Introducing Bruce LaChance, author of Lost and Found In Alaska: A True Story of Survival and Miracles on Kodiak Island…and Elsewhere

“I felt I was in good hands from start to finish. It took me 55yrs to get this done, and you guys made it easy. Thank You.”

Now seventy-seven years old, Bruce LaChance divides his time between his summer home in Maine and his winter residence in Florida. Clean and sober since 1994, Mr. LaChance remains forever grateful to the HELP Program and Fellowship, as well as family and friends, for his ability to live, love, and enjoy life one day at a time. Self-diagnosed with dyslexia, he enlisted the help of friend and novelist Michael A. Milardo to write his story.

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In 1964, while serving as a radioman in the United States Navy on Kodiak Island, Alaska, twenty-one-year-old Joseph Bruce LaChance set out to hunt one of nature’s most fearsome creatures-a giant Kodiak brown bear. Expecting to return to the naval base after a three-day expedition, instead LaChance suddenly found himself lost in the wilderness for ten days without a compass, map, or any other means of guidance, while running out of food. With his chances for survival near zero, LaChance had only his undaunting perseverance and faith, both in himself and God, to overcome death’s odds. His struggle to survive, however, did not end on Kodiak Island. Thirty years later, he would face another life or death struggle while again lost and alone, but in a different kind of wilderness-alcoholism. LaChance’s miraculous story provides a profound lesson for us all, not only in how to survive, but to live our lives with love and dignity, at peace with both ourselves and what we conceive as our own Higher Power.

Introducing Al Wallace with David Smale, author of One for the Coyotes: How I survived 40 years of my dream job in TV news (and cancer too)

“I thoroughly appreciated the publishing process with Outskirts Press. The process was complete and professional.”

Al and David were acquaintances, having covered many of the same sporting events over the years. They shared a love of sports and a desire to share a good story. Al made his career telling you stories through television, while David made his with the written word, publishing 17 books. When they put their minds together, more than a book resulted. They developed a friendship that transcends the games that brought them together. They hope you enjoy this story of Al’s 40-year career.

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“My friend, Al Wallace, has been telling the stories of others his entire professional life. Finally he gets to tell his. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy One for the Coyotes, a deep, honest reflection of the amazing life of Al Wallace. He’s a man of kindness and integrity. Al, thank you for sharing your story with us. It has made me better.” -Dayton Moore, General Manager, Kansas City Royals. “If you like history, sports and a dedication to family, you’ll love One for the Coyotes. Al Wallace’s look at his life is heartwarming, and it offers a true perspective of what teamwork can be on several levels.” -Kathy Nelson, President & CEO, Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation. “Al Wallace’s autobiography takes you through a tunnel of growing up in a military family, to playing high school football in Texas, to covering three World Series and nine Final Fours while working in Kansas City. It’s a great look at one man’s walk through life that includes a foundation of hard work. His attention to detail and demanding the best from himself and those around him helped me a great deal in my career.” -Todd Leabo, Director of Sports Operations, Sports Radio 810, WHB.  “Al Wallace has always been a person and professional who ‘got it.’ This book is a view into his past, but also is a look into his heart. Al also always has been passionate and personable. This work is a blessing, just as Al is a blessing to many, many people, including me.” -Mitch Holthus, Play-By-Play Voice, Kansas City Chiefs Book Review: What a joy and delight is was to read Al Wallace’s book, One for the Coyotes. I was fortunate enough to spend my high school years (with pretend interviews using a pen, or hairbrush, or any available ‘microphone’), and college years (Yes, he proudly even took me to the Lubbock TV station and showed me the floors he swept and the teleprompter he ran) with this amazing friend, and was not surprised at the depth of heart, and sincere character he revealed within these pages. With his military background explained, and his close family of ten described, the book then takes the reader on the fascinating journey of Al recognizing his dream, pursuing his dream, and becoming one of the absolute best in his field, because his passion for sports, paired with his love of history (sports and otherwise), made for viewer loyalty and respect. The Title, One for the Coyotes, and its meaning, perfectly gives credence to Alva’s mantra for life. It is with sincerity and pride that I recommend this book to all those who are searching for a hero for themselves, or a role model for their children or grandchildren. You will not be disappointed. Ann Embry, Retired Teacher and Educator

Introducing the lovely Jay Otterbacher, author of “It’s Cancer”

Join us every day at this time during Share the Love month as we introduce you to one of our lovely authors at Outskirts Press.

