Introducing Tina Louise Brotz, author of The Symbiotic Section

“I urge anyone who is even remotely thinking of publishing a book to team up with Outskirts Press. With the vast array of services they have to offer, above average response time and professional staff, why would you want to look anywhere else? All the representatives cared – from Terri who always called me and Lisa, my Author Rep, to Durdana in the Video Department and Shirley in Accounting. There were just too many outstanding individuals to mention. I was amazed at the reasonable cost and “specials” that were offered along with marketing tips and follow-up e-mails I received. I was never alone and for someone like me, publishing their first novel, it made everything so easy. When my book was delivered, I was overwhelmed with the quality and the attention to detail that it possessed. Yes, I can honestly say that, without hesitation, Outskirts Press will be the publisher for my next novel.”

A proud Chicago native, Tina Louise Brotz has enjoyed a diverse career running the gamut from an assistant in a bank marketing firm to a homeowner association coordinator. Blessed with a quirky sense of humor, her unpredictable plots are derived from her multifaceted career experiences and worldwide travels, which allow her to do what she does best-storytelling. She has resided in the Phoenix area since 1994 and relishes every day in the Valley of the Sun with her husband and their two adopted children.

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Book description…

The edgy streets of Chicago provide the backdrop for a riveting tale that seamlessly blends danger and passion with the high-powered corporate world and the seedier side of the city. Fiercely independent and ultra-sophisticated Michelle Pierson has made a name for herself as a highly successful entrepreneur. Still gorgeous and in her early thirties, she has achieved it all, but at what cost? Realizing that she is now at a crossroads in her life, she tries to cope with lingering feelings she still has for her sexy ex-husband, Michael Dickerson, head of the largest advertising agency in the city. He has never been able to handle her rising star, and Michelle soon discovers that his head is elsewhere as he negotiates the largest deal of his life while trying to bed every available female in his path. When Travis, the biracial son she once abandoned, experiences an unfortunate turn of events, Michelle is forced to take matters into her own hands to find out who or what is actually responsible. The situation escalates as she weaves through a tangle of betrayal and deceit. The trail leads to someone she knows, someone consumed by revenge. Her quest to uncover the truth takes her to the underbelly of the city, the Symbiotic Section, where she is forced to face a worthy adversary in a final showdown that not only threatens the very foundation of her family but will change her life forever. Will Michelle finally be able to secure a future filled with the promise of love, despite the ever-present danger she has willingly placed herself in for her son’s sake? Find out in The Symbiotic Section, a story of greed, corruption, truth, and raw sensuality.

Introducing F. Sophia, author of La Latina de Elegancia

“Lisa was extremely helpful.  She was very responsive, and prompt with her answers.  The overall process went very well, and it prepared me for future projects.”

F. Sophia is an Organic Pastry Chef, who loves to create low-glycemic recipes. She is also a writer, novelist and publisher. Feana writes about various subject matters, and her published works include: CL Etiquette, Flirting with Disasters, La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in English and Spanish, Defense Mechanisms: Mastering Offenses, satan’s helpers and Now What: You’re Unemployed…How to Handle Downtime. She is a jet setter by nature, and travels globally. She often wakes up in one country, and goes to bed in another one. Feana consults in numerous industries, negotiated contracts for Fortune 500 companies and conducted etiquette seminars for a Tier 1 University. She enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, providing sustainment, biodynamic and eco-conscious consultations to restaurateurs and living a healthy lifestyle.

Product description…

Rana Martin is a no-nonsense executive that works in the IT industry. This Latina takes no mess from anyone, especially men. She has mastered every component in her life but love. Rana struggles daily with incorporating romance into her life. Her hectic schedule is often filled with putting out unnecessary fires. Rana considers herself to be an expert on men. Although, she has never been engaged, she has had too many relationships to number. Life is a journey. Rana is willing to endure her journey to reach her final destination, Unconditional Love. If you are a meats and potatoes person read Chapter 3. If you are sneaky, read “The Entertainer” located in Chapter 3. If you like a balanced meal (like myself), read the entire book.

Introducing Peter Prichard, author of Dawn of the Tobacco Wars

“Dana was outstanding. She was responsive, knew what she was talking about, was very organized and got the book published in the expedited time-frame I had paid for. She is a real star.”

Peter Prichard has spent the last thirty-eight years helping thousands of individuals, from high school students to adults of all ages, reach their goals. He has written dozens of articles and several book chapters on how to do that. He began his career by providing career guidance to college students, and he has been particularly interested in assisting young adults and those who want to drive positive change in their particular organizations, their community, and the world. As an acknowledgment of those efforts, he received the Youth Advocate Award from the town in New Jersey in which he lives. The teenage female heroine of this book is a composite of the hundreds of energetic and courageous young people and social activists he has met over the years.

