Introducing Kay Peterson, author of Beating the Odds

“Do you wish you knew more about your parents’ lives before you entered it? We each have a unique story and having it in print is a gift to family and friends. After I wrote my life story-Beating the Odds-Outskirts Press guided me with the publishing consultant’s advice, through production decisions, to the marketing tips. Unlike a previous publisher, Outskirts Press allowed me to select only the extra services I needed without any pressure to exceed my budget. The Outskirts Press print-on-demand service was fast and efficient in filling book orders. Now Outskirts Press is publishing my novel-13 Days in Africa-while I decide what type of book I want to write next. I highly recommend Outskirts Press to writers who are disillusioned with ‘traditional’ publishers and especially to first-time authors.”

Kay Peterson’s articles, books, and seminars have encouraged countless dreamers of the wanderer’s lifestyle to take the plunge. Joe and Kay were named among the 100 people who most influenced the RV industry during its first century, and Kay has published eight non-fiction books, including the first book ever published on full-time RV living.

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Book description…

The Escapees RV Club was founded by Joe and Kay Peterson in 1978. Originally there was no detailed plan-the Petersons were simply two working travelers who wanted to make the RV lifestyle the best it could be for themselves and for fellow travelers. They had no idea that over 100,000 Escapees members would eventually join the club! With a magazine, an RV park system, a licensed adult day care center, and the largest mail service under one roof, the Escapees RV Club is now one of the largest in the industry. It provides a total support network for all RVers. The Petersons have inspired countless others to follow their dreams and discover the joy of this traveling lifestyle. Along their journey, Joe and Kay learned lessons in resilience, compassion, and an understanding that it is people-not places-that are important. In Beating the Odds, Kay Peterson shares the memories of their mistakes, disappointments, and heartaches. She shares her family’s history and how it all led to finding Joe, her soul mate, and the lifestyle that gave them so much happiness.