Introducing Yolanda Jones, author of Silent Victims, Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate

“I had a phenomenal team. Everyone remained professional, understanding, and very helpful in every way. Thank you all for your input, suggestions and comments; of which I’ve warmly embraced and respected. I look forward to starting book # 4 next year…hugs to you all.”

Ms. Jones is a divorced mother of two beautiful adult children, ages 29 and 25. She is a Disabled Iraq Army Veteran; served in the Army National Guards, Army Reserves and Active Army; of which, she was deployed to Iraq in Support of Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF)/Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) 2003-2005. She is an inspiring Author of “Scarred, but Not Broken”, “Life Goes on After the War – From Uniform to Classroom and Living with PTSD and Other Service Connected Injuries; Whether Major or Minor.” Ms. Jones is a High-Red belt in Tae Kwon Do; has an Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice; graduated with honors. Ms. Jones’ thirst for knowledge led her to obtain her Masters of Science Degree in Counseling and Development, from Texas Woman University, Denton Texas. She believes that material possession can be taken; however, “knowledge is power.” Knowledge is something that cannot be taken from her, by anyone. Some of Ms. Jones other hobbies are, reading and listening to motivational and inspirational materials.

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I was young and giddy, so I blushed hearing his comment. Huh, back then, I wore a beginning stage of Jheri curls [laughing]. Yes, back in the 80’s jheri curls was the shiznick [laughing]. A year has passed and we were six months into our marriage with our son. He had become very confrontational at home and at work. It was as though I was now married to night and day. Some days he was thoughtful, respectful, a gentlemen, and lovable. Other times, I hated him and despised him. Many days I regret being married, yet I wanted my marriage to work. The majority of our arguing revolved around finances, never having enough, and never knowing where the money was going. Other times our arguing was because of his over drinking or his family interference and negative influences in our marriage. Yes, his drinking went from drinking a can or two after work to drinking a 40oz along with drinking one to two cans of beer after work; to drinking a can of beer while he, as he use to say, “S-Showered-shaved.” His excessive alcohol intake became so uncontrollable that, he now became the alcohol. He didn’t care what he did, what he said, or who he hurt. He became numb. He no longer was the man I met nine months ago on the college stairwell. He now became a stranger to me. I no longer knew who he was; it felt strange living under the same roof with him. You would have thought I was a burglar who just broke into his home, because he choked me so hard until I began to see silver specs floating in my eyes; not knowing that I was losing oxygen to my brain. Yes, he was slowing killing me, and I was dying.

Introducing William Teets, author of Upside Down

“Everyone that assisted me at Outskirts Press was courteous and professional. I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the outstanding support and advice I received. Communication with everyone at Outskirts was always helpful and any questions or concerns I had were answered effectively and promptly. My first contact with Tina made starting the process comfortable and easy and Dana and Stephanie, in particular, were amazing and fun and so pleasant to work with. Can’t wait to do it again. I have found a home with Outskirts Press for all my future publishing needs! They delivered on all their services and promises!”

William Teets is an author and poet born in Peekskill, NY, who currently resides in Dutchess County, NY. His personal memoir Upside Down (One on the House) was released to rave reviews in 2013. Before the Flood, a poetry collection that resonates with Americana, blues music and barrooms, whiskey and smoke, rivers and haunted highways, leather jackets and hoodies and Sunday’s best is currently available on Amazon. Teets is also featured in the anthology, Renderings, which is also available on Amazon, through the Hudson Valley Writers Workshop. Earlier works of his poetry can be found in Chronogram and Art and Life. The author is currently writing his first novel; Reverend Went Walking. Contact the author at P.O. Box 204, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533; call (845) 549-0250; or email

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Upside Down (One on the House) is not a standard story of alcoholism and recovery, but the harrowing tale of one man’s quest to regain his sanity and soul–and eventually his life. In his personal memoir, author William Teets recounts his uncontrollable and unyielding sojourns into surreal worlds of Mad Hatters, rye swilling, untruth telling gnomes, demons, hellhounds, and literary and religious notables. Teets sweeps away readers on a horrific and terrifying journey through his mind as he battles encephalopathy and near death. Through his trials and tribulations, the author is forced to revisit his past and the fractured reflections of who he has become. See-sawing endlessly between worlds of fantasy, reality, madness, and reason, the author searches for sanctuary and redemption…and hope. After enduring endless crucibles and re-examining himself, the universe, and all that is, he finally finds salvation and healing in the most unlikely of places. A place that has always existed within him, but needed to be rediscovered. Upside Down (One on the House) is a terrifying, humorous, sad, and joyful tale of one man’s journey home and ultimately to himself.