Introducing Rev. Khoat Van Tran Ph.D., author of Catholic Peace

“It was a great experience working with Outskirts Press to publish Catholic Manifesto, Catholic Revolution and Catholic Peace, which are important books that prepare all people for God The Father’s True New Time on Earth before the soon arrival of His Son Jesus. We thank God for the efficiency of Outskirts Press to accomplish this important work.”

Rev. Khoat Van Tran in front of the Hanoi American International Hospital at 9 Chua Ha Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. This project belongs to the Keystone Foundation, established by Rev. Khoat Van Tran. In his life, Priest Khoat follows Christ’s procedure: caring for the people before preaching to the people. This hospital is on the way to completion. It still needs the funding for medical equipment and medical personnel at this time. Thanks for keeping this ongoing project in your prayers.

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Rev. Khoat Van Tran’s Tird Trilogy for the “True New Time.”  Catholic Peace explores the various types of peace we can experience in the True New Time: Human Peace, Divine Peace, and the various aspects of political, social, relational, natural, spiritual, religious, internal, personal, and eternal peace. Rev. Tran’s first trilogy, Catholic Manifesto, lays the spiritual foundation for God’s Kingdom on Earth. Justice on Earth is discussed in Rev. Tran’s second trilogy, Catholic Revolution, which paves the way for Catholic Peace here, the third trilogy.  Medley of Peace. There can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without revolution. There can be no revolution without sacrifices. There can be no sacrifices without purpose. There can be no purpose without ideals. There can be no ideals without healing. There can be no healing without faith. There can be no faith without cognition. There can be no cognition without vision. There can be no vision without silence. There can be no silence without meditation. There can be no meditation without God’s Love. Three Trilogies:  Catholic Manifesto, Catholic Revolution, and Catholic Peace are united in their purpose to present the wonderful spirituality of the True New Time. These three processes give three perfect rhythms starting from justice in the political realm and ending in the religion of Christ’s love to be a model of Earth’s journey back home to our Maker. A burning desire to reach every destiny in this journey and all parts of humanity move the most hard hearted antagonists of God to join the pilgrimage into the True New Time of God Our Heavenly Father on Earth. What Event will happen next?

Introducing Carla T. Bennett, author of Strayed: My Journey Continues Part 2

“Having Outskirts Press as a Publisher has been such a motivation to accomplish my dreams as an author. Outskirts Press values of consistency communication and commitment makes them stand out above the rest. Whether you are a beginner or an already published author, they provide sincere guidance and many great products to meet your publishing needs. I have just published my second book Strayed: My Journey Continues Part 2 with them and I am super excited. I highly recommended Outskirts to everyone who desires to fulfill their dream as an author. It will be an publishing journey you will most definitely enjoy!”

Carla Bennett was born and raised in Jamaica and emigrated to the United States when she was 23. She married Bill, the love of her life, in 2012 and is the mother of three children. Carla is passionate about the Lord and the things of God. She is also the author of Strayed: My Journey Back Part 1.

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God would never use someone like me… You don’t know the things I’ve done, where I’ve been, where I’m from…Have you ever said this before? Ever believed this about yourself? Has your past kept you from fulfilling the purpose God has for your life? You’re not alone! Experience the healing, joy, and love of Christ in Strayed…Part II! Reviews from Strayed: My Journey Back Part 1: “Carla shares her pain and experience openly and honestly in a way only the Holy Spirit can allow. Thank you for letting the world know there is a balm in Gilead and healing for the soul, mind, body, and spirit this side of heaven.” “Seeing what her life had been like and now seeing how God is using her helps me to see that in spite of the things I did in my past, He can and will use me too. I can’t wait for Part 2!” “Refreshingly open and honest storytelling.” “Strayed is interactive and thought-provoking…it crosses the boundaries of age and can appeal to anyone at any stage in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the application of life lessons to my relationship with God. It allows for a lot of self-evaluation and honesty in my Christian walk. I have truly been blessed and challenged by this book.”

Introducing Roy H. Cantrell, Ph.D., author of Dancing on the Rubble: The Essence of Living

“My Author Representative and her team were exactly what I needed to get my book published. Outskirts Press is the best when it comes to professionalism, personal care, and affordable price.”

Roy Harold Cantrell has lived and is presently living Dancing on the Rubble. He holds doctorates in ministry and philosophy. He is retired from more than half a century of pastoral and counseling ministries. He is the author of Scars and Stripes: Hope for Adult Children of Alcoholic Families and a book of poems entitled Sow Joy: It’s a Choice. The author and his wife have been married for fifty-eight years and live in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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Are you wondering how you are going to recover from your depression, a wounded heart, or your fears and anxieties resulting from the stresses of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic? In Dancing on the Rubble, you will find 7 bible-tested ways to change your life from defeat to victory. Come, journey with me toward emotional and spiritual healing by using these time-tested steps that I call the essence of living. “Dr. Roy Cantrell puts life into practical perspective in this book. If you want to know how to get the most meaning in your ‘darkest hour,’ this book is a must read. . . .”   ~ Dr. Isaac Obure, Founder, Future Life Tabernacle Siaya, Kenya, Africa.  “. . . Dancing on the Rubble takes us on a God-focused seven-step journey from ‘keep on living’ through the pain of life to ‘keep letting go’ where he encourages us to be true to ourselves as we encounter the rubble in our lives.” . . .   ~ Samuel Said, PhD