Introducing Pat Jameson, author of Juniper Town

Juniper Country and Juniper Town are both works of fiction. However, they mirror many of the actual conditions that played significant roles in the development and history of Harney County, Oregon. Outskirts Press has given me the opportunity to combine my interest in history with fictional writing. I have been pleased with the appearance and quality of both of these books.”

Pat Jameson was born to a family of ranchers in eastern Oregon near Burns and worked as a teenager in the 1960s on his uncle’s ranch in Drewsey. His professional career spanned over forty years in the automotive and truck stop industry, and he currently lives in Boise, Idaho. Juniper Town is the third novel about the fictional remote high desert town of Juniper. The other two books in this series are “The Juniper Story” (Dorrance Publishing 2013) and “Juniper Country” (Outskirts Press 2015).

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Book description…

A small 1950s desert town with foreboding secrets. When young Steve White comes of age in the small, remote high desert town of Juniper in the 1950s, the unique phenomena of the age and the power plays of the town’s adults combine to shape and challenge his young life. Korea and the Cold War, the threat of nuclear bombing, racial prejudice, the Asian flu pandemic, polio, child abuse in the church, political conspiracy and corruption, UFOs and aliens, and the pains of teen love all have profound impacts on the town and the boy who grows up in it.