Introducing John J. Wells, author of Die Like A Dog

“I had no idea how to go about publishing a book, and Outskirts took me through the process step by step with clear instructions and explanations so that I never made a false step. I am tremendously pleased by all that Outskirts did for me, and the final product is exactly what I wished. I will certainly print my other books through them.”

I worked at various New England boarding schools for thirty-odd years, then retired to Maine to get in some of the reading and writing I’d never had time for. As it happens, though, I find that my daily schedule now is determined primarily by the whim of my dogs.

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“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.” Someone is killing the dogs of London, Maine, and Bill Williams is convinced that one of his neighbors or acquaintances is responsible. But which one? It could be any of them: Eleanor Bird, the village tyrant, who collects other people’s secrets and exploits them ruthlessly; her son Eddy, a preoccupied country realtor who, people say, isn’t at all as simple as he seems; Roy Emory, once the boy genius who went off to the ivy leagues and wound up in jail on drug charges and now lives as a hermit back in the London woods; his parents, Charlie and Kristin, who are afraid of him and struggling over a failing business; Rosie Brig, a subservient school teacher who becomes infatuated with the wrong men, first Roy Emory and then Sean Winder, the high school hero who gave up on college to run his father’s general store and marry the shy and self-effacing Patricia instead of his fiancée Rachel Morgan, who, recently widowed, has returned to London to claim him; or Linc Mundy, owner of the local garage and a professed dog hater. And Bill is very much afraid that, if the guilty party is not identified soon, the nightmare will only grow darker. And then people start to die…

Introducing Janet Cameron Hoult, author of Going to the Dogs and Other Critters

“Each time I have published a book with Outskirts Press, and this is my fourth, OP seems to outdo itself with providing even better guidance. Thank you for all you do for self-publishing authors.”

Janet Cameron Hoult, Professor Emerita at California State University, Los Angeles, was appointed Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry in 2015. Janet has lived and traveled all over the world. Now in her 80’s, Dr. Hoult and her husband, Charley, a rocket scientist whose ashes were dispersed by his Cal State Long Beach ESRA Team at the 2017 IREC in New Mexico, have treasured their dogs – subjects of many of the poems in this book – who enjoyed going to the Culver City “Boneyard” which will receive proceeds from book sales. Mick Beyer is an aspiring artist from Magdeburg, Germany. Mick has been part of two completely different cultures throughout his life – Elementary School in Germany and Middle through High School in Southern California. He has traveled to many different places, from Greece to Italy to Tunisia! He has a lot more to see and to learn, and hopes to one day study and excel in a career in the architectural field.

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GOING TO THE DOGS AND OTHER CRITTERS. We humans have developed relationships with all kinds of animals be they tame or wild, fierce or mild, big or small, short or tall! The poems in “Going to the Dogs and Other Critters” will let you explore your interactions with animals and give you an opportunity to revisit cherished experiences as well as think about having more! Designed for children and parents, this delightful book includes instructions for creating puppets and developing a puppet show. So enjoy reading about “Unconditional Love,” “Dorca the Orca” and “Noah and the Woodpeckers” while you heed the “Alligator Warning.”

Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of Mole Dog

“When it came time to publish my second book, also a memoir, I again chose Outskirts Press, Inc. without hesitation. Having guided me patiently through the process with my first book, The Fine Line, I knew this little dog book would be in good hands. The color photographs were reproduced flawlessly just where they were supposed to be, and the front and back covers were exactly as I had visualized. Once again, my author representative and other members of the publishing team were there to guide me from start to finish, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Margaret Watkins lives in a small cabin in the mountains of Idaho with her husband and fond memories of “the pups.”

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What started out as a good idea to get a dog for our son soon morphed into an arrangement whereby two big messy pups took over the household. Not content to be mere add-ons, Rambo and Buddy soon moved front and center of our existence, bringing joy and a degree of inconvenience overlaid by a rich layer of devotion and unwavering loyalty to the pack. Twelve years of fun and adventure unfold in these pages as we tried to remember that our four-legged companions were, after all, only dogs. We thought of them as family. Join us on backpacking trips and winter excursions in the mountains of Idaho where the pups remained at the center of the action. Rambo and Buddy went everywhere with us. Mostly we just played together. Their individual personality traits did not always blend smoothly with ours but we remained an inseparable pack of four. This is their story.

Introducing Nellie Branan, author of Fritzi Finds a New Home

“My whole experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding. From the time I first submitted my children’s story book for publication, a team of specialists guided me through the entire process of publishing Fritzi Finds a New Home.  As a novice writer, I knew almost nothing about the publishing procedures.  I had many questions, which they answered quickly and they patiently helped me to overcome my hesitancy and maintain enthusiasm. I am very happy with the book.”

Nellie Branan’s story is based on a real dog who came to their house as a forlorn, bedraggled stray with soulful eyes begging for someone to love him. She and her husband considered Fritzi a special blessing because he gave them unconditional love and loyalty. The pleasure he brought to their lives filled a void that they had not known existed. Nellie is a retired English teacher and her husband, Bud, a retired mechanic. They live in rural Ohio and their lives revolve around home and an extensive family.

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Abandoned and afraid, Fritzi searches for a new home. Left alone in a deep woods, Fritzi realizes that no one will be coming to rescue him. He is terrified by a violent thunderstorm and becomes truly lost. He then determines to find his own way out of the woods and to search for a new home. Chased, attacked, and rejected time and again on his long journey, Fritzi is injured and tired and hungry. But he continues on, bravely clinging to the hope of finding a new home where someone will welcome him and he can feel safe.