Introducing Jackie Fischer, author of The Lost Branch

“Outskirts Press, especially my author representative guided me through the process with the utmost professionalism and quality service. She not only communicated with me but also my cousins in Italy with regards to completing The Lost Branch, a book that we will treasure and share with the world forever. We also want to thank Outskirts Press for having welcomed our ideas, allowing my cousin and us to make this book in collaboration. They were available at any time to communicate with us and to constantly provide us with great advice. The Lost Branch has come out magnificently thanks to Outskirts Press! We are so excited to share with Italy as well…Marialuisa and Francesca Paladino. I am so proud to have chosen Outskirts Press and I will continue to recommend them to future authors. Thank you again Outskirts Press, we couldn’t have found our Lost Branch without you. You are amazing!”

Jackie Fischer “The General” is 46 years old and lives in Coram, New York. She is a full time Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation for the past 20 years. She is married and has one son. Her interests include hiking, skiing, playing piano, tennis, and walking her dog Woody. She loves to travel when her time allows. About of Marialuisa (illustrator) “Giggles” Marialuisa is 21 years old. She lives in Petrosino, Sicily. She graduated in the top two percent of her High School, Geometra. Her expertise in English earned her a trip of a lifetime to study in England. With her passion for learning and her interests of photography, illustrating, and music, she will one day find her dream career. She loves spending time with her family, friends and enjoys all animals. Traveling and visiting the United States has always been her dream.

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The story of my Sicily connection is fun to tell. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about Sicily, and how our family in America reconnected with our relatives across the sea. There were two brothers that were separated at a young age because of the strict rules of immigration back in the early 1900’s. A hundred years later, a reunion of two families finally took place. There were sad times, happy adventures and special moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Introducing Kathryn J. Kappler, author of My Own Pioneers 1830-1918

“Outskirts Press has been a fantastic experience. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable, but also very responsive, positive, friendly and helpful. Time frames have been quick and as promised. Your marketing support is also excellent after publishing. I am very impressed with Outskirts and hope to start a new book since the last three are now published.”

Kathryn J. Kappler was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but spent her childhood and young adulthood outside the United States, in Newfoundland, France and Spain, because of her upbringing in a military family. She is a former Regent Scholar of the University of California, and graduated Magna cum Laude from UCLA with a degree in Economics. She subsequently earned an MBA with honors at University of Southern California. Throughout her life, Kathryn has sustained an ardent interest in history. The author’s family has been associated with Native Americans for several generations. She has lived and traveled extensively on Indian reservations of the Southwest while researching early Native American silver jewelry. She has spent many years working with troubled horses.

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The three volumes of My Own Pioneers together tell a remarkable story of the desperate pioneer struggles of four generations of the author’s family. Although the memorable historical journey begins seven generations ago, these three volumes of stories focus on four important pioneer generation. They are the culmination of fifteen years of painstaking research as the author carefully reconstructs her family’s pioneer struggles from before 1830 to 1918 using information from family records, journals, memoirs, histories and letters, supplemented by accounts from their pioneer companions, and by Church and other official records. Volume I tells about the author’s once prosperous pioneer families survived the French and Indian War and the War of 1812, then eventually relocated to join the newly founded Mormon Church. The stories tell how the pressure of mobs and mob wars eventually forced these families to abandon everything as they were driven from place to place, until they found themselves exiled on the western-most border of the United States—at the Missouri River—looking toward the wild and hostile West as their only refuge. Stories describe how dozens of family members were among the Mormon refugees who died by the hundreds at the Missouri River, of illness, starvation and exposure. Yet family members had managed to journey among Indians on the frontier to preach, and had sailed through nearly catastrophic ocean storms to preach in England. And despite much sorrow and hardship, this volume relates how five family members left their loved ones behind at the sickly Missouri River in order to march down the Old Santa Fe Trail in the U.S. Army’s Mormon Battalion to prove their loyalty to the government by helping to fight a war with Mexico.

Introducing Margie Griffin Warsavage, author of Wearing the Red Bandanna

“I think Outskirts is remarkable for people like me who want to finally see their book in print.”

“In looking back with an appreciative eye, Margie Griffin Warsavage proves the truth of novelist Tim O’Brien’s contention that ‘Stories connect the past to the future.'” John Calderazzo, author of Rising Fire, teacher of creative writing at Colorado State University.

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As America’s great cattle drives wound down in the late 1800s, Dumont Griffin rode beyond the myth he helped to create and built a ranch. A century later, his granddaughter, Margie, retraces his journey to Ekalaka, Montana, the town at the end of the trail, in search of her family’s roots. As she records her own adventure through the modern landscape, she unearths the stories of the old West. Through Margie’s eyes, we meet Olive, the abiding ranch wife who raises eight children on the windswept prairie, and Nibs, the rawboned uncle in a buffalo hide coat who nurtures his nephews with tall tales. Of seven sons set adrift in the worst of times, teenaged Ted joins two older brothers as they try to outrun the Great Depression in a boxcar headed east. Pat wrangles his dream of running a Colorado ranch, only to struggle through one of the worst winters on record, while scholarly Bobby, the youngest son, is left to cope alone in an isolated farmhouse. This memorable true story of hardship on the High Plains captures one family’s resilience, beginning with a slow waltz of courtship at a community dance, and ending with a boot-stomping sing-along at a family reunion. “Wearing the Red Bandanna” is the memoir of three generations of a western family inspired by the affectionate relationship of a young daughter and her storytelling father.

Introducing Archie Stanley, author of Journeys

“I am going to publish a second book.”

Archie Stanley is a professional engineer and surveyor with a lifetime of experience in mapping, geography, geology, mathematics, and science. He applies all these disciplines and skills to his hobbies of studying genealogy, evolution, ancient civilizations, and human cultures. He lives with his grandsons and extended family in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

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When Archie Stanley became interested in the National Geographic Genome Mapping Project, his imagination and memory were both inspired. After seeing the prehistoric and historical routes and migrations of his ancestors, he fully realized how important it is to know who you are, and where you come from. Journeys is his reference book for his grandsons, tracing their genealogy, heritage, and history. From the primordial swamp to the heraldic fields of England, from hunters and gatherers to Colonial settlers, from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam, Journeys weaves the distant past with the known past, and even gives predictions about the future of mankind. A seamless blend of science fiction, informed speculation, family archives and source material, DNA testing, and memory, Journeys is a testament to the bonds of family.