Introducing Douglas Richie, author of The Restless Richies: How We Survived 100 Cruises and Assorted World Travels

“This was my fourth publishing effort. Dana was patient, encouraging and extremely helpful throughout the time we worked together. Thank you, Dana.”

Douglas Richie grew up in lower New York state. He completed his education in Philadelphia, where he met his wife, Annie, whose story can be read in My Annie, an autobiography available on Amazon. With their four children, they moved to California in 1961. Richie worked in the field of institutional food service management, then took early retirement and moved to Palm Springs, where he and Annie managed a small hotel for the next thirteen years. Now fully retired, Richie indulges his passion for writing. He is also the author of Entrepreneurial Annie and I: How My Wife and I Put a Little Spare Time, a Lot of Hard Work and One Motel Into Making a Million Dollars.

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What’s the secret to happiness? Travel! Annie and Doug Richie believe the recipe for a long, happy life together requires a willingness to take risks, a sense of humor, and a sense of anticipation that comes from discovering new places and meeting new people. After they took their first cruise to Mallorca, Spain, after fifteen years of marriage, they knew they were hooked! Now in their late eighties, the Richies have enjoyed several land tours and over one hundred cruises, and their courage and willingness to explore new territories is one of the many reasons they are still together. The Restless Richies explains how travel added excitement and romance to one couple’s sixty-nine years of marriage. And their new book encourages others to experience the joy that travel can bring!

Introducing Elisabeth Levy, author of Carry On: Travels Around the Globe

“When my granddaughter and I searched for a publishing company, I had several recommended companies lined up, when almost by accident I ran across Outskirts Press. I read the first review, was greatly impressed, and decided to give it a try. My first contact was with Terry. It took me quite a while to understand how the system works and Terry had all the patience and know-how it needed to win me over. Terry was so good and patient, that when it came to the next step, I hated to deal with somebody else and begged for someone with patience. Luckily I was assigned to Lisa, who was just the right ticket. I was always amazed how fast I received a reply. The very few times I had to wait a few days had a legitimate reason. One of the highlights was when an e-mail came with the acceptance of publishing my manuscript and whoever read it gave it an incredible favorable report. I knew that person had read the whole book from A-Z. It felt good and boosted my confidence, this person did not know me and liked the book. At about the same time I had to say good-bye to Lisa and was assigned to Jamie. We had a somewhat rocky start, I guess Lisa had spoiled me, but eventually I got used to Jamie, and Jamie got used to me. Jamie was as caring and concerned as Lisa, and both were extremely helpful and patient. No, it was not an easy process, but we did it. I am holding the book in my hands right now. All my worries about spacing and correct editing are in the past. During this whole process every so often, I kept thinking, this is almost too good to be true, yet it was true to the end. I ordered my author’s copies, expected at least a three weeks wait, as I was warned but within three days the books arrived. (The same thing happened with the large shipment). Fortunately I had two friends who were able to help me open the box and admire the book with me. It was a tremendously joyful and emotional occasion. The book is truly well done. The colored pictures are excellent, the spacing of the pictures turned out perfectly and the font is easy on the eyes. Team of Outskirts Press: Thank you, you did a great job for me.”

Elisabeth Levy was born in Switzerland in 1927. She got her R.N. degree in Switzerland and immigrated to the United States in 1958. She and her sister Erika worked for a few months in different regions before settling in San Francisco. She found the job of her life at the dermatology office of Dr. S. William Levy. Eventually they got married and worked together until he died in 2005. She always liked to write and in 2007 started to get serious. She joined the Oakmont writers and published Destiny, the story of her friend’s life as a paraplegic, translated from German into English. She contributed several essays in the yearly Oakmont and Varenna writer’s anthologies. She helped to start the Varenna writers group and to this day still loves to write.

