Introducing John Davis, author of My Father’s Son

“Leona and her team were excellent.”

John Davis grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY, and now lives in West Milford, NJ, with his wife and their two cats. He works as a plant manager and is pursuing a master’s degree in business. John is also the bass player in a local rock group, Rumble Dolls. This is his first book.

Product description…

“My earliest memory is of a gun.” That gun was in his father’s hand – and it was pointed at his mother’s head. John Davis grew up in the 1970s and ’80s on the rough streets of Brooklyn, a place where no one thought twice when parents smacked around their kids-or each other. At the center of the tumultuous neighborhood, and John’s world, was his larger-than-life father, Roberto. The Argentinean butcher and kingpin drug dealer was a sadistic bully whose mercurial temper left a trail of tears and chaos across his family. John, in particular, seemed to bear the brunt of Roberto’s wildly swinging moods. Any wrong word could cause an explosion. Every knock on the door might be one of Roberto’s enemies, or the police. In his publishing debut, Davis recounts how he spent his childhood in constant terror and his teen years learning to fight back. But it was much later, as an adult, that he learned the most shocking thing of all about his father, his past, and himself. Told with raw honesty and deep emotion, My Father’s Son is a memoir of fear, abuse, survival, and identity.

Introducing Cathy Jones-Easterling, author of Struggles Overcome By Faith

“Through the help of God and Outskirts Press self-publishing, I have recently received my ten copies of Struggles Overcome By Faith. God placed this book in my spirit in 1990, after I experienced a terrible car accident. I was very excited to receive the finished product of my first book. It is a beautiful piece of work. I wanted to jump for joy, however, since I had my 80th birthday a week before it were published, I thought that wouldn’t be such a good idea. I would personally like to thank the entire team that helped, guided, and assisted me in this process. It was really a learning experience for me. Thank you for your patience and all you have done to help a senior citizen have the satisfaction of following her dream. Many thanks to Outskirts Press and Staff!”

Cathy Jones-Easterling worked in private industry in Philadelphia, Pa for eighteen years before moving to Maryland in 1976. She was later hired by The U.S. Civil Service Commission (later changed to) The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, where she worked for seventeen years before retiring. Cathy has been blessed with 3 wonderful children and eight grandchildren. She spends her free time volunteering for several worthy causes.

Product description…

Overcoming adversity requires great faith and courage. Cathy Jones-Easterling’s autobiography, Struggles Overcome by Faith, reminds us that our faith in God can work miracles in our lives, no matter what roadblocks life throws our way. Growing up in an abusive and broken home, Cathy found the Grace of God and transformed herself from a shy little girl from a small town, who had struggled most of her life, later became a woman of the Most High God. With the amazing testimonies, miracles, and favors shown by God, she survived her childhood and found the determination to excel as an adult-to overcome by faith! Her story combines personal narrative with poetry for an inspirational and soul-satisfying read.