Introducing Ann Rhodes FNP-C, author of Caregiver Success

“My book is filled with pictures and medical information that had to be placed “just right” so I knew it would be a difficult project. When I received my copy of the book, I was ecstatic because it was so perfect! Thanks to Outskirts Press for their professionalism and patience in making it happen.”

Ann Rhodes (also known as Nancy the NP) lives in Newtown, CT with her husband, Steve. She loves boating on their Nordic Tug, gardening, making pickles and sauces, dancing and being with her children and friends.

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Book description…

A book full of pictures speaks louder than words, in any language! This picture book is intended for all of you who are in the aging population, or who care for someone who is. It also is a powerful learning tool for health professionals including home health aides, nursing and medical students, and clinicians who have patients who need information about home care and procedures for care. Your elderly parent has just moved in, or maybe he lives miles away and you care for him from a distance. What do we know about caring for an elderly parent as they age or if you are aging yourself? If you are a “newbie” at this, a nursing student, home health aide, or a clinician with medically time-consuming patients, this book is for you. Nancy the Nurse Practitioner (Ann Rhodes APRN-BC) who has 40 years of experience in home care and house calls has organized all her experiences caring for the homebound in this book. This book covers the human side of aging by allowing the caregiving experience to be more fulfilling for the caregiver and the person. It also covers all common medical problems an older person will or could experience in their later years. It is filled with over 150 pictures of procedures, medical equipment and stories so you can better understand how to be a successful caregiver. By knowing ahead of time what medical perils could happen, you could prevent unnecessary suffering, hospitalizations and medications. This book is the answer to all your questions about caregiving!

Introducing William Kenly, author of The Dogs of Cancer

The Dogs of Cancer is the third in the ‘Dogs’ series and I still get a rush when I see that e-mail announcing that the book is published. Thank you Outskirts, and special thanks to Jennifer, my Author Representative. Navigating through this on-line publishing for someone (like me) who is only semi-computer literate is not without its bumps. But everytime I was stuck, Jennifer was always there quickly and with just the answer I needed. She had very good suggestions, most of which I heeded, and I am looking forward to publishing more books in the ‘Dogs’ series. Outskirts Press has a well-thought out process with almost unlimited options for the author, and is a great choice for any author trying to decide among publishers.”

William Kenly is also the author of the highly acclaimed The Dogs of Divorce (2010) and The Dogs of Luck (2012).  Kenly was diagnosed with MTC in 2008 and writes frequently on the subject. He and his wife live north of Boston in their empty-nest home abutting a state park. They enjoy biking, kayaking, skiing, traveling, and watching their four 20-something-year-old children start their own adult lives. Contact the author at

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Book description…

Coming out of the fog and disorientation of general anesthesia from the operation, three words sliced into my comprehension with absolute clarity: Medullary Thyroid Cancer. “The Dogs of Cancer” is a book of hope. While it is about a specific and fairly rare form of Thyroid Cancer, Medullary Thyroid Cancer, in a larger sense it is about all cancers. There is a chapter on: 1. General, holistic understanding of cancer, including nutrition and environment but especially about the recently established causal role that stress plays in developing cancers. 2. Another chapter is on “Cancer Humor,” that out-of-the-box brand of humor that only people facing their own mortality can enjoy. 3. An important chapter about caregivers elegantly brings to light the psychological and emotional pressures on a cancer person’s primary support. 4. A favorite chapter, and it’s more of a rant, is about the things people say, usually with the best of intentions, to someone with cancer. “Medullary Thyroid Cancer”. These three words changed author William Kenly’s life as he began a very intimate journey of personal discovery. Some friends would move closer, some would distance themselves. Some people would open up and share their deepest secrets because he now belonged to their “meddie” club, and other people would move against him, driven by the bully inside as they saw a vulnerable target. Kenly suffered at the hands of incompetent doctors having unnecessary procedures and treatments. He was steered away from nutrition and other alternative medical treatments, but he also met doctors whose advice about this rare disease was insightful to the point of ethereal vision. The Dogs of Cancer is a courageously open and uplifting personal exploration of cancer and its effects on not only the cancer patient but the lives of those around him. The book explores dealing with cancer, and MTC in particular, but it also delves into the rewards of spiritual growth. The reader will discover glimpses of an inner god-consciousness, a spirit that leaps from the part of us that routinely handles the everyday triumphs and tragedies, and connects the day-to-day routine with universal energy and understanding. This beautifully written memoir assures the reader that although “cancer sucks,” it can lead to a better understanding of self and the universe that surrounds us.