Introducing Linzie Melgreen, author of Even Beavers Can Be Heroes

“The first time through the process was quite educational. My Author Representative was a big help.”

Linzie Claire Melgreen is an Arizona State University MS grad, a career social worker, and a blogger. Her blog publishes a short story every Sunday, showcasing the importance of family, friends, and humor in coping with the whimsical adventures of everyday life. Linzie has had a lifelong interest in storytelling, inspired partly by her great aunt, young-adult fiction writer Ann Rinaldi. Even Beavers Can Be Heroes had its start as a story that eight-year-old Linzie wrote to read to her plush animal “students” when playing “teacher.” When she grew up and began working with neglected and abused children and their foster families, she adapted the story to share a message of camaraderie, love, and the benefits of learning from a foster family. Linzie saw that the children who enter foster care, and even those who find forever homes, usually have little more than a paper bag full of their belongings. With these children in mind, Linzie has decided that for every book sold, one will be donated to a child entering foster care, to give them something that is unequivocally theirs and to encourage their growth within the foster family system.

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Book description…

When a Busy Beaver . . . Isn’t! Eager Beaver is the best builder in his forest community. His friends and family rely on his talent and skill. But one day, Eager doesn’t want to get out of bed . . . and he says he doesn’t know how to build! But there’s an urgent need for a dam on the river, so his wife, Julia Beaver, turns to the community for help. Every animal has a part to play in solving the mystery of why the busiest beaver in the forest suddenly can’t build, as they support the Beaver family. A heartwarming tale of a chosen family, community support, and the unique value of each individual. Even Beavers Can Be Heroes will become a favorite on your bookshelf.