Introducing Roger B. Pratt, author of El Paso, His Final Destination

“This is my first experience with publishing a book. It could not have been any easier. The expert assistance from my Author Representative Dana made the whole process an enjoyable one. I am working on my second book and am looking forward to doing business with Outskirts Press.”

Roger B. Pratt is retired, which allowed him the time to pursue this project. Compiling these old letters to book form presents a fascinating insight into the adventurous daily life of a young man in the late 1800’s.

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Book description…

Extremely Ambitious and Curious Individual. Each letter reflects his daily life and surroundings in fascinating detail. Beginning when this seventeen year old young man from Vermont joins the Vermont militia and enters the Civil War. After serving ten months and rising to the rank of Corporal, the war ends. He is mustered out and returns temporarily to Vermont. This extremely ambitious and curious individual decides to leave home and starts his westerly journey. He ventures through seven western states, one territory, and Mexico, holding various positions in sixteen different occupations. He spends the last five years of his life in El Paso, Texas, as President of his El Paso Transfer Company business. His journey ends with his death from diabetes at the age of forty seven. Misspelled words were not corrected in the transition from the original letters to typed book pages to preserve the authenticity and character of the letters. Copies of original letters with envelopes, and certain documents, are included after certain typed book pages to show the interesting letter heads and envelopes.

Introducing Carolyn K. Burch, author of Walking in Faith

“This was my first experience working with a publishing company. When Laura was assigned to be my Author Representative, everything went smoothly and she was such a great help to me. I had many questions and concerns and she was able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns in a most professional manner! She also made the final publishing process move quickly and smoothly for me. I am writing another book and when I am finished and ready for this manuscript to be published, I will not only use Outskirts Press again, but I will request that Laura Stewart be assigned as my Author Representative. With my next book I will not be a “Newbie Author” who is unfamiliar with the publishing process and it will be hopefully easier for me and for everyone involved.”

Carolyn K. Burch was born in Indiana 70 years ago and currently resides in New Mexico with her husband and family. Her love for history and family genealogy inspired her to write her first fictional novel, Walking in Faith.

Product description…

What inspired me to write Walking In Faith is a result of my love of history and family genealogy. The characters depicted in this novel are fictional but their lives are based on my factual findings. As the pages of the book unfolds, you the reader are led through the years of this family’s individual happiness and unforeseen struggles, as it is being told by the book’s title character Russell Hancock. I hope that you will find yourself being caught up in the twists and turns of this family’s life through my vivid imagination as a writer. My account of how this family lived during this time in our American Civil War history is based upon my years of family genealogy research and the history of the times. It is a story of a typical family who lived through what is referred to as Bloody Missouri during the Civil War. After the Civil War and into the mid 1900s this family’s faith continues to be constantly tested, but by walking in faith their lives take on a new meaning, and they prevail.

Introducing Will Turner, author of Bitter Ashes

“Outskirts Press has done a fine job of publishing my book, “Bitter Ashes.” The cost for printing was reasonable, the services and assistance provided by the staff members was timely and helpful, the quality of the printing is excellent, and I am proud to have my name on the finished product. I will be very pleased to have my work presented in your Author’s Web Page.”

Will Turner is a native of Mississippi and now resides in Texas. A veteran of the Navy, he attended the U.S. Naval Academy and earned an MBA degree from Georgia State University. After retiring from Delta Air Lines as station manager in Houston, he then began a new career as the port director of a seaport on the Texas coast. Since his retirement, he has been active in the Rotary Club and in local civil and community affairs. Turner devotes his personal time to historical and genealogical research to document the military experiences of his family members in the American Civil War.

Product description…

The book, “Bitter Ashes” is a factual combination of History and Genealogy. The central theme is to chronicle the involvement of my family ancestors, both North and South, in the development of the United States and in the American Civil War. Our elected government officials failed to reach compromise solutions for regional and social differences and the American Civil War erupted. Four years of war resulted in the destruction of the Old South. Four million African Slaves were made free, but over 620,000 Americans were killed in battle and 412,000 more were maimed. Every family across the South, and most of the North, was affected and there are poignant stories to tell about each family. This was the most devastating event in American History and its results have affected the people of the South for generations. Its effects are still prevalent in social and political affairs. It is therefore, the most interesting event and period in American History.

