Introducing Howie Keller, author of The Fork In Your Road

“I was new to writing a book, I knew I had the writing talent, yet I was green to the world of publishing. I looked over different outfits, and Outskirts seemed like the most complete, and protective of my integrity and rights. Boy, am I glad I went with Outskirts Press. Things went very well. When I got stuck, they helped all they could, and between them and a hired pro computer expert, I got things all together and everything went smoothly and without delays. They are very professional, and very supportive, not to mention knowledgeable about every little thing you need to do to have your book published the way you want. Not the way they want. Big difference when you write. It’s your book, it’s you. They get it bigtime. I am working hard on my first murder mystery novel, and when it’s done I know they will help me make it as good as it can be, I will need them to do a cover and know they will KILL IT, no pun intended, well maybe a little one. Seriously, shop around, I bet you will find what I did. Best of luck to all authors out there, work hard and stay humble.”

About Howie Keller: At 50 Years of age, I have made mistakes I wish I could have back. You don’t have to make them. Save time and money and anguish and get on the positive self direction track. My Mother told me many times to help others, this is My only aim.

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Book description…

That’s Your goal. You’re not there yet. How are You going to change that? To get Your positive momentum going, You need to cut down your negative momentum to the bare minimum. There are several things that go into being happy. If You neglect some of them, Your positive direction gets stymied. By making a road map plan, You can make good decisions [turns] at the forks [choices] in Your road. Bad decisions affect Your happiness much more than You think. This book is a basic, straight forward approach to gaining positive momentum and shedding negative direction. It’s all about a new YOU, guided by good decisions, with a steadfast desire to be happy and content. All You have to do to be happy, is make a genuine effort to be committed to all things positive, while systematically eliminating negative aspects of Your life. In other words, maximizing Your positive self, while minimizing Your negative self. Best of all, You are going to make it happen. You will be Your own hero of happiness! Then pass it on to others. So dial Your positive self in and let Your negative self leave town. You will be happy with the right mindset. Nothing complicated, nothing to lose. Believe in Yourself and Your positive commitment.