Introducing Gary Palmer, author of The Five-Percent Minority: Chagrin Falls Revisited

“My Author Representative was super!”

Gary Palmer graduated with a BSEd from Ohio University. He has written pieces for newspapers, the Navy Times and the American Academy of Health and Fitness. Gary is a former educator, coach, businessman, and local cable TV host. The author of four published books, he is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

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I will find a way or make one-Hannibal. In the summer of 1929, a few months before the Great Depression, a drama started to unfold in the quaint little village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio-a drama that would impact the lives of many people for nearly a century. The story begins with a teenager, Katherine Jones, and a horseman from the East, Kenneth Palmer. They soon married, opening the curtains on a dysfunctional marriage. Act one characterizes the couple’s lifestyle, which included drinking, infidelity and domestic abuse. Even with two young sons, the pattern of behavior continued. The horse training business often took them to Westbury, New York. It was there that Katherine Palmer became infatuated with a young unmarried man whose family owned the horses as well as a tavern. Act one draws to a close with an impulsive affair and an unexpected pregnancy. Act two brought Gary into the drama. Born in Chagrin Falls in 1940 at his maternal grandmother’s home with no birth certificate; Gary’s life was a catalyst for change. In the spring of 1947, like a slamming screen door, the Palmer family dissolved. The stage door opened for Gary, setting the scene for abandonment, poverty, a children’s home, and foster care. The final act concludes Gary’s tale of resiliency and character, striving for a life of his own. A search for identity in the face of adversity is the backdrop for this amazing story. Overcoming the odds at every stage of his life made Gary the strong and loving person he became.

Introducing StayC Nichole Wharton, author of I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through

“My dad had recently passed away months before my 1st book publishing. Jamie and all of the Outskirts Press staff were amazing. I purposely left flaws in my first book only to show every reader that we all have flaws here and there after opening the cover of someone’s book. The person is flawed, yet The only God that I serve is flawless. My next book will be well edited. Outskirts Press did a wonderful job publishing ‘our first book.’ Thank you, thank you.”

StayC Nichole Wharton BA is a woman of virtue who has successfully overcome each storm with The Master. She is a proud mother of three extra-ordinary children. StayC Nichole is an entrepreneur, an empowerment speaker who sings and a Master of Arts degree student who is a passionate published writer, published author and home management expert, professional organizer and a personal organizing assistant to coaches and athletes. StayC Nichole’s purpose is helping others find themselves and their purpose. Her book title is most profound and true, “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through.”

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Book description…

“I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through.” Going through trials and storms? Having feelings of loneliness and despair? Single parent doing what it takes two to do?