Introducing Allen F. Mahon, author of Gone Home for Angels

“This was my first experience publishing a novel and Outskirts Press made held my hand every step of the way. Everyone I had contact with were knowledgeable and professional in every way.”

Allen F. Mahon has been a student of the Civil War since the age of twelve. His main focus of study has been devoted to his ancestors, who served in the 45th New York. Allen currently lives in Buchanan, Virginia, with his wife of 41 years. They enjoy the company of their two adult daughters and two grandsons.

Product description…

When Nick Siler joined the Union Army, he left a world of loving family and plans for a happy future, and entered a world of physical challenges, hardship, and the horrors of war. As Nick adjusts to his new life and finds the bonds of family replaced by the fierce loyalties and deep friendships among comrades-at-arms, he feels that he will be able to survive the Civil War. But even two years of combat cannot prepare him for the unthinkable bloodbath at Gettysburg, which will take a toll on the Union Army, and on Nick personally. Overnight, the wounding of a loved one and the loss of a close friend will force Nick to mature from a nineteen-year-old boy into a man. Nick finds love in an unexpected place while he reaffirms his loyalty to his regiment and to the North. Amidst the chaos and carnage of war, Nick will dig deep to find his own reserves of courage, compassion, and determination. But will the best of Nick’s heart and soul, and the devotion of the girl he loves, be enough to carry him through? Gone Home for Angels is a meticulously researched, deftly plotted historical novel rich with authentic detail and characters you will care about long after you have turned the final page.

Introducing Traie Shelhart, author of Enough to Make Angels Weep

“My author rep was very helpful and professional throughout the publishing process. This being my first book, I was full of “newbie” questions that she always patiently answered and always in a very timely manner. I also appreciated her help in walking me through the editing process. The entire production staff produced an excellent end-product that I am very pleased with. Now that I am more familiar with the pre- and post-production process, I will, for sure, be calling on Outskirts Press to handle future publishing projects! Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

Traie Shelhart is a 2001 graduate of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. Traie has maintained a fervent passion for 18th and 19th Century American history, specifically the Revolutionary and Civil War periods, throughout his years spent as a field archaeologist, state park ranger, and medical assistant since his graduation from GVSU. Traie has also spent fifteen plus years as a Civil War living historian, first with Co. D, 38th Indiana Infantry and most recently with Co. K, 5th Michigan Infantry. “Enough To Make Angels Weep” is his first historical narrative. Feel free to contact him at with questions, comments, or further information.

Product description…

“Enough To Make Angels Weep” takes an objective, in-depth look at the Civil War service history of the Thirty-eighth Indiana Infantry, a regiment originally raised from local militia groups in counties across southern Indiana in 1861. This narrative focuses specifically upon the activities of the common “western” soldier within the Thirty-eighth’s ranks, including camp life, adventures on the march, and the extreme hardships they suffered during active campaigns. Nicknamed “the double-backboned Hoosiers” in early 1862 because of their ability to endure long, arduous marches, the men of the Thirty-eighth Indiana also participated in some of the most vicious and bloody battles and campaigns of the Civil War’s western theatre. From the carnage wrought upon the rolling hills north of Perryville, KY in October 1862 to General William T. Sherman’s decisive onslaught through the deep South in 1864-65 during the battles for Atlanta, the March to the Sea, and the Carolinas Campaign, the fighting spirit and determination of the Thirty-eighth Indiana endured, despite the regiment leaving its honored dead in 10 states spanning 33 different skirmishes and major engagements. The resilience and fortitude of these men, most straight from the farm fields of southern Indiana, clearly resonates to the reader as this narrative follows their transition from shiny, new recruits at the outbreak of war to grizzled, hardened veterans by war’s end.