Introducing Virginia Lohmann Nodhturft, author of F.W.E. Lohmann Elizabeth Van Lew’s Civil War Spy

“My Author Representative was extremely patient with me since I’m not technologically competent. She exposed me to new applications for communicating large documents and to enlarge photo images. She was very professional, extremely responsive and answered my questions by email immediately. If I write another book, I’d like to have her again as my Author Rep. I love my book.”

Dr. Virginia Nodhturft is the great, great grand-daughter of F.W.E. Lohmann a Civil War Spy for the Union.

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A story of the passion and courage of an Abolitionist Civil War Spy for the Union. “F.W.E, Lohmann is an unsung hero of the Union war effort, and Virginia Nodhturft’s loving and detailed effort, to remember his sacrifice, along with the service of Elizabeth Van Lew and many others, will be much appreciated by students of the war, especially those interested in Virginia’s Unionist Underground.” —Jeffry Burden, Former Commander-in Chief of the Loyal Legion and Director of Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, VA. “In sharing the story of F.W.E. Lohmann, Virginia Nodhturft has performed a valuable service to the descendents of F.W.E. Lohmann-and anyone interested in this often overlooked aspect of the Civil War.” -Bill Lohmann, reporter and author, Richmond, VA
“This book describes the extraordinary sacrifices my great, great, great grandfather made to preserve the Union and to abolish slavery. The dangerous missions he undertook with passion and courage has been an inspiration to my family over six generations. His principled life has impacted on how my family manages the numerous challenges the good life presents.” -Charles William Lohmann,V
“An important Civil War spy network in Richmond comes alive in Virginia Nodhturft’s engaging account of a family member who provided critical information and assistance to the Union cause. This fascinating volume entertains and informs both the scholar and layperson.” -John M. Belohlavek/Professor of History/University of South Florida