Introducing Ronald V. Hoffman, author of Hope Certain in Uncertain Times

“It is a long and sometimes tedious process for the finished product but well worth the effort. The book turned out beautifully – very professionally done. Thanks!”

Ronald V. Hoffman is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and served with The American Missionary Fellowship (now InFaith) for 31 years as a missionary and Regional Director. He has preached and taught the Bible throughout the Mid-south area of the U.S. He has also done comprehensive study of the books of Daniel and Revelation and has taught them in various settings. He and his wife, Eileen, live in the Nashville, Tennessee, area and are the parents of two grown children and have three grandchildren.

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Book description…

A Bright future awaits the world! There is only one problem…until that time, stressful times will only intensify! Even today, anxieties and fears permeate our society. One study finds anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in America. It is estimated that one-third of our population experiences anxiety wellness issues. In skyrocketing numbers, anxiety/pain pills, recreational drugs, and alcohol are being used…supposedly, they alleviate our anxieties. In this book, Bible teacher Ron Hoffman offers solid biblical teaching regarding the Bible’s focus on past, present and future realities concerning this world. This study is not for pointless curiosity or to satisfy our minds with empty data. No, this study is to bring about accurate biblical knowledge to generate transformation of mind, as well as Hope, encouragement, comfort, and peace to the believer’s heart. And, yes, Jesus will return one day…He promised! Believers are to be waiting expectantly for His imminent return…He told us He would appear when we least expect Him…and, yes, it will certainly be a bright future!

Introducing Keith Swainson, author of Heresy

“Publishing with Outskirts Press was definitely the right choice. They were simply amazing to work with during all phases of the publishing process. I liked the fact that they were always waiting on me, not the other way around. After I approved the final manuscript, I was shocked to see my book available on Amazon only three days later. A friend of mine who published with another publisher has no Amazon page, has no Barnes & Noble page, and has no author web page. He has no way to sell his books, while my books are literally available around the world. Thanks Outskirts! Will definitely publish with you again!”

Keith Swainson is an engineer by trade and a theologian at heart. He has poured his life into Heresy for fifteen years and can now say, “It is finished.” Contact the author at:, or like him on Facebook at: Heresy by Keith Swainson, or follow him on Twitter @HeresySwainson.

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Book description…

Are You Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ, the Tribulation, the Rapture? But what if everything you know about the End Times…is wrong? In this provocative, exhaustively researched, unprecedented book, Keith Swainson takes you through a series of clear, self-evident conclusions which, when added to one another, form the structure for an understanding of the Bible that will revolutionize how you think about Jesus and Scripture. Heresy takes as its basis the idea that Jesus was truly God in the flesh. Swainson looks at the three genetically interrelated monotheistic religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – and asks: Does the Qur’an hint at Jesus being something more than a mere prophet, or even a great messenger? Does an honest reading of Jewish texts hint at the possibility of God coming in the flesh? Does the Christian faith really treat Jesus as God in the flesh, or does it subject Him to constraints meant for men? Answering these and other questions, Swainson shows us that the seeming contradictions throughout the Bible are confusing only if Jesus is being regarded as a man, not as God. Swainson blows away the dust and cobwebs of millennia of interpretations from a Church full of preconceived notions, and shows that the words and deeds of Jesus, as God in the flesh, preach against a Second Coming. Heresy concludes that the kingdom of God Jesus preached about is fully here and now in the lives of believers throughout the world, and that it cannot be more fully realized than it already is. If the kingdom of God is here and now…what does that mean to you as a believer? Powerful, thought-provoking, and revolutionary, Heresy will take your life, and your faith, in a direction you never imagined possible.

Introducing Jeff C. Barger, author of The Kingdom Parables

Publishing my first book, there was much I did not know about the process. Through each step, I found the staff at Outskirts Press to very helpful and accommodating. Dana and Rebecca were immensely helpful, responding promptly to my questions with helpful answers. Outskirts Press provided good customer service, and I will use them again.”

Jeff C. Barger is a Baptist minister. He received his theological training from the Tulare Missionary Baptist Seminary, Tulare, CA, from which he earned his Th.B. in 2000, Th.M. in 2007, and the Doctor of Theology in 2010. He has served as pastor of three churches. The author is the son of Jeff H. and June Barger. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Lori, for thirty-five years. God has blessed this union with three great children: Kyle, Amanda and Kathy.

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“The message of the Kingdom parables is a message of reason, reality and rest. To understand the message of the Kingdom parables of Matthew Chapter 13 is to be fundamentally and theologically changed. For some this very well could amount to a paradigm shift in Bible understanding. The Christian reader who grasps the meaning of the Kingdom and the teaching of the parables will be never the same again, forever.”