Introducing Al Wallace with David Smale, author of One for the Coyotes: How I survived 40 years of my dream job in TV news (and cancer too)

“I thoroughly appreciated the publishing process with Outskirts Press. The process was complete and professional.”

Al and David were acquaintances, having covered many of the same sporting events over the years. They shared a love of sports and a desire to share a good story. Al made his career telling you stories through television, while David made his with the written word, publishing 17 books. When they put their minds together, more than a book resulted. They developed a friendship that transcends the games that brought them together. They hope you enjoy this story of Al’s 40-year career.

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“My friend, Al Wallace, has been telling the stories of others his entire professional life. Finally he gets to tell his. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy One for the Coyotes, a deep, honest reflection of the amazing life of Al Wallace. He’s a man of kindness and integrity. Al, thank you for sharing your story with us. It has made me better.” -Dayton Moore, General Manager, Kansas City Royals. “If you like history, sports and a dedication to family, you’ll love One for the Coyotes. Al Wallace’s look at his life is heartwarming, and it offers a true perspective of what teamwork can be on several levels.” -Kathy Nelson, President & CEO, Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation. “Al Wallace’s autobiography takes you through a tunnel of growing up in a military family, to playing high school football in Texas, to covering three World Series and nine Final Fours while working in Kansas City. It’s a great look at one man’s walk through life that includes a foundation of hard work. His attention to detail and demanding the best from himself and those around him helped me a great deal in my career.” -Todd Leabo, Director of Sports Operations, Sports Radio 810, WHB.  “Al Wallace has always been a person and professional who ‘got it.’ This book is a view into his past, but also is a look into his heart. Al also always has been passionate and personable. This work is a blessing, just as Al is a blessing to many, many people, including me.” -Mitch Holthus, Play-By-Play Voice, Kansas City Chiefs Book Review: What a joy and delight is was to read Al Wallace’s book, One for the Coyotes. I was fortunate enough to spend my high school years (with pretend interviews using a pen, or hairbrush, or any available ‘microphone’), and college years (Yes, he proudly even took me to the Lubbock TV station and showed me the floors he swept and the teleprompter he ran) with this amazing friend, and was not surprised at the depth of heart, and sincere character he revealed within these pages. With his military background explained, and his close family of ten described, the book then takes the reader on the fascinating journey of Al recognizing his dream, pursuing his dream, and becoming one of the absolute best in his field, because his passion for sports, paired with his love of history (sports and otherwise), made for viewer loyalty and respect. The Title, One for the Coyotes, and its meaning, perfectly gives credence to Alva’s mantra for life. It is with sincerity and pride that I recommend this book to all those who are searching for a hero for themselves, or a role model for their children or grandchildren. You will not be disappointed. Ann Embry, Retired Teacher and Educator

Introducing Neil Oldridge, author of Stuff I Remember: A Memoir 80 Years in the Making

“As an old, techno-idiot, I was particularly pleased with the technical support offered by my Author Representative and the staff. Well done and thanks to all concerned.”

Starting in rural roots, Neil Oldridge spent a lifetime as an international business executive and Middle East firearms manufacturer. His insights, as shared in tales of hunting, fishing, travel, family and human nature, reflect a lifetime of observations and experiences on why we labor and how we play.

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“Stuff I Remember” is a collection of recollections about living and playing around the globe. From small town America through Navy service and Viet Nam, to a career filled with outdoor adventures, this book is sure to entertain, inform and amuse the reader with stories of growing up, life and living.

Introducing Norm Zeigler, author of Famous Fly Fishers: Profiles of Eminent and Accomplished People Who Love the Quiet Sport

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Norm Zeigler is an internationally known author and journalist. For fifteen years he worked for European Stars and Stripes — the newspaper for Americans in Europe – first as a copy editor on the news desk and later as travel/outdoor writer. His previous books — Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun: A Fly Fisher’s European Journal and Snook on a Fly — remain popular. Other publications in which Norm’s work has appeared include The New York Times, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod and Reel, Northwest Fly Fishing, Art of Angling Journal, Sporting Tales Journal, Der Fliegenfischer and Florida Sportsman. Norm grew up amid the scrub pine woods, marshes, beaches, estuaries, and kettlehole ponds of Cape Cod. He received an AB in English, with a minor in biology, from Clark University. He speaks and writes German and has a private pilot’s license. Norm and his family divide their time between Sanibel Island, Florida, and Dillon, Montana.

