Introducing Tee Nadine, author of Love Covers a Multitude of Sins: A Story of Love, Honor and Forgiveness Through a Family’s Alzheimer’s Journey

“It was a great first experience. I knew I could depend on Outskirts Press as to publishing my book. My Author Representative had answers to all of my questions and responded quickly whenever requested.”

Tee Nadine is an author, consultant, wife, mother, grandmother, and business owner who literally placed her life on hold to care for her aging parents. She was in the child care industry for over 20 years before retiring to care for her elderly parents. She has since been a consultant to summer day camps, an encourager to other caregivers of dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, and spends a lot of her time with her family.

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Book description…

An emotional story of a woman’s quest to care for her mother suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. “Tee Nadine’s book, Love Covers A Multitude of Sins, needs to be read by people from every walk of life. I couldn’t put it down! Her true story, as a daughter and caregiver to her precious mother with Alzheimer’s is the experience of many, but an often untold one. I wept and, yes, I even laughed because it was so relatable and unapologetically honest and it exposes the reality of our own humanity. You will learn and understand more about the Alzheimer’s experience, but more importantly, you will learn more about what real love is.” -Rev. Pat Chen – Author, International Speaker, Founder of First Love Ministries International Prayer Center, Board Member of the National Day of Prayer. “This is a clear, concise, and well written book. It is an insightful bird’s eye view into the struggles of taking care of a loved one who is declining mentally. A wonderful read.” -Debbi Sery, Author of Children’s Books. “I believe that the subject matter of this book is one which will impact a majority of Baby Boomers, those born after World War II (1946-64), as they struggle to assist their elderly parents. How are you to care for a parent who has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease? Where are the support systems and resources available to those who don’t know where to turn for answers? This book is the nettlesome journey of one woman who had to confront the challenge of caring for her parents: her father who was blind and needed to be cared for and her mother who had developed Alzheimer’s! You will experience the roller coaster of emotions as you journey with Tee Nadine as she seeks to provide care and discover, the not so convenient, resources available to help with ailing parents.” -Dr. James R. Love, Sr. -Author, Pastor, Conference Speaker, Founder of Love the Word Ministries, Professor of Theology and Philosophy; Lancaster Bible College, Metro Campus; Denver Seminary, Metro Campus; and Prince Georges Community College.

Introducing Robert E.P. Elmer III, author of Join the Journey

“I’m never comfortable being in situations or circumstances that I’m not familiar with and publishing a book was certainly an experience that was new to me. Jamie and the other members of your team were patient, understanding, responsive and supportive. I still have to develop my best marketing strategy but I’m well on my way. I should also mention that when I spoke to other writers about publishing my book, they provided a number of options including Outskirts Press. After evaluating them all, you were clearly the option that provided the most value. Thank you.”

Mr. Elmer has been a Certified Master Trainer of Alzheimer’s care and a State Certified Senior Care Administrator for over 15 years. During that time he has managed four different communities for the care of those with Alzheimer’s dementia. He lectures at The University of Rhode Island College of Nursing and he has been a featured speaker at The Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Association Annual Caregiver Conference. Mr. Elmer also writes monthly articles on Alzheimer’s caregiving and he is featured on radio where caregivers learn from his daily “Memory Care Minutes.”

Product description…

This collection of articles is compiled to help all caregivers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other dementias gain insight into the many do’s and don’ts of caregiving. Each chapter deals with a specific subject and provides caregivers with the unique perspective of a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Senior Care Administrator. The information also provides the caregivers with a better understanding of this insidious disease as well as how to improve their quality of life and the quality of life of the loved one(s) they are caring for. This book takes a non clinical approach and candidly discusses the nuances of caring for those with Alzheimer’s type dementia. Its focus is to help Formal and Informal caregivers become better informed and the best caregivers they can be.

Introducing Linda Faye Robin, author of The Hidden Storm

“Leona was very professional and patient with me in the process of publishing my first book. The experience was so great, I’m already thinking of a new topic to publish at a later date through Outskirts Press. I truly thank Leona so much for making the process appear easy.”

Linda Faye Robin is a graduate of St. Thomas University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. She is a lifetime member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Catholic Scholastic Honor Society, and a devoted member of Boca Glades Baptist Church. Linda lives with her very supportive husband and the youngest two of their four children in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her eldest son attends The Art Institute of Tampa, and her eldest daughter (featured on the cover) is currently pursuing a career in entertainment in Orlando, Florida.

Product description…

Linda had what seemed to be a charmed life-two loving parents, a lucrative career, two beautiful homes, a substantial bank account, a supportive extended family, and a stellar reputation. In a single day, everything in Linda’s life would change when her father died unexpectedly…leaving behind Linda’s vulnerable mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Linda was already engaged in an ongoing struggle with a younger brother with schizoaffective disorder, and suddenly she also became the caretaker of another brother who had Asperger’s syndrome. Linda had been trained by the best for physical conflict: she went through her paces with the US Air Force, the US Bureau of Prisons, and the Miami-Dade Police Department. She was a respected and accomplished police officer, but now she found herself facing a foe that was both invisible and seemingly impossible to conquer. Overwhelmed by the difficulties of finding herself the caretaker for her mother, her brother, and her newly adopted son, Linda fell back on the greatest gift from her parents: her faith in God, the greatest ally against any foe, and a source of strength and comfort. The Hidden Storm is the surreal story of Linda’s fight with her loved ones against mental illness and dementia…and how her advocacy and care was complicated by secrets, lies, and the confusion that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease. Linda learned the grace of surrendering to the struggle, and her compelling, inspiring story is a remarkable resource for anyone who is facing similar challenges.