Product description…

In the last two years, the teenager Dawn Mortenson has been kidnapped twice, with the intent to kill her, and has escaped intact from a building that her enemies had tried to blow up. She is now working for the Information is Power Consortium; one of its missions is to make the tobacco industry unprofitable. The Global Tobacco Corporation targets Dawn and hires operatives whose job is to neutralize her, a former boyfriend tries to destroy her, and others make multiple attempts on her life, including the burning down of her home while she is sleeping. Reluctant at first, she finally consents to the protection of several bodyguards after two close friends are murdered, as the Consortium comes closer to its goal of limiting the success of the Global Tobacco Corporation. The Corporation, in turn, accelerates its campaign against her and the Consortium.

Introducing Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib, author of Crossroads

“Outskirts Press made my dream of becoming a published writer come true. They have provided me support in every single way. When I received my manuscript review and approval from the Manuscript Review Team, I was thrilled beyond belief. My publishing consultant, author representative, production team and the rest of the Outskirts Press team worked closely with me every step of the way, always delivering their promises in a timely manner. They know what our needs are, and address them proficiently. Their support did not end when my book was published, but continues with the support of the marketing coach, who gives me valuable advice and guidance about what I should be doing, as well as how and when. Outskirts has made my book available with major distributors and sellers, and continues to provide me with international exposure opportunities that I have always wished for, through international book fairs and book award competitions. I just have to pick where I would like my book to be recognized, and off they go to help actualize my dreams. Thank you to everyone in Outskirts Press who made it all happen. I look forward to publishing with you again. I recommend you to all writers, especially international ones. You truly are the best publishers!”

Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib works in the field of education and professional development. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education, and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She loves working with people, helping children, and making a difference in the world. She is married and has two children.

Product description…

During her childhood and young adulthood, intelligent and curious Sara is encouraged to explore who she is, and to pursue education and a career that will make the best use of her many gifts. The gift of true love comes to her unexpectedly, when she meets Hani, a young man who is her soul mate. Together they commit to a life together full of devotion…but Sara’s destiny takes an unexpected turn, throwing her into a cycle that she could never have imagined. With the assistance of a kind therapist, she begins to reflect back on the decisions that brought her where she is today…the crossroads that led to her destination. Will she be able to retrace her steps and salvage what she already had? Crossroads is an introspective, thought-provoking book that will resonate with every woman who has struggled to find her path in life.

Introducing Jeanine McGee, author of Lost and Found in Sea Isle City

“It was a wonderful experience. The publishing consultant, Jamie, was dynamite! She made the process seamless. Bridget, the author representative, was incredibly informative and laser focused. And Jackie was so efficient with the digital aspect. It took me two years to write this book and my husband, Dennis, researched independent publishing companies during that time. We both have come to realize that Outskirts Press was truly a blessing. Thank you, Outskirts, for your integrity and your enthusiasm for excellence. Great job!”

Jeanine McGee grew up in Levittown, PA. She and her husband, Dennis (who is releasing his first novel, Covered in Delco), reside in Bucks County, PA. They have been married for 8 years and are blessed to have found each other in Sea Isle City, NJ. Jeanine has been teaching for 12 years and currently teaches in Bucks County, PA. She hopes to inspire her students as much as they inspire her. In the summer months, she enjoys endless summer beach days in Sea Isle City, NJ. She fell in love with the town during the summer of ’99 and continues renting summer homes today. It was the passing of her father, Paul J. Raudenbush Jr., in June of 2012, which gave her the inspiration to write her first novel.

Product description…

Jane Harper never understood why her husband was taken from her at such an early age. But is anyone ever really ready for death? Jane was not ready to say goodbye that evening in the hospital, knowing that the life she once knew would be gone forever. Day after day, thoughts of Jimmy lingered in her mind. Two years after his passing, Jane finds herself somewhere between hurting and healing. Still living in a house that was once filled with so much love was now empty and cold. All that was left were the memories that hung on the walls and their unfinished to-do list. Jimmy was her best friend and learning how to live without him was the most difficult experience of her life. Being on a family vacation in Sea Isle City, NJ helps Jane realize that you can’t live in the past, but sometimes the past helps you to remember how to live again. Jane reminisces with her family and friends about all of those memorable days and nights. Those endless summer nights are what led her to Jimmy: the best souvenir one could ask for. Jane is torn between holding on to a life that she once knew and searching for a sense of hope within herself. Jane cherishes those memories made with her girlfriends and longs to find the girl that she once was. Making new memories, with new friends along the way, will she find a second chance at happiness?