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“Carry On” is the author’s travel journal with 13 chosen trips between 1981 and 2013. Each chapter tells the unique experience of a specific country or an area with unusual circumstances and is enhanced with colored photos. The chosen trips are from all seven continents. Some countries have been visited twice and give an interesting comparison. This book is meant for armchair travelers, my friends, and young readers to make them aware we still can travel and help the world in different small ways. A reader, not known by the author, wrote: “What amazing adventures you have been on! You have a terrific writing style and I really enjoying reviewing your book. Your details about all of your trips were wonderfully descriptive. Your reader will feel as though they are right there with you. I enjoyed reading the vast differences in trips you experienced when visiting the same country more than once-especially China. I found it wonderful that so many of your trips had a goal of helping the people of that country. My favorite part of your book was your trip to Tanzania. I’m sure your presence and help there was very welcome. In your work, your narrative voice is just great – very familiar and easy to follow. I have to say that you have put together an excellent piece here. It looks to me like you have meticulously gone through your document revising and smoothing things out. It flows very nicely. It is one that should be well received by a wide audience. Congratulations on your work.”

Introducing Kay Peterson, author of Chasing Rainbows

“I appreciate Brie and Jerry and I think Outskirts Press does an outstanding job of giving self-publishing authors books we can be proud of.”

At age 43, Kay Peterson and her husband Joe quit their jobs, sold their four-bedroom house in Southern California, and moved into a travel trailer with two school-age children and a black cat. For the next 15 years, they worked 52 different jobs in 27 states as they crisscrossed America-from California to Maine and from Florida to Alaska. Kay was a full-time columnist for Woodall’s Trailer Travel Magazine before she and her husband founded the Escapees RV club in 1978. Since then she has written a column in each Escapees magazine and five non-fiction books on the RV lifestyle, including the first book ever published on living full time in an RV.

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An enchanting potpourri of people, places, and ponderings… What is at the end of a rainbow? Is there really gold-or just a big puddle? “Chasing Rainbows” has the answer. Whether you are an armchair traveler or one who has seen firsthand the wonders of the world, you will delight in these vignettes of special places, people, and experiences-and discover for yourself the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. “Chasing Rainbows” is an uplifting collection of stories about the adventures that make life a precious gift. Each new experience, each new person we meet, enriches our lives. These heartwarming stories will have you reflecting on your own experiences and your own quest for self-growth and understanding. “Chasing Rainbows” is a book you will want to share with friends and loved ones, and one you’ll want to read over and over again whenever your spirit needs a lift!

Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of Off to Tibet

“I just finished publishing my third book, “Off To Tibet,” a travelogue/adventure story, with Outskirts Press. Once again, the staff assigned to help me with the publishing process has been outstanding. I am not technically savvy and am using an outdated operating system. Nevertheless, Lisa and others guided me through the complex formatting of internal images and cover design with patience and step-by-step instructions. My first foray into self-publishing, a medical memoir, “The Fine Line,” was a stretch job for someone accustomed to an electric typewriter only but Outskirts Press made the process as simple as possible. When it came time to publish my second memoir, “Mole Dog,’ also with colored internal images, there was no question about OP being my go-to company!”

During the decade surrounding this adventure and the writing of this book, Margaret Watkins lived in a small cabin in Stanley, Idaho (population 100) with her husband, two horses and two large messy dogs.

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Tibet. Land of Mystery. Or Is It Still? The author finds out when an unexpected opportunity takes her across the arid Tibetan plateau and lands her at the foot of Mount Everest. Join her in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure as she combines mountain medicine with a personal journey of endurance.

Introducing Carl Fuehrer, author of From Rookie RVers to Masters of the Road

“I am very pleased with my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. All those that I dealt with were polite & professional. I would recommend Outskirts Press to others who were interested in publishing a book. Thanks for a great job.”

Carl Fuehrer served in the United States Coast Guard and is a certified private airplane pilot, travel enthusiast, snow skier, and golfer. He and his wife Nancy have two daughters and four grandchildren.

