Introducing Kamisha Wells, author of Brother’s with Autism

“My experience working with Outskirts Press was wonderful. The whole staff is great and very helpful.”

Kamisha Wells is determined to help her son and others with disabilities to fit in with their peers by giving them the encouragement that they can be and do anything they want.

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Book description…

The story is about the bond between two brothers and all they can do. It’s a reminder that Children with Autism are not defined by their disabilities. Brother’s with Autism introduces Children of all ages. Dre and Eli have Autism. Their brains work in a special way. It’s harder for them to make friends. Both brothers enjoy playing dress up together. These are ways of thinking to help our Children improve their own challenges.

Introducing Lorrena Bishop, author of Raincoat Diary

“Outskirts Press made my dream a reality. There is no doubt in my mind Outskirts Press was the best choice I could have made for a publishing company. The support and the overall quality of my book made me extremely happy. I would recommend this company to anyone that ask what publisher they should use. Thank you Outskirts Press for being such a wonderful support and making my vision for my book come to life. I can only say great things about Outskirts. Everyone that worked with me was so kind and so quick to help me. I am proud to have this name on my book as the publishing company.”

Lorrena Bishop is a Christian striving to help others with the same problems she has faced. She is a mother who deals with Autism in her children and Obesity and Depression in her own life. Her desire is to help others find strength and love.

Product description…

Lorrena shares her story and journey back. She faces her biggest fears with the help of her raincoat. Her struggles, financially and emotionally, pour out into her stories. She reconnects with the world and finds that her biggest enemy was herself. Her battle with her weight takes over her life and she begins to face it. Spiritual growth and physical healing take place in the course of four years.