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Advance Praise for Famous Fly Fishers. To some, fly fishing is a way of life defined by a job in the fly-fishing industry, or by a vocation allowing for maximum fishing time. But for others, fly-fishing is a way in life to escape an otherwise demanding career. In Famous Fly Fishers, author, fly shop owner, and avid fly angler Norm Zeigler interviews twenty-one professionals, iconic in their fields, seeking to answer the questions of how and why the sport plays such an important role in their lives. – Jerry Kustich, author of A Wisp in the Wind. Norm Zeigler has done it again. He has captured the essence of fly fishing by providing a pithy and compelling look at the sport through the eyes of some of this country’s most interesting people. This book works and reads well not because the anglers he has chosen to highlight are iconic, but rather because he brings them down to the everyday perspective we all see on the water. – Fly fishing outfitter and Longtime Trout Unlimited TV host. Norm Zeigler’s Famous Fly Fishers is much more than a book about who. It is a book about why — why take on the challenge of fly fishing. Zeigler explores the quandary with 21 men and women unsurpassed in life achievements. From walking on the moon, to running roughshod over NFL defenses, to playing key roles in running the United States, these overachievers have turned to the way of the fly for its never ending challenge and — all admit — its healthy doses of humility. In his chapter on Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson, Zeigler notes there is no such thing as a stretch too large from profession to fly fishing. Indeed, as fly fishers know and readers will find, it’s all about the stretch. — Byron Stout, outdoors columnist, Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press

Introducing Chris Dieterich, author of Tales from the Blind Side: A Strange Journey Into Football

“I intend to soon publish again and I hope I get Colleen. She was outstanding!! Always got back to me in a very timely manner. I have published with another company in the past and you guys ‘blew them away!’ Keep up the great work. I’m impressed.”

Chris Dieterich played football and graduated from N.C. State University, then went on to play seven years in the NFL with the Detroit Lions (1980-1986). He is semi-retired and devotes much of his time to helping men trying to recover from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Chris also spends time volunteering for Pet Haven of South Carolina, a no-kill animal shelter. He lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his two dogs, Slinky and Snoodle. Proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to children and animal charities.

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The eleven short stories in Tales from the Blind Side are based on the experiences of former NFL Offensive Lineman Chris Dieterich, who played for the Detroit Lions from 1980 to 1986. Diagnosed with depression from the many concussions he received on the playing field, Dieterich used the writing process as therapy-a release from the dark and painful memories of his decision to give up both his physical and mental health to be in the “limelight” for seven years. Writing served as an outlet for Dieterich’s physical and mental torture, the daily stress and strain of performing at a world-class level. From the grueling misery of summer training camp, to the injuries sustained on the field, and to never-ending post-career bouts of mental confusion, delusions, and addiction to painkillers and alcohol, Dieterich has expertly spun fantasy and hard-core reality into eleven short stories that explore the depths of living on the mental edge of madness. Readers will experience the agony and the ecstasy of the NFL as Dieterich offers a glimpse into the world of professional sports…and its often devastating aftereffects.

Introducing Scott Ford, author of Welcome to the Zone

“I have truly enjoyed my publishing experience with OP. Everyone I have communicated with has gone overboard to help me understand the process. Thanks, Lisa and thanks, OP!”

Author, clinician, and performance specialist, Scott Ford has presented his unique approach to playing tennis in the zone at the prestigious:

USTA National Tennis Teachers Conference
USPTA World Congress on Tennis
Canadian National Tennis Teachers Conference
2000 Pre-Olympic Congress of Sports Science and Health in Brisbane, Australia.

