Introducing Gail Banter, author of The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems

“The journey toward publishing my book was amazing. My Author Representative knew every facet and she lead me forward in a most professional way. The copy writing was first class and so was creating the cover and interior formatting, which resulted in the birth of a beautiful, elegant book.”

Israeli-born Gail Banter came to the USA via Canada, where she raised a family, taught, was a public speaker, and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Now a resident of Lauderhill, Florida, she much prefers the endless summers to the ice-glazed Canadian winters. The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems is her debut poetry collage.

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Book description…

Dive into a unique collection of poems and vignettes with The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems. Some poems are controversial, unorthodox-even taboo-while others are tender love poems, both breakups and makeups, or quirky observations of the otherwise mundane. Laced with wit, humor, and good intentions, this delectable collection makes a perfect gift for someone special-or simply indulge for your own pleasure!

Introducing Antonio R. Bazan, author of Warbird

“You exceeded my expectations!”

Antonio R. Bazán has practiced Criminal Law for the past 43 years. He initiated his professional career as a solo practitioner successfully representing a considerable number of murder cases. One of his closing arguments on behalf of a defendant was permanently included in Jacob Stein’s book “Closing Argument, The Art and The Law” as a “Specimen of Eloquence.” For the next three decades he worked as a federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Puerto Rico where he also tried a great number of cases involving violent deaths. In his tenure as a prosecutor he held the positions of Chief, Violent Crimes Unit, Chief, Death Penalty Unit and retired as a Senior Litigation Counsel. He has lectured to students at diverse universities and law schools and provided training to agents at several federal law enforcement agencies and the Puerto Rico Police Department. He was also selected to provide trial practice training to prosecutors in South America. The author is also an accomplished violinist and for several years during the Christmas season, with the help of a U.S. Magistrate and amateur musicians, presented the “Bring A Toy Concert” changing the atrium of the United States District Court into an improvised concert hall to collect quality Christmas presents for orphan children confined at various government institutions.

Product description…

Leopold, a middle age, workaholic prosecutor is sent on a forced vacation after two fellow agents are killed in action during a narcotics interdiction. In the midst of his recovery, he purchases a WW-II fighter aircraft for leisure flying and gets involved in a turbulent, short-lived romantic affair with Rita, a ravishing millionaire. Upon returning home to continue his professional endeavors, his aircraft is reassembled and he aids fellow ICE pilots in a new mission, where an unfortunate mistake leaves him charged with a death penalty eligible offense. Rita returns to his aid, but unwittingly brings Enzo Briganti, Leopold’s nemesis, to represent him in trial. To add to the already chaotic situation, Briganti reveals a scandalous conflict of interest, threatening to negatively affect the outcome of the trial.

Introducing E.J. Colwell, author of Chip-N-Nails

“I want to send a giant “thank you” to Outskirts Press and the staff and especially to my Author Representative, Laura. I must have emailed her 1,000 times with 1,000 questions and she replied 1,000 times with great patience and professionalism. She was totally awesome! I also paid for a custom cover – one of the best decisions that I have made in this process. I get so many compliments on the cover! I love Outskirts Press and will publish with them again! Best publishing company ever!”

E.J. Colwell is a self-employed neuromuscular therapist who uses writing as a creative outlet. Throughout his personal and professional life, he has spent a great deal of time listening to and learning about people and their stories, which eventually led to the contemporary, urban Chip-N-Nails-his debut novel and the first of a two-part series.

Product description…

Michael Thomas is an accountant due for a promotion he wholeheartedly deserves, one he has waited on for years. He wakes up one morning knowing that this promotion, along with fashion model Angela Bradley-the woman of his dreams-are both his. But at the last minute, Joseph Anderson, his mentor and boss, goes with another candidate, and Michael is crushed. He immediately snaps, loses his job, and not long afterward, he loses the girl too. With the help of his best friend and a generous loan from the same man who fired him, Michael opens up his own business in Seattle-a business that is typically dominated by women. Chip-N-Nails is a nail salon with a titillating twist: All of the nail techs are handsome, muscular, sexy, topless men. The salon quickly becomes a hotspot-a place where you can get a bit of everything-but a great deal of drama is inevitable…even before the ink is dry on the lease!

Introducing Connie Lafortune, author of The Claiming of Callan

“This was my second time around with Outskirts Press and I would highly recommend them to all aspiring writers. They take care of all the difficult aspects of publishing and leave you time to create your next masterpiece…”

Connie LaFortune is a shift supervisor by day and an author at night. She loves spending time with her family and friends, taking walks along the beach and listening to music…If she’s not in her office, you can bet she has her nose buried in a book. Connie lives in Connecticut with her husband, Alan.

Product description…

My name is Logan Black… I’ve always known I was different, that something dark and twisted lurked just below the surface of my skin. Waiting, for her… Five years of passion and pleasure so intense, we begin and end together. Until one dark and rainy night, my life is forever changed… A heartbeat, a breath, or the blink of an eye, that’s how quickly your perfect life could cease to exist. In a few short weeks, everyone I love is slipping through my fingers… Now, how can I possibly choose between the woman who owns my heart, and a family that needs me? Walking away is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I’ve convinced myself she’s better off without me, but the monster inside ache’s for her… Callan will always be the light to my darkness. A year has passed by and I still crave her touch, her body tangled with mine. Until, one phone call changes everything. Now it’s time to claim what’s always been mine. The Claiming of Callan is a passionate and compelling novel—a riveting story of love, heartache and one man’s struggle to live without regrets about decisions he cannot change. Recommended for mature audiences only.

Introducing Anderson V. Bernard, author of City on Fire

“A huge thank you to the folks at Outskirts press. I was a bit skeptical about self-publishing in the beginning, listening to all the horror stories about crappy products and rip offs. The team at Outskirts worked with me step by step throughout the process of production making my transition into publishing a smooth experience. At times I think most new authors expect all the work to be done by the publishing company, but as the author you are more responsible for your own written work. Make sure you edit thoroughly, get your formats correct before submission, and have a vision for your book. Doing this will make your process less stressful. My first novel is AWESOME, cover to cover. I’m totally satisfied. So either I’m extremely lucky in my first time publishing, or Outskirts Publishing is putting in work! Check’um out!”

Anderson V. Bernard is a language arts teacher, and novelist. He cultivated his writing at Community College of Philadelphia, winning the “Judith Stark” Writing Award in 2004. At Temple University in Philadelphia he was published in “Hyphen” magazine for fiction in 2008. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Product description…

City on Fire is a remarkably well written snapshot of the time period when crack cocaine addiction, financial greed, and mayhem ruled the inner city streets of Philadelphia, PA. This selected collection of stories vividly details the struggles people faced from 1980 through 1992. The plague of drugs, fast money, and violent crimes that blanketed the city is brought to life in this three part series of urban variance. The story “Contender,” focuses on the Delibiche brothers who juggle their hardcore street life with their gifted abilities as boxers. One brother’s solitary pursuit in his professional boxing career becomes a personal conflict with his street life…”Morning Commute,” delves into the complicated world of single mother Belinda Jacobson. She tries desperately to keep her only son Malik from being consumed by the ills of street life and peer pressure. His immaturity and poor decision making is put to task after he is arrested and sent to one of the city’s harshest boot camps for juveniles’…In the sultry first person story of “Sixxx,” the relationship hardships of Troy Akers are on full display. His testosterone-driven pursuit to find his “misses right” takes him on a sexual journey with women who introduce him to dark and convoluted places in his soul. Anderson Bernard did what only the best writers can do. He created insightful and poignant stories that reflect a mirror image on an era that left an irreversible effect on all of America.