Introducing Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., author of Jolt Your Career From Here to There

“At every turn an Outskirts’ expert was available to help me through the publishing process. There are many steps to take but there’s a team surrounding you from day one –and everyone was very responsive to my needs and questions. Thanks for your help.”

Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of FAST FOCUS CAREERS, boasts a rich background in organizational development and career management consulting. Working with Key Bank and private clients for two decades, Lurie’s proven techniques and breakthrough approaches help individuals make the right choice for the right career. She’s served on numerous boards, including the American Society for Training and Development and National Association of Women Business Owners. A prominent speaker, Lurie publishes broadly in business journals. The drive to create Fast Focus Careers was sparked by pure panic from Lurie’s early uncertainty about her own career direction. Lurie’s web-workshop series, Jolt Your Career LIVE, is based on vital lessons from clients, her doctoral research and her own experience going through corporate mergers.

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“Sunny Lurie’s knock-out book is a must read for those wanting to take charge and gain clarity in building a new, satisfying, fulfilling work life … and because career change has become a survival skill, we need new rules and fresh ideas!” – Emily Webster Love, Journalist/ former Copy Editor, USA Today. Sunny K. Lurie, PhD: “It’s your career — by decision or collision. Either you make a decision to plan for a career change or put it off and risk a collision … via merger, downsizing, or termination!” More than ever, in today’s marketplace, change closes doors as companies and jobs come and go or careers simply end. When it’s time to determine the next right career, we can either make a decision to open a new door or potentially fall victim to a career collision. But opening a new door won’t happen by itself or with outdated job-seeking tactics. New opportunities rely on today’s powerful career-change approaches. And this is the “Jolt” Sunny Lurie delivers in her high-octane, 8-step strategy that provides the best chance to meet new career expectations. “Jolt Your Career” reduces your fear of the unknown, identifies strengths and shifts mindset. Lurie’s “Jolt” widens possibilities and eases navigation through an unfamiliar marketplace to an ever-fulfilling career change. Readers will enhance self-confidence, acquiring the latest and most commanding resume tools, social media approaches and high-impact interviewing methods. “Jolt” is a life-changing encounter with yourself!

Scott Brent, author of Tactical Aggressiveness

“I really enjoyed my experience. Everyone was very helpful throughout the process and I can’t say enough good things about how my book turned out. It was a ton of work to get it up and going but my team made it very easy.”

Scott Brent found himself continuously coaching friends and family on how to successfully interview. After years of being called on as a resource he decided to put his expertise and experience on paper. Today he is a nationally renowned expert on all aspects of preparing for a job interview, from how to conduct yourself during the interview, to making sure you move along in the process, and ultimately how to get the job you desire. Scott has been quoted in several national publications, including multiple career advice articles on, and will be speaking at colleges around the United States on the best tactical way to interview in today’s job market. He was also cited as an expert in Kevin Kermes online Ebook, 70 Tips to Perfect the Interview. Scott Brent is a graduate of Michigan State University and currently works for a Fortune 500 company. He lives in Michigan with his wife.

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Interviewing has turned into an art form. “Tactical Aggressiveness” provides you with the tools to create your masterpiece!

This is not “One Million Questions to Ask on an Interview,” or “150 Questions to Get You That Job.” These are the types of played out interview books that are currently available on your local bookstore’s shelves, until now. Tactical Aggressiveness is a detailed account of author Scott Brent’s seventy-five plus job interviews with top Fortune 500 companies—what worked, what didn’t, and why.

Alice Swanson, author of Learn to Earn

“This was such a great experience. I would think to myself ‘I wonder if they do…..?’…and the next morning I’d have an email saying, ‘You may be wondering if we do…’! It was amazing! I had no idea what I was doing and they made this really exciting and easy. I’m so pleased! Thank you for everything. I’ve already recommended Outskirts Press to several soon to be authors. (Colleen was wonderful!)”

Alice Swanson has over 25 years of experience in business, recruitment, presentational skills and teaching. She has conducted workshops, given key note addresses and provided personal consultation at universities and colleges throughout the United States. She has been an instructor in Sales Management at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and ran the Learn to Earn Program with the CU Athletic Department teaching students how to present their skills as a benefit to future employers. In addition, Alice was the Executive Vice President with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and worked with a variety of businesses in marketing and promotion of their products and services. In addition to providing workshops and one-on-one consulting with students she conducts speaker training for Hillside Communications and works in a leadership role for the BolderBOULDER 10K Road Race.

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Remember the Wizard of Oz?

In the end Dorothy learns that she had the power all along…very simple steps to follow with the clicking of the heels and all. But for some sadistic reason, The Good Witch subjected her to opiate poppies, flying monkeys, and imprisonment before sharing the big secret that she had to learn it for herself….Really? ‘Cause the witch-melting skills will come in so handy later in life? Learn to Earn is full of magical heel-clicking steps that spare soon to be and recent college graduates the torment of learning it the hard way. After all there will be plenty of flying monkeys in your future. Learn to Earn will tell you how to sell your skills to a potential employer and gain immediate credibility. There’s no magic to it….just a little common sense and practice.