Introducing The Rose, author of You Are Not Alone – It Happened to Me Too

“I’m very grateful to my Author Representative for taking the time to answer all my questions.”

The Rose aka Sharon Tunstall Martin – a mother of four. Resides in Memphis, Tennessee. At age 50, she realized that what had happened to her when she was a little girl at age ten would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was introduced to a Pandora’s Box at an early age….that should not have been so. She has decided that the pain inflicted upon her doesn’t have to continue happening to other young girls…so she will no longer keep silent…you are not alone. It happened to me too!

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YOU Are Not Alone. It Happened to Me Too. Silent Voices Speak. It’s Time to tell, to tell of the ugliness of mental and physical abuse projected from those that are the most dear to our hearts…The ones that we trust with our lives. Many men, women and children suffer at the hands of a loved abuser everyday…Taking and robbing in just one moment the innocence of a life that has to replay that pain everyday of their lives. We wonder why there is so much anger and depression, so many that want to stay in that shell…Have we dared to ask…Would we accept their answer? Or would we shy away?…If you find yourself here…You must know that you no longer have to stay silent…You can not only be free, but you can help someone else that feels as if this is the way that it has to be…I will no longer keep silent, you are not alone. It happened to me too…Silent Voices, It’s time to speak…It’s time to tell…Someone is depending on you to lead them to not only freedom but safety.

Introducing Jacques Lapointe, author of A Bird in a Cage

“If I can write a book like I did with Outskirts Press, I am telling you that anyone can. Once Colleen got involved in helping me, everything went very well. Thank You”

Jacques Lapointe was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and moved with his family at age seven to a city west of Boston, Massachusetts. Jacques was reunited with his childhood sweetheart after thirty-five years, and he and his wife live happily in Florida.

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A child is like a bird in a cage-he knows no other life. A bird in a cage appreciates anything that comes its way. When the door of the cage opens, it’s for food, water, or cleaning time. Then the door of the cage closes, the bird can’t get out, and the cat can’t get in to hurt the bird. As a child it was the same for me-my family was the cage…and the cat. A Bird in a Cage is based on the true story of Jacques Lapointe, who likens his life to a war zone. It’s a story of love, hate, child abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder-an insider’s view of a family torn apart by a lack of love and respect. Written with heartbreaking honesty, this memoir is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Introducing Lawayne Childrey, author of Peeling Back The Layers

“Just as I began searching for a publishing house for my new book, Peeling Back the Layers. I had the golden opportunity to meet with a number of authors who had used various self-publishing companies. Many of them had horror stories of poor craftsmanship and poor customer service from the companies they had entrusted with their life’s dream work. However, one author’s work stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. That’s the author who had used the services of Outskirts Press. The quality of his book rivaled that of the biggest and best publishing houses in the country but for a fraction of the costs. Now that my book has received the dedicated services from Outskirts Press, I too am proud of the end results and the proof is in the interest and buzz it has generated. Visit:”

Birmingham, Alabama native, Lawayne Orlando Childrey is a national Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist. He has also won numerous Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters awards. In 2014 the Alabama Community College System named Childrey as one of its most outstanding alumnus in the institutions fifty year history. As a result, the ACCS awarded a $5,000 scholarship in Childrey’s name to a deserving Alabama high school senior. During the same year, Childrey was named as alumnus of the year for Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and serves as a national Voice Over artist, HIV/AIDS activists and motivational and keynote speaker. For booking information contact: Facebook: Lawayne Orlando Childrey Twitter: @LChildrey

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Everyday millions of people lose sight of their dreams when life’s gut wrenching curve balls knock them off their feet and out of the game. With the grace of God, that was not the case for Lawayne Orlando Childrey, who has endured some of the most horrific trauma imaginable, including childhood sexual abuse, depression, a crack cocaine addiction and an HIV diagnosis. Childrey beat all the odds to become an award-winning and respected news journalist, a dream he has had since childhood. In his autobiography, Peeling Back the Layers, Childrey demonstrates his ability to persevere during times of immense struggle by relying on the faith that was instilled in him as a child.

Introducing Mollie Patterson, author of Tears to Joy

“I really enjoyed working with you on publishing my first book Tears To Joy: Finding God’s Love Through The Heartache. I am very amazed at the outcome. It is more than I ever hoped for. You worked with me to make this dream come true. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to publish a book. My experience with you was a great one. My author representative Ana Ely was great and helped me throughout the process. I am thinking about writing another book and I am definitely going to use Outskirts Press again.”

Mollie Patterson is a thirty-six year old Christian woman attending college and living in Hornell NY. She enjoys reading the Bible, writing, dancing, and spending time with my loved ones. She lives on the faith of Jesus Christ and AIDS medicines. God took her from Tears To Joy.

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Mollie was fatherless, abused, molested and neglected. Then, she became a Christian at nineteen years old and two years later was given two weeks to live. God saved and healed her and gave her another chance at life! In this life, we will go through a lot of pain but Jesus is there with us through it all. People need lots of love and patience to get through the pain of this life. That is how God took her from Tears to Joy.

Introducing Ingeborg O’Bourne, author of Anatomy of a Tramp

“I did appreciate all the people I worked with, and am very satisfied with the product.  People are amazed at the quality of the book, the binding, the font, and so on.  I certainly would publish with Outskirts Press again.”

Ingeborg O’Bourne, writer, painter and dream analyst, immigrated from Austria to the US in 1967. The experience of her healing set her on the path of exploring how dreams interact with our day-to-day lives, and opened her eyes to the importance of acknowledging the feminine principle as part of the divine. She is the mother of five, has five grandchildren, and holds a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. The great variety of her life experiences has made her a compassionate observer and healer.

Product description…

Ingeborg O’Bourne’s narrative of addiction is one of hope. Witness her amazing recovery, and explore the questions it raised by diving with her deep into the cauldron of her childhood and youth. Follow the life of an untutored, abandoned girl whose desire to be accepted drove her to despair—and experience the magic of divine motherly love that reached out to heal her. This elegantly constructed book, with its compelling testimony of mercy, is honest and poignant, providing hope for anyone who has been touched by addiction.

Introducing Maurice Mayberry, author of The Dark is in the Light

“I am pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press and if I should publish another book, I will use them.”

Maurice Mayberry was born in Oakland, CA but now resides in Antioch, CA and works for a transit system in Concord. He attended Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College in California. Maurice has written poems, inspirational songs and this is his first published book and he is filled with joy!

Product description…

My life seemed doomed because of my abusive father, my exposure to sexuality at a young age, my failed marriage to an older woman, and my appetite for a forbidden fruit that contributed to my path of emotional destruction. As a result, I became a loner, I was depressed, and suicidal thoughts stampeded my mind. But through it all, I’ve learned to love and forgive myself—I’m at peace.