Introducing Fred and Cheryl Lowman, author of An Inky Summer

“We contacted many publishers for printing our book, but were very impressed with all the positive comments other authors shared about Outskirts Press. Being new comers at this whole publishing thing, we were walked through the process by very friendly and helpful representatives from Outskirts Press. We were delighted by the professionally produced book when finished. Top quality all the way! A good friend, Judy Byrne, saw our book, questioned us about our experience, and also chose Outskirts Press to publish her book, The Adventures of Fireman Frank.​”

Fred and Cheryl Lowman are residents of northwestern Connecticut. Fred, a retired school teacher, enjoys carving Santa Claus figures, woodworking, reading, gardening and the wildlife of Connecticut. Cheryl, a native Vermonter, finds joy in writing and is inspired by nature, people, and the endless beauty of scenic New England. Fred and Cheryl are active in their local church and in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Dan Carsten – Illustrator For as long as he can remember, Dan knew he wanted to be an artist. Influenced by Saturday morning cartoons, he would spend hours drawing the silly stories and characters of his imagination. Today, Dan continues to bring stories and characters of all kinds to life but, he has traded in his crayons and markers for paint brushes and a graphics tablet. When not sketching and painting, Dan enjoys doing home improvement projects, skiing and watching the Boston Red Sox. Dan, a native New Englander, lives in central Connecticut with his wife, Martha, and two sons, Bennett and Eli.

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Book description…

A Talking Crow!! When 12 year old Freddie discovers Inky, an American crow, sitting on the fence near the back steps of his house, it is the beginning of An Inky Summer. Read this true story and laugh as this crafty and intelligent corvid upsets neighbors and relatives with his antics.

Introducing Evelyn Schwarz, author of The Hummingbird Garden

“The color illustrations turned out great and the font and print were just as I asked. The shadowing effect on the illustrations were a great added touch to make the pictures ‘pop’ and the boxing and color of it made the text catch the reader’s eye.”

Evelyn Schwarz loves the outdoors and volunteers as nature center docent at a local regional park in San Diego, California. She enjoys hiking and sharing nature with others. The Anna’s hummingbird is one of her favorites. Illustrator Kitty Quinn is a high school student who plans to attend the San Francisco Academy of Art. The author can be contacted at:

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Six-year-old Alexis and her parents have just moved from an apartment in the city to a home in the suburbs. While lying in the grass in her new backyard, Alexis is startled by a tiny flash of color darting by, heading for her neighbor’s yard. Peeking through a hole in the fence, she sees a wondrous sight. Her new neighbor’s backyard is filled with hundreds of beautiful flowers, and there are colorful glass balls hanging from some of the trees. But the most magical sight of all are the tiny, jewel-like birds flashing by, hovering in midair, and even flying backward! This delightfully illustrated book will bring the world of hummingbirds to life as Alexis learns a valuable lesson about what sharing can accomplish.

Introducing Monica Sudds, author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Parrots

“Being a first time author, I was bewildered. Fortunately, my Author Representatives walked me through the steps easily. They were always willing to answer my questions or concerns within 24 hours. I picked the right place to self-publish for sure. And I get daily emails from my marketing coach that are very helpful. I watch for those emails daily! With Outskirts Marketing Coach, I know I will get great sales. I have had my first book signing and it went very well. Thanks to all the advice I have received.”

Monica R. Sudds was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She and her husband, Chuck are currently living on a small farm in Iowa. She has been breeding parrots since 1983. Her articles have been featured in The Missouri Valley Times-News, Parrot World, Bird World and countless organizational newsletters and Internet websites worldwide. She has appeared on KTIV Channel 4 in Sioux City, Iowa, and given many speeches to parrot clubs around the nation. Monica was also the President of Beakers Parrot Society, an International club, from the years 1993 through 1997. Monica also served two years as the Iowa State Coordinator and one year on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aviculture. She was in the first group of participants to study and pass the Certified Avian Specialist course, conducted by Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council in 1993. She is the owner and graphic design artist of Beakers Enterprises, which produces and sells animal related gifts for pet lovers. Visit Monica’s eBay store online

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Whether you own a parrot, several parrots or are considering purchasing one of these fascinating creatures, you’ll find something in this book that will be helpful. Everything you need to know about purchasing the right bird for you and your family, proper nutrition, emergency care, taming, training, including tricks and invaluable potty training. You will also learn about caging, bedding and toys, as well as tips on constructing your own aviary. I will tell you about toxic chemicals and toxic household products, plants and foods that you should never feed. Contains over 30 tried and true recipes that I have created for my feathered friends. I will teach you how to determine sex, breed and produce offspring, as well as the basics of selling birds as a small business, including licensing and contracts. I will give you advice on incubation procedures and weaning babies. I will talk about when veterinary care should be sought. I will even explain about organizations, such as bird clubs and what can they do for you, along with their benefits and possible pitfalls. If you follow these well laid out suggestions, your experience will be much more rewarding for you both. Let your parrot be healthy enough to out live you and be passed down through your family for generations.

Introducing Kerry Atkinson, author of Bird Facts for Everyone

“Outskirts Press was very efficient and helpful for someone new to e-publishing like myself.”

Kerry Atkinson is a physician and cell biologist who has been fascinated by wildlife, and in particular, birds from childhood. He has written or edited three textbooks on bone marrow transplantation but this is his first book that is not about biomedical science or medicine. Born in Belfast, he was brought up in Tonbridge in Kent, England and graduated from the University of London. He has worked in medicine in the UK, the USA and Australia. He is still involved in biomedical research and in conducting clinical trials with stem cells in Australia.

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No bird books to date have included references to paintings by Velasquez, Van Gogh and John Constable, poetry by TS Eliot and Shelley or to Bob Dylan and Lamborghini sports cars – all with at least indirect links to birds and their behavior. This book contains facts on the number of bird species in the World, details of endemic bird species by country, the classification of birds, details of extinct birds, and special features of bird anatomy including eating, feathers and plumage, grooming and preening, eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, bills and beaks and feet. There is an extensive section on how and why birds sing and details of the many types of vocalization they use as well as non-vocal communications. Other sections detail the many types of bird flight, hunting techniques, courtship and mating, bird territories, nesting and the miracle of bird migration. There are additional sections on bird intelligence and learning, other aspects of bird behavior and details of bird lifespans. There is a list of the names used for for groups of birds of the same species. There is a section called FAQs, which answers questions such as which is the World’s largest bird, the World’s smallest bird, the fastest flying bird and the answers to many other questions about birds. There is a section on which person a specific bird species was named after, and finally a section on birds with the most intriguing names such as the Kagu, the Great Potoo, the Snoring Rail and the Melancholy Woodpecker. This book deals with birds from all seven of the World’s continents.