Introducing Carol Guffey, author of Secrets of a Sky Princess

“My experience was great, and I tell people how great Outskirts Press is! The ONLY problem I had was my author’s hardback copies were a bit faded–the paperback was gorgeous (both print and pictures)–so they were replaced. I was disappointed that the photographs were still not as dark and crisp as they should have been, but the print was good.”

Carol Guffey decided to become a flight attendant when she was four years old. She was hired by ASA in 1991 and was based in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Salt Lake City. She received the ASA Award of Excellence in 1998 and retired in 2005. She resides in Texas.

Product description…

Soar across a continent to exciting, fun-filled destinations with Flight Attendant Carol Guffey as she reveals first-hand what it is like to work at a unique and glamorous job 30,000 feet up in the sky. From training to retirement, follow her career at Atlantic Southeast Airlines as she encounters adventure and romance with a dashing pilot, danger in the sky aboard a burning aircraft, tragedy when two ASA aircraft crash, and a dire emergency where she struggles to save the life of a dying pilot. Secrets of a Sky Princess gives readers rare insight into the serious aspects of an award-winning flight attendant’s career and provides many amusing and entertaining anecdotes involving passengers and flight crews aboard the aircraft and in the airport. You will learn little-known details and secrets about the hard work, long hours, and day-to-day routine of a working flight attendant as Carol sweeps you along with her on a busy twelve-hour day. From signing in at the airport to arriving at her hotel room that night, her job runs the gamut from grubby to glamorous, as you will see. Fly along with Carol, the Sky Princess, to Canada, Mexico, and across the United States. Go behind the scenes at airports and hotels and into locked cockpits to learn what being a flight attendant really entails, as it has never been told before.