Introducing Wayne Lindsey, author of The Real Trophies of a Bar B Q Restaurant

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Wayne Lindsey started his Bar B Q career almost 30 years ago, when he went to work for his home town mentor, Sonny Tillman, the Founder of Sonny’s Real Pit Bar B Q. Starting with very little, just like Sonny, Wayne’s success in the restaurant business and in life is an inspiring example of the American dream. He is a family man and an entrepreneur. He loves God and country, his community and he is one hell of a story teller.

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Book description…

This book is my trophy case. It is the people, the stories, the smiles, laughs, tears and things that just can’t be made up, while just “serving a few pork sandwiches”. Best of all, I will be sharing many of the stories and “trophies” I was told and some I had the opportunity to experience with Sonny Tillman himself, Many of the “Sonny stories” are in his own words. In today’s world, just about every darn restaurant in the world is selling Bar B Q. Most of it comes out of a bag or a plastic bucket and many who sell it don’t even have wooden tables and chairs, let alone wood to cook with. Bar B Q competitions have sprouted up everywhere and at each of these events, some body is going to win a trophy. Usually there are several of them given out. I know guys who have a room slap full of trophies and each of them would tell you that the real trophies are not the ones you can hold in your hand or put in a display case. The real trophies are the customers, team members and people you meet along the way. It is the stories of life in America. If Norman Rockwell had been a cook, he would have owned a BBQ restaurant.