Introducing Oscar Patton, Ph.D., author of Rachel

“Working with JerryB was a pleasure. He was helpful throughout the process with suggestions and advice on matters like cover design and pricing. Rachel is my seventh book with Outskirts, and I am impressed with the efficiency of the process and the high quality of the product.”

Oscar Patton, Ph.D., lives on a piece of the old family farm in south Georgia, the setting for all his works. Rachel is seventh in his Satilla County series, all novels based on actual events and slices of history. Oscar likes reading, gardening, college football, and brooding in his lounge chair.

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Book description…

Bootleg Whiskey, Women’s Rights, and Changing Times. With best friend Eve at her side, aspiring young journalist Rachel Mellon comes “home” to Satilla County to write the lives of southern women. She collides head-on with the Circle of Brothers, a gang of good old boys who control the illegal liquor business. They claim to stand for God, country, and family values, but Rachel sees them for what they are, a murderous crime syndicate, and she takes them on. Armed only with words and right, can she triumph or even survive in this classic battle of good versus evil?  Set between the demise of the old Klan and the birth of the new in the early twentieth-century South, this is a story about bootleg whiskey, women’s rights, and changing times. It is also a story about the possibility of love and the miracle of redemption.

Introducing Ceone Fenn, author of To Reap the Finest Wheat

“Leona always responded promptly to any of my questions. If she didn’t immediately have an answer, she communicated that and got back to me very quickly.”

After the conclusion of a 30-year counseling career, Ceone Fenn ventured into writing, winning the Wisconsin Regional Writers Jade Ring Award for both essay and adult fiction. To Reap the Finest Wheat is her first novel. She lives in Minocqua, WI with her husband, Robert.

Product description…

Set in 1925 against the landscape of Saskatchewan’s vast prairie, To Reap the Finest Wheat is a heart wrenching tale of love and loss, a story of struggle and survival—and of a young woman who went to Canada to begin a new life and found a world that would change her life forever. After an ill-fated affair with an Orthodox priest leaves Katerina Danek unmarried and with an illegitimate son, she enters into a Faustian bargain. She agrees to give up her child and cultured life in L’viv, Ukraine in exchange for an arranged marriage to widower, Viktor Senyk, and a fresh start in the isolated prairie town of Bilik, Saskatchewan. Upon arrival, she learns that Viktor has a ten-year-old son, a fragile boy who is still grieving the loss of his mother. Although her new husband is a highly respected member of the community, Katerina soon discovers that, in private, he is an abusive alcoholic. A tragic farm accident and an encounter at a mental hospital raise Katerina’s suspicions about her husband’s past and the fate of his late wife. Frightened for her life, she is desperate to escape. Leaving Viktor might be a viable choice if she wasn’t penniless and if she hadn’t grown to love the boy. Riddled by guilt, Katerina must choose between saving herself and protecting her stepson. Or can she do both?

Introducing Carolyn K. Burch, author of Walking in Faith

“This was my first experience working with a publishing company. When Laura was assigned to be my Author Representative, everything went smoothly and she was such a great help to me. I had many questions and concerns and she was able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns in a most professional manner! She also made the final publishing process move quickly and smoothly for me. I am writing another book and when I am finished and ready for this manuscript to be published, I will not only use Outskirts Press again, but I will request that Laura Stewart be assigned as my Author Representative. With my next book I will not be a “Newbie Author” who is unfamiliar with the publishing process and it will be hopefully easier for me and for everyone involved.”

Carolyn K. Burch was born in Indiana 70 years ago and currently resides in New Mexico with her husband and family. Her love for history and family genealogy inspired her to write her first fictional novel, Walking in Faith.

Product description…

What inspired me to write Walking In Faith is a result of my love of history and family genealogy. The characters depicted in this novel are fictional but their lives are based on my factual findings. As the pages of the book unfolds, you the reader are led through the years of this family’s individual happiness and unforeseen struggles, as it is being told by the book’s title character Russell Hancock. I hope that you will find yourself being caught up in the twists and turns of this family’s life through my vivid imagination as a writer. My account of how this family lived during this time in our American Civil War history is based upon my years of family genealogy research and the history of the times. It is a story of a typical family who lived through what is referred to as Bloody Missouri during the Civil War. After the Civil War and into the mid 1900s this family’s faith continues to be constantly tested, but by walking in faith their lives take on a new meaning, and they prevail.