Introducing Luvicia Maxey, author of A Pocket Full Of Poems

“With this being my very first experience with a publisher, I would have to say it was amazing! My book turned out just lovely!”

About Luvicia Maxey: Throughout my life, I have used poetry as a means to cope with family dysfunction, heartbreaks, reunions, and many more unpleasant life situations. Throughout the years, my love for poetry has grown so strong that I find myself thinking only of ways to write more. My writing is true and honest, which allows me to become a better writer by character, not by luck. I am happily married to Chad, my husband and soul mate! We reside in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Product description…

Writing for me has been a tremendous joy throughout the years. Poetry has helped me in times of fear, sadness, loss, excitement, and happiness. I LOVE to express who I am through my writing, and I hope that you enjoy the poems in this book.