“My first book and a very good experience. I felt I had all of the support I needed to walk through the entire process. My book looks great!”

Jay Otterbacher was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 1980 he graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Business degree. In 2011 after thirty years in the IT industry he retired from his executive position to focus on developing a decidedly non-corporate lifestyle. Today Jay lives in Blythewood, South Carolina with his wife Karen and two incorrigible Labrador retrievers, Rosie and Lily. “It’s Cancer” is his first book. For more

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It Started With A Text Message That Changed Them Forever

When your wife is diagnosed with cancer it is agonizing. When both of you are diagnosed within weeks of each other the uncertainty is relentless. Jay Otterbacher delivers a detailed account of one unbelievable year that he could never have imagined. “It’s Cancer” provides an unfiltered view behind the public facade into the home, relationships and treatment of one ordinary couple facing an inconceivable battle against two cancers at the same time. The implausible circumstances created the story. This narrative captures it in an open and friendly manner that allows you to be there with Karen and Jay as they use humor and strength to navigate through the fear, stress and uncertainty that all cancer patients know too well. Whether it was family, friends, dolphins or doctors something always appeared just the way it had to at just the time they needed it during this incredible year. Anyone with a friend, colleague or loved one facing cancer can better understand what they are going through from this amazing story of thirty-two weeks in 2006.

Introducing the lovely John B. Franz, author of Congo Dawn

Join us every day at this time during Share the Love month as we introduce you to one of our lovely authors at Outskirts Press.

An award-winning counselor, consultant and professor, Dr. John B. Franz recently retired from a thirty-five year career in higher education. The first of his two sojourns in the Congo is described in this memoir. He and his wife reside in Clovis, California where he continues to enjoy cycling, photography, travel and his grandchildren. They have two adult daughters. Email:

“I was very pleased with the final product from Outskirts Press. The recommendations made to me by my Author Rep were spot-on, and I have had many friends comment about the quality of the paperback publication, complementing me on my choice of POD company. In addition, I appreciate the reasonable costs and plethora of service options available. I was impressed that my back cover scripting charge was refunded when OP determined that my efforts were not in need of replacement or editing. It was hard for a first time author like me to assess that element.”

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New surprises, a new beginning

He arrived in Africa in the middle of the night, unexpected and ill-prepared for the volatile Congo of the mid-1960s—police stops, political turmoil—a culture still reeling from colonial oppression. Plunged without experience into an assignment with meager resources and conflicting expectations, he came face to face with his strengths and his limits. With each Congo dawn came new obstacles and opportunities that demanded action. John Franz describes in this poignant memoir how he navigated the unique and exotic situations he faced with unexpected results. With wit and alacrity, he illustrates how the Congo turned an obligation of alternate service during the Viet Nam War into a crucible for a transformation that recreated his life.

Introducing the lovely Elton Rengstorf, author of Little Glimmers of Light

Join us every day at this time during Share the Love month as we introduce you to one of our lovely authors at Outskirts Press.

Elton Rengstorf is a retired missionary and pastor. He began his career as a missionary in the Philippines and from there served as Director of Lutheran Camp Pioneer near Buffalo, New York. He has also served as pastor of three congregations and as a missionary executive. He and his wife, Helen, have a combined family of four daughters and two sons. They make their home in Lewiston, New York. Little Glimmers of Light was written in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Rengstorf’s ordination..

“A pleasure, except my Word Perfect and your MS-Word were not on speaking terms. Suggest you revise your ads to make clear that old Word Perfect does not work. Coleen as marvelous and got the book published at least three weeks sooner than I expected.”

