Introducing Juna Jinsei, author of FUNdaMENTAL Creativity

“I enjoy working with Jennifer. She is helpful and knowledgeable about layout, design, and marketing aspects, and whatever she may not know she finds the answer immediately to help the author to achieve the results required.”

Dr. Juna Jinsei has a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology, and is the founder and president of World Wholeness, Inc. At the commencement of her career, Juna was part owner of an advertising agency in Caracas, Venezuela, promoting some of the largest national companies from Gerber to Lagoven Petroleum. For twenty years she has taught at a variety of business schools and junior colleges while operating a marketing design business. After accepting a position at an international stone start-up company, Juna was quickly promoted to Vice President by applying her unique business philosophy, which spread among the employees, and helped the company more than double in size every year until they became a multi-million-dollar business.

Product description…

“Managers and business owners will know they are on the right track when their employees prefer to be at work rather than at home, simply because of the fun atmosphere and great sense of accomplishment they obtain while on the job.” –– Debbie Debo, owner of “Our Work Is Fun” There is no greater way to promote productivity in the workplace than by supporting the well-being of the employees. Staff should be the first priority, because they are the company’s greatest asset. Without passionate engaged employees, products couldn’t be sold or services properly rendered. FUNdaMENTAL Creativity is a well-organized accumulation of positive entertaining stimuli that can be offered to employees to get the creative juices flowing that will spill out in waves of enthusiastic motivation to achieve the best job possible, resulting in a unified camaraderie and enriched personal pride. By keeping the mind active and alert with challenges that include an element of fun, even the most boring task can be enjoyed until completed. This is because man is naturally a creative being. Creativity, like spirituality, requires a combination of mind, heart, and soul. They go hand and hand, and should be experienced regularly, because happy workers are dynamic workers, and the foundation of a successful business. Playful creativity makes work fun and leisure time more significant. By applying the riddles, puzzles, and challenges in FUNdaMENTAL Creativity, the employees in your office, students in your classroom, or children in your family will have their curiosity aroused and mental energy revitalized so they can reach their peak performance while learning something new every day.