Introducing Angel Rae, author of The Ocean of Stars

“Hi Outskirts, Brie was amazing! And your marketing coach is amazing too! I had been talking to a few other publishing companies when I found Outskirts, and so I can say without any doubt that Outskirts is better than any of them. Not just a little better either. Outskirts is world’s better than any of the other people I was talking to. I am currently working on a short story about trying to get published, and it will have all the emails from those other companies in it, so you will be able to see everything that sets you apart from the rest. Of course, I’ll publish it with you. Thank you Outskirts! Have an awesome day!” – Angel Ray

Product description…

You will either love this book or hate this book. I did not leave room for any middle ground… I don’t know what the hell a ‘blurb’ is but I’m taking it over… This is a story about what happens when worlds collide. This is a tale of an alien invasion. This is a ‘yarn’ spun about defying the odds. This is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, blended with an aspect of spiritual journey, and falling in love. Within these pages there dwells text of a new adventure. Steel thy self and go forth. And have an awesome day! -Angel