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“This Little Light of Mine…”

In a small, dark chapel in a remote village in India, missionary Elton Rengstorf wondered how he would conduct a worship service without any electricity—without any light. But as the villagers began to arrive for the evening service, each family carrying a source of light—a small oil lamp, a candle, a Coke bottle filled with kerosene—the glimmers of light they brought with them not only brightened their small chapel, they symbolized a greater light: the revelation of God’s love for them. It symbolized their love for each other, and the care and support their fellowship provided them in what was a difficult way of life. By sharing their light with each other, the villagers shared their simple joy and lit up the chapel with bright love and faith. This beautifully written collection of stories about the people, places, and incidents that enlightened the author’s travels through life shows us that miracles can happen when we share little glimmers of light and brighten our sometimes difficult and dark path with the light of the world, Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

Introducing Francisco “Paco” Sabin, author of Around the World in 70 Years

Francisco “Paco” Sabin arrived in Boston as a refugee at age 18. He earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University and an M.B.A. from the University of Delaware. He had a career at Du Pont and General Electric where his work as a financial executive took him and his family around the world. Paco retired at 55 and currently resides in Epping, New Hampshire and Miami, Florida with his wife Lucila “Lucky”. They are celebrating their Golden Anniversary in 2012. He is an avid traveler, sailor, gourmand, horseman—and retired skier.

“My whole experience with Outskirts Press was SUPERB!”

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Paco enjoyed a golden childhood in Cuba. His privileged world was taken away by the Cuban Revolution which removed a dishonest dictatorship and established an even more tyrannical regime. As wealthy property owners, the Sabins were suddenly ruined and arrived in the U.S. as penniless refugees. This is the story of a young couple whose love conquered numerous obstacles in their struggles to help their parents and relatives. It is also the saga of their families and how they managed to reinvent themselves despite adversities. Thanks to the opportunities received in America, they were able to survive, integrate, and thrive in their adoptive country in only one generation. The Sabin experience shows that drive, education, and destiny are critical assets on life’s voyage. The humor they brought from Cuba helped the family at difficult times and adds spice to this memoir, a legacy to their family.

Matt Kailey, author of Teeny Weenies

Matt Kailey is an award-winning author, blogger, and community activist living in Denver, Colorado. He started his transition from female to male in 1997, and since then, he has educated thousands of people across the United States and the world as a keynote speaker, presenter, and writer focusing on transgender and transsexual issues. His first book, Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience , was a Lambda Literary Award finalist, and his blog, Tranifesto, won the 2010 TransGuys Community Award for Best Blog.

“I would say that some things fell between excellent and acceptable. There were a few times when I felt confused or like I needed more info, but that was not the fault of Colleen. She responded right away to everything. But there were times when I needed more step-by-step, 1st this happens, then that happens, then you do this, then you do that. However, overall, it was a positive experience. My custom cover looks great and very professional. I have had two books published by traditional publishers, and this book from Outskirts looks just as good and just as professional as the others. The attention and response I got from Outskirts was also equal to or greater than I received from my traditional publishers. If I publish another book through print-on-demand, I will probably go with Outskirts again.”

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With Miss America and a collection of Playboy centerfolds as role models, a young girl struggles to figure out femininity, only to discover that she was headed in the wrong direction all along. When she finally realizes that being the best girl – and woman – she can be is no match for being the man she’s supposed to be, there’s only one solution, and it’s not another purse, pair of pumps, or push-up bra. Teeny Weenies and Other Short Subjects takes a long, hard look at getting the short end of the stick, both before and after transition from female to male. This collection of humorous essays from award-winning author and transsexual man Matt Kailey explores identity, sexuality, and growing up female in a world with two sexes, two genders – and no exceptions.

Sean Furey, author of Hemau

“Everything was great, glad I decided to go with Outskirts Press.”

Spent 11 years in the military, 6 years on nuclear weapons custodial duties. Maintaining and securing nuclear rounds until they were ready to be used.

