed gringa who feeds his anger and resentment-together they formulate a plan to shut down the resort and terrorize the guests. Time-share owners at Sunset Point, Vera and Ollie Webster sit at Marquito’s table for breakfast each morning. Now retired, Ollie questions the value of his law career and ponders anew the purpose of life. Vera, a retired social worker, wants to do some good with their wealth before they die by helping the workers they have befriended, particularly Marquito, who seems so lost and upset. Can she match him up with Maribel, the dimpled breakfast cook who watches him with loving eyes? Set against the glorious backdrop of a five-star Mexican hotel, The Last Resort is an unforgettable novel about losing one dream and building another. It’s the story of young romance as well as the love between an older couple, longtime friends who together discover a greater purpose for their lives.

Introducing Connie Lafortune, author of Because of You

“I would highly recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to self-publish without all the hassle! They do it for you! I’m looking forward to publishing my second book with them in the near future.”

Connie Lafortune is a shift supervisor by day and an author at night. She loves spending time with her family and friends,or taking walks on the beach. If she’s not in her office, you can bet she has her nose buried in a book. Connie lives in Connecticut with her husband, Alan.

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For 21-year-old Hunter Davis, being a lifeguard on one of South Carolina’s most popular beaches has its benefits. With his chiseled body, panty-dropping good looks, and penetrating blue eyes, he’s every woman’s dream and every father’s nightmare. So why would he want to commit to one woman? Love is not in his vocabulary. For 18-year-old Riley Hamilton, it’s just the opposite. Her father left when she was six years old, and her mother has been angry and bitter ever since. Riley finds solace in the thought that one day she will be worthy of someone’s love. So when her father calls-out of the blue-asking her to move to South Carolina with a free ride to USC, how can she refuse? When Hunter and Riley are suddenly thrown together, Hunter wonders if the demons from his past will come back to haunt him-or is the woman with the face of an angel the only one who can save him? Because of You is a sensuous and powerful debut novel-a story of love, loss, and the tragedy of holding on to family secrets.

Introducing Christopher A. Thompson, author of Smooth As Silk

“For a first time author with no publishing experience, the representatives assigned to me in the personnel of Jodee and Colleen, did an excellent job helping me with options and insights toward achieving my book publishing goal. They were tolerant and demonstrated good people-skill. I am happy to say that I appreciated all their assistance and patience.”

Christopher A. Thompson attended St. Patrick’s High School, a Catholic institution. He was exposed to much literature and completed many assignments. There was not a day that went by without having to do literature homework. As time progressed, he developed interest in literature. He read work from William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, T.S. Elliot and C.L. Lewis. Later he spent much time reading Marvel comics. These past experiences in the literary realm created a foundation, which influenced and nurtured his skill. He is a new author on the literary scene. This is his debut novel. At an early age, he developed interest in arts and literature but circumstances shifted his course. As a result, he ended up studying science and engineering. He welcomes the opportunity to delve into literature and explore its horizon. Currently, he resides in North Chicago, Illinois.

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Rebecca Silverstream lost something that was so dear to her. Her boyfriend, Brian Johnson was taken away involuntarily because his family moved to another state. The following period brought sadness and loneliness. She did her best to continue her life but the love she had for him never diminished. Miraculously, they stumbled on each other in a most unusual way. Their meeting brought back old memories and rejuvenated new zest in them. They confessed their love to each other and a new journey began. Nevertheless, the future terrain presented obstacles to conquer. How well they adjusted and fought to preserve their love, unfolded into a drama that is exciting and thrilling. The narrative is filled with scenarios that capture the interest of the reader. Each event is carefully described and produces pleasure and enjoyment. For example, the social problem of race develops along the natural order of events. Its emergence contributes to the preponderance of heated dialogue that develops between Rebecca and her parents about Brian. The journey that followed produced a confluence of events filled with thrill, excitement, suspense and eventually a happy ending. The scenes were carefully developed artfully into a coherent piece of literary brilliance. There is no doubt that the narrative will stir the reader’s emotion and capture his interest. Smooth as Silk succeeds in delivering good quality reading.