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“From Rookie RVers to Masters of the Road” will take you on an RV journey through North America-from Alaska to Newfoundland, down to the southern tip of Texas. You will visit Indian reservations, gold and copper mines, and a ghost town called “Sneffels.” Stroll the same paths that Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Wyatt Earp, and Billy the Kid once walked. Experience the intimidating drive over Colorado’s Independence Pass climbing to an elevation of 12,095 feet on narrow roads without guardrails and appreciate what it’s like to have a front tire blowout in a large vehicle while driving down a steep mountain! Join Carl and Nancy Fuehrer as they take you on a road trip you’ll never forget. Discover the magnificent beauty of America and Canada-both spectacular beyond description. This book will take you on a journey through many of the charming and unique places that North America has to offer, and remind you to venture out into our beautiful country to experience the splendor for yourself!

Introducing Shellie Dunlap, author of A Nantucket Experience

“This is my first self-published book and my overall experience with Outskirts Press has been excellent. From my initial consultation call and representative through the entire publishing process, Outskirts was professional, provided clear directives, was incredibly quick in their response and turnaround time, designed a fabulous cover and formatted interior and made the experience easy and enjoyable. The follow up marketing and promotion from Outskirts has been thorough, very beneficial and frankly First Class. Overall, I want to say I am so happy with all the work Outskirts did on my behalf, the way they continue to promote my book and the beautiful formatted interior and cover they designed. Thank you!”

Shellie Dunlap has had a romance with Nantucket Island for over twenty years. From the moment she first set eyes on the island, as the Steamship rounded the Brant Point Lighthouse, she knew she was home. She and her family spent seventeen years as summer residents before making a full-time move to the island in the fall of 2010. As a real estate agent on the island, Shellie discovered there were many residents and visitors who shared her passion for all things Nantucket, so she created a weekly blog and e-blast documenting her island activities and musings. Her quick wit, optimistic perspective and unique ability to create word pictures captivates clients, friends and Nantucket residents as she brings the island to life for them throughout the year. Originally from small town Iowa, Shellie and her husband Dan now call Nantucket home. Shellie is mom to three sons, a daughter and daughter-in-law and “Grammie” to three granddaughters. Her greatest joy is gathering all of them together to create new Nantucket Experiences.

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22 Miles out to sea, off the coast of Cape Cod Massachusetts, lies a little sliver of paradise called Nantucket Island. The magical experience begins the moment the ferry carrying bright-eyed visitors glides around the Brant Point Lighthouse and into Nantucket Harbor. Church steeples dot the horizon, gray shingled cottages line the wharf and sailboats bob on their moorings. As guests descend the boat ramp and step onto the brick-paved wharf there are so many quaint details it’s impossible to take them all in at once. One new island visitor was overheard saying, “It’s like Disneyland for grown-ups.” Tourists and summer residents get the opportunity to experience the island “in season” when all the shops and restaurants are in full swing and the population can swell to over 50,000. But those who call Nantucket home know the best kept secrets of the island are revealed all year long. Shellie Dunlap and her family had owned a house on Nantucket for over 17 years before deciding to make the island their permanent home. During her first year as a new full time resident of the island (affectionately referred to as a “wash ashore” by long time Nantucketers) Shellie learns there is more to the island than she ever dreamed possible and much she has yet to discover. Come join her as she ushers you through one year of island life and inspires you to create your own Nantucket Experience.

Introducing Francis Ivey, author of Alaska Conglomerate: Cajun to Sourdough

“I enjoyed working with Dana.”

About the Author: During the time of this book I metamorphosis from Driller to Plant Operator, then Environmental Technician. In Alaska one day your a Gold Miner and the next day your counting fish for Bureau of Land Management. Never stomp on your neighbors toes, they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss.

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This picture is a Seismograph Camp in the late 70’s. I am standing on the step used to slide the drill-pipe down the rail. The drill mast is down and you can see our windbreak folded on the left side next to the Drillers step. Big Ed is standing next to me with our white 4-man Sleeper trailer behind him. I have my Salamander burning on high to keep my hands warm so I can do maintenance on my Drill.