Introducing Dr. Jim Maryott, author of Love and Truth: From Here to Eternity

“Up to this point, my experience has been a great experience. At each stage of production to promotion, representatives for Outskirts were professional and knowledgeable, which made for a smooth publishing experience.”

Dr. Jim Maryott (Ed.D. Oklahoma State University; M.Ed. University of Central Oklahoma) is a retired educator. At the University of Guam, Dr. Maryott was an associate professor, department head: school administration, an elected faculty senate member, and evaluator of the Micronesian Educator. He has also authored several articles in professional journals.

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Book description…

This book, Love and Truth, is like a vitamin. Important nutrients are condensed within a single source. Likewise, love and truth are spiritual nutrients, the bread, which Christians live. This book offers unique perspectives of the spiritual bread of love and truth, through the role models of the Greatest Generation; a short story entitled, “An Ill-timed Fairy Tale; Christ’s portrayal in “This Love Story is not a Short Story;” God is in the USA’s Capitol today; the belief that Christians need to be segregated – or eliminated – like African Americans were in another time in history; and a prophetic portrayal of the final standoff between the Holy Trinity and the three-in-one devilish triumvirate, within “our” Brave New Immersive World.