Scott teaches at the Colorado Athletic Club Inverness in Englewood, Colorado. For more information visit:

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Listen to Scott’s interview on “The Book Club: Welcome To The Zone, Part 1” at:

“Scott has devoted his entire professional career to understanding and mastering the zone in tennis. His training system is both effective and practical. His approach clearly demonstrates the importance of visualization in achieving peak performance.”
– Dr. Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement

Flow, the zone, peak performance…there are different names for it, but you know how powerful it is when you’re there. Conventional coaching wisdom says there is no reliable formula to reach that state, but Scott Ford is here to turn that thinking on its head.

Inspired by his own experience, Scott developed The Parallel Mode Process, a real protocol to get in the zone. Peak performance is directly related to enhanced consciousness, and you can learn to create it. The body-mind presence that Scott teaches has useful applications in all parts of your life, but if you’re looking to improve your tennis game exponentially and consistently, Welcome to the Zone is the book for you.

Get in the zone by choice, not by chance!

Introducing Nelly Cooper, author of Alpha Equestrian Challenge

“This was my first publishing experience. I’m extremely grateful to everyone at Outskirts Press for making it a positive one. My contacts were helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond with answers to my many questions. I have already recommended Outskirts Press to other people who are thinking about writing a book.”

During her time managing one of the largest equestrian facilities in Michigan, bomb-proofing expert Nelly Cooper spent thirteen years helping scared and injured riders regain their confidence. Believing we can do better as an industry to prevent accidents, she wrote this book out of love and respect for all the horses and horse people she’s met throughout her life. Nelly and her sweetheart Gerald, along with their cats, dogs and horses, live in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Empowering instructors, students and parents, The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge complements riding lesson programs by giving clear, detailed schooling on: why we need to be good leaders to our horses; how to be good leaders to our horses; and how to prevent our horses from reacting dangerously out of fear. Rich with full color illustrations, this book helps riders develop safe, trusting relationships with their equine partners, while teaching that more than anything Astute Leadership Prevents Harmful Accidents! Developing good riding skills allows the student to have fun in the saddle, but developing good leadership skills allows the student to keep her horse calm and cooperative so her fun time does not turn into a terrifying experience. Riding and leadership are two completely different sets of skills, yet too many riders learn the hard way, through fear and/or injury, that they missed out on the vital “leadership” part of their education. Created to benefit riding lesson programs, The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge is the instructor’s tool for providing their students with the basics of good horse leadership. It empowers instructors to bring along students who are not only good riders, but leaders who know how to keep themselves and their horses safe. The ALPHA Equestrian Challenge empowers students by helping them understand how horses think and behave; it teaches them how to deal effectively with common challenges horses present; it starts students developing groundwork skills so they can get their horses’ calm submission prior to mounting; and lastly, through bomb-proofing exercises, it helps students learn how to get their horses to behave calmly no matter what. This book helps students develop good horse leadership skills on the ground… skills they can carry confidently into the saddle for safer riding. Designed for students of all ages, this book encourages “barn parents” to develop their own leadership skills as well, empowering them to help their children have a safer riding experience.

Introducing Grandmaster Sy Cheatham, author of The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do

“This is my first published book. The entire staff was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. Special thanks to TinaMarie, my first contact rep who guided me through the initial process. And to Deni who aided in the final process. Your help was invaluable, and I thank both of you. The process was made easier because of your guidance.”

Grandmaster Sy Cheatham, 9th Dan, has been practicing the martial arts for over forty years. His martial arts endeavors have included karate, Tae Kwon Do (5th Dan) Hapki-yusul (3rd Dan) Tang Soo Do, and Pressure Point Techniques. Grandmaster Cheatham teaches seminars for those who wish to continue their martial arts journey and increase their knowledge along the way. This book has been meticulously compiled by Grandmaster Cheatham and his senior student. Grandmaster Cheatham operates the Korean Tang Soo Do Academy in Woodbridge, Virginia, where he resides with his wife and daughter.

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This stunning reference book is the culmination of thirteen years of study under Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo, my teacher. This book covers eleven forms from first dan to second dan midnight blue belt and includes photographs and detailed instructions of each movement. This book offers an easy to learn method which everyone can benefit from, while at the same time, increasing your knowledge of the more exotic forms of Tang Soo Do.