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Delve into a world, where nothing is ever what it seems. A little talked about subject not usually made known to the public. Get to know the psychological frame of mind of the people in charge of man’s most deadliest technology. Then pray to whatever god you believe in, and hope there are no more units like this one. But if you are an atheist, then I guess it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Linda Gillard, author of The Broken Boy

“I have since published another book with a different publishing company, and the next book will be published through Outskirts Press as I found that your prices were much less, your service was excellent and there were no hidden costs. As well, I found that the price of purchasing copies of my book through Outskirts could not be duplicated by any other publisher. All round, Outskirts have the best service and prices anywhere.”

Linda Gillard is the author of her father’s biography. As a child, he would tell his children stories of his horrific childhood, but without telling most of the gruesome details. Years later, Linda was able to get the whole story and together they decided that it needed to be told, simply but honestly, just the way it really happened.

Product description…

A true story of God’s love and faithfulness for the broken and abused.

For years I wanted to write the story of the abuse that my father suffered at the hands of his father, but he was always a little concerned that he may offend some family members with the truth of his terrible story. Finally, at the age of 86 and with the encouragement of his living siblings, he told the whole story of how as a child, he had been broken physically, emotionally and mentally and how that abuse led him into a life of crime. He told of the miraculous way that he found Christ and how he had to serve prison time when he paid restitution. This story is truly amazing. God in his loving kindness can fix and restore, even a broken boy.

Gwendolyn Hiebert Schroth, author of Curry, Corduroy and the Call

“Outskirts Press is a highly professional publishing company that offers personal services that cater to an author’s every publishing need, question, or concern. For example, at a loss for a title and cover page, the consultants were able to create these at a level far above what I could have constructed myself. I recommend Outskirts Press without reservation.”

Gwendolyn Hiebert Schroth, daughter of missionaries, was constantly shifted between the disparate cultures of the United States and India, all within the context of her parents’ strong Mennonite beliefs. Sent to boarding school in South India, Gwendolyn’s formative years were influenced by the necessary separation from her parents on one hand and the companionship and guidance from her sisters and classmates on the other. The family fled India during World War II but returned shortly after the close of the war, only to be caught up in India’s fight for independence. Gwendolyn has a doctorate in educational administration and has authored and co-authored a number of books related to that field. She has won leadership awards, traveled extensively, and now resides in rural Texas.

Product description…

The Mennonite Missionary’s Daughter

“When I read Tom Sawyer as a child, I enjoyed it because of the adventure. When I read it again as an adult, I marveled at how Twain revealed the uncanny ability of a child to relegate major events to a proper level of importance in their world. Gwendolyn Schroth has captured that same magic in her tales. The daughter of missionaries to India, she has told her story in a masterful way. I caught myself alternately laughing out loud and holding back tears at her use of humorous anecdotes to communicate her hopes and fears plus her inability to understand why so much sacrifice was required of a little girl.” Avon Acker, Author of Vigilante Caretaker, and Rom and the Promised Land. “This story delights. Like other Christian missionaries in the early decades of the 20th century heading toward unevangelized peoples in India, the author’s parents encounter things bizarre and wonderful. This story is written from the underside of that effort. It chronicles details noticed by a six-year old and lets readers get inside the conscience of a teenager. Here may be seen both the strengths and foibles of Mennonites. The story is told with a sometimes caustic, sometimes impish undertow. Matters of trivia are interwoven with global events of large proportion—Hitler, Gandhi. “ Elmer A. Martens, President Emeritus, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno, California “ The universal appeal of this book—a childhood encompassing the two cultures of India and the United States, an alien with a double identity—lies not only in the light it casts on the work of foreign missions but also in the enrichment of international understanding. With humor, irony and humanity, Gwen tells her story of what it was like to be at home in a strange land and a stranger at home. Her narrative is delicate, brutal, and hilarious and is a moving exemplar of the value of ‘pucca’ in the genre of missionary’s children literature.” Margaret Adelman Smith, Kodaikanal School Alumna “This book portrays the wonderful possibilities and powerful reality of missionaries’ call to service. This warm and rich narrative explores this passion for mission and service to God through the education, faithfulness, and sacrifice of this missionary family. Readers are challenged to consider the direction of their own lives and the powerfulness of true dedication and service.” William W. Eason, Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Celeste, Texas