Introducing Sophia Santucci, author of Spider’s Web

“My Author Representative, Dana, was incredible and supportive with the entire process! Thank you, Dana, for your professional assistance.”

Sophia Santucci is retired from the busy lifestyle of the corporate world. She is doing less, spending more time in nature, being in the moment, and grateful for everything and everyone. Sophia teaches yoga, meditation, and transformational seminars and is the author of five books.

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Book description…

Scientists Discover the Human Brain Is Made Up of Eleven Dimensions! In a Newsweek article on June 12, 2017, scientists shared evidence that our brain is able to access a multidimensional universe—and contains structures and shapes that display up to eleven dimensions! Powerful light frequencies are moving through time and space, initiating extraordinary planetary evolution. We are in the midst of higher evolution, moving from the grip of the spider’s web of the lower energies to the awareness of the multidimensional self. Planet Earth is in the process of total transformation, not only on a global and universal scale, but also on personal level. Most people are still stuck in lower energies of the past programming, creating friction within the human body and mind. Their consciousness of self is based on five senses, limited to the physical world, and they are unable to experience other realities. But there are a myriad of different realities and dimensions that can be explored with the higher consciousness. Spider’s Web explores these higher dimensions, other realities, relationships, our connection to Planet Earth, and the concept that we are multidimensional beings.