Introducing Tanja Nayak, author of Stripe’s Busy Night in the Bushveld

“Thanks so much for making my dream of becoming a published author a reality. Everyone was really professional and publishing was a breeze. I am really grateful for the super team who helped me and especially want to thank my Cover Designer for supplying the most perfect illustrations for my children’s book. You are all awesome!”

Tanja Nayak was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and enjoyed winter safaris in the Kruger National Park. She can count the number of times she has seen honey badgers on her trips spanning many years on one hand – but each memory has stayed fresh in her mind despite the distance of years. She believes that the honey badger was the appropriate choice to finish writing about and publish a book about during a pandemic year as honey badgers are energetic, courageous, and determined. We all could use a little honey badger energy in our lives to see us through persevering through challenging times. A honey badger never gives up and they certainly never fail to do what they have set their mind’s upon achieving! Today, Tanja lives in Colorado and travels to South Africa with her husband and daughter. Her dreams are to see a tiger in the wild in India and to travel to Kenya to see the “Big Five.” A video of the author reading a condensed version of the story is available on YouTube.

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Book description…

Stripe’s Busy Night in the Bushveld” is a delightful full-colour illustrated story about a plucky honey badger as he navigates his way through the African bushveld at night with his mother on the search for honey. The beautiful, whimsical illustrations, and captivating story should appeal to children in the 3 to 12 age group. The pair of honey badgers meet a number of unique nocturnal animals on their nightly travels, including Africa’s elusive “Secret Seven;” comprised of the fascinating aardvark, African civet, African wild cat, genet, pangolin, porcupine, and serval. They also meet energetic springhares, lions on the move, hippopotamuses, adorable bushbabies, elegant caracals, and many more wonderful animals in the African savannah. The book also includes full-colour photographs of the animals, as well as interesting facts to whet the appetite of those who want to find out more about the incredible wildlife of Africa. This story and its associated educational facts will be sure to enthrall and captivate the attention of any child who loves animals. Children (and even adults) of any age should also enjoy reading the factual section, as well.

Introducing Eric S. Robbins, author of Please Pay Attention

“Thanks for your help with publishing my second book.”

My goal is to inspire young children while teaching the importance of paying attention at all times.

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Book description…

Please Pay Attention At All Times! Do you pay attention to your surroundings? If not, it is very important that you do so. Billy, Jimmy and Malcolm didn’t pay attention nor listened to instructions very well. They should be aware of the recycle truck and all of the dangers of their surroundings. Their lack of attention taught them the importance of paying attention to their surroundings at all times. Would a lack of attention cause them a ride to the recycling bin?

Introducing Mary Manisero, author of The Sad Lonely Princess

“Everything went smooth and beautiful.”

My Name is Mary Manisero. I was born in North East England and my childhood consisted of playing in the woods and meadows my half sister and brother were in my care when I was young. We had a topsy turvey life. At bedtime, I always made up stories for them. After they knew all the fairy tales by heart, I married my husband in 1954 came back with him to USA when his tour of duty in England was over. We traveled to many states in his 20 years in Air Force and my four children enjoyed the traveling life. I had no time for writing telling stories in 1993. I decided to try a book The Secret Of The Bramble Bush House. I had 10 grandchildren so I wrote at odd times. I wrote poetry and stories. It’s sad that my husband is not here to enjoy them. He passed away in 2014 after we were two months away from our 60th anniversary. I have 3 books published The Secret Of the Bramble Bush House, Garwood Groundhogs Winter Adventure, and Miranda:’s Wish. I really enjoy writing stories.

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Book description…

Luella is unhappy with her lonely life in the huge castle. She hates the fancy clothes and the noisy parties. One day, she decides to go on an adventure to find the Golden Magic Garden. Then starts her funny adventures with many creatures to help her that they become her best friends. She loves her horse Sunstar and he loves her and listens as she tells him about her new adventures.

Introducing Shirley Posey, author of Posey Tales

“This was my first time getting a book published and my Author Representative was very patient in helping me. My book is very nice and has sold many copies in just a few days. Thank you so much!”

Shirley Posey has worked with children her whole life in one capacity or another. She operated a Day-care in her home and volunteered for many children’s programs in the community, church, and school. It is because of her love for children and the encouragement of her husband that she decided to write and publish the true humorous stories about her five children when they were small. She has been telling these stories to her children, grandchildren, and to the children in her Day-care for many years. She wants to make them available to children everywhere so they may also enjoy them. It is because of her great interest in children and listening to the humorous things they say and do spontaneously that she has the ability to write in a style and fashion they can easily relate to and understand. Each book has an intended message or lesson to help children learn the difference in making right or wrong decisions. She believes if children are told the correct way each time they make a wrong decision, they will definitely learn something good from each experience.

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Book description…

Posey Tales will help children of all ages re-think decision-making. Posey Tales are true stories about my five children when they were young, between the late 1960s and early 1970s. The illustration décor reflects that time period. I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to the stories about the “Posey” children, in some way or other, perhaps with your own children, or even your own self as a young child. I hope you enjoy them as much as my children and grandchildren have.

Introducing Anne Toole, author of Fat Maxine

“I will be doing more books with Outskirts Press in the near future. My Author Representative always does a great job. She has a lot of patience with someone like me.”

Anne Toole grew up in Williston, South Carolina. She graduated from Anderson Jr. College in Anderson, South Carolina. Ms. Toole is also a graduate of the University of Georgia. She taught first grade for thirty years in Augusta, Georgia. After retiring, Ms. Toole worked part-time for three years as an ESOL teacher and also began writing stories about children and animals. Most of the stories are written in verse. Ms. Toole is an avid traveler and has traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has also traveled in Northern Africa and the Middle East. She presently resides in Columbia, South Carolina. Ms. Toole is also the author of Mean Mike, The Bird That Didn’t Want to Be A Bird, The Frog That Lost His Croak, A Dog Named Cat, The Crow and the Big Oak Tree, and Stan, The Little Turtle.

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Book description…

Maxine was kind of fat. Some children liked to make fun of her because of that. It made Maxine feel really sad when they treated her so bad. One day Maxine surprised the kids. She made them happy because of something she did. Did they start liking her because of that? Did it matter that Maxine was still kind of fat?