Introducing David G. Bickler, author of Time to Choose

“In the light of professionalism I can say my personal experience with Outskirts Press rates a high 10.”

Author David G. Bickler is a descendant of a lineage of believers who seek God, peace, and love. David’s grandfather is mentioned in his “Time To Choose” piece, from his father’s side that built the shrine mentioned in our book. His twin brother, who also had open heart surgery, also wrote his interpretation of creation called God’s Love Machine, written by Joseph Buechler. Yes, most of the Buechlers changed the spelling to Bickler at some point. David is pretty much a simple man with careers spent in carpentry and many earthly opportunities. My older brother Robert has also written a book about love-God’s love-titled “Angel And Adam.” This has not been published. The bloodline in our tree is built from our desire to share our God-given visions of love of the God of peace. David has mastered the art of giving without needing redemption. He believes his personal biography would include his book with all books of peace-with all sticky notes or emails or Facebook hash-tags-they would all be bound together in a perpetual traveling book of peace. A book that has traveled borders, it contains biographies of us all. Then Mr. Bickler says you can now ask for my biography. Most of my life’s biography is written within our pages of peace.  Peace I Am.

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Book description…

A story about a simple man who believes he is a Universal Soldier seeking Eternal Life through peace in the biological form-maybe God’s form. All revenue created from this book of peace will be reinvested in this book of our peace. If you can’t afford a copy I will do my best to get you one. Thank You.