Introducing Debra Closner Franklin, author of Intervention for America

“I have loved working with everyone on the team!”

Debra Closner Franklin has been an Addiction Counselor for over thirty years. During this time she has assisted hundreds to overcome their addiction problems. She believes that addiction is the most under-treated disease in America today, with some addictions, such as those of wealth and power, encouraged, and even aspired to. Debra graduated from Iowa State University, where she majored in Sociology-emphasizing in Marital and Family Counseling-minoring in Child Development. However, she believes her roles as a wife and mother to be her most important. She describes herself as just ‘one of the people’ who work in the trenches everyday, along with thousands of other dedicated and underpaid addiction professionals. She is a strong believer in God and encourages this in her patients for a complete recovery.

Product description…

Most Americans have the feeling that something is wrong with the country, but are unclear of exactly what it is. A look back into the decade of the 1950s may hold the answer. During this time period, most people felt safe, secure, and were engaged in deep caring relationships. When we exited this time period, we were no longer focused on relationships, but on things promoted by the business world which had promised to make life better for us. Sixty years later, we continue to strive for more and more of these things, still hoping to achieve the happiness promised so many years ago. Americans need to recognize that our lives are not getting better, and by continuing to live in this way, we are actually destroying our own lives, other relationships, and our country. Addiction is at the root of all of this. Learn how we were tricked years ago into becoming a country of addicts and how we can get those good feelings and caring relationships back again. The consequences of not addressing this vast national problem will be revealed, as well as how to begin resolving it. People from all socioeconomic levels will find this exploration of American life from the past to the present, enlightening and helpful. Everyone will be able to make positive changes for themselves and be able to start creating it on a national level as well.

Introducing George B. Blake, author of Widow

“For the first time using self-publishing, the experience was at times a little trying only because I was new at this type of publishing. But, my Author Representative, Lisa, was very patient with me and a very big help, answering all my questions so that I could understand and follow through properly. Everyone involved was very accommodating also making the whole process come to an exciting end. A successfully published book! Thanks to all.”

George B. Blake is a successful advertising executive who became single after 18 years of marriage. He soon realized how very difficult is was to meet new single acquaintances of the opposite sex so he embarked on a 20 year research program among singles to determine the best ways and the best places to meet other singles. His research involved interviews with over 29,000 singles from all around the country, many as a result of his appearances on 160 call-in talk shows. He has written a popular syndicated newspaper “singles” column for 14 years which helped considerably with his research. After he wrote 6 books on “singles meeting other singles” he realized that no book had ever been written of the difficulty of widows meeting other singles…so he stepped-up his research to specifically involve widows (and some widowers as well). Now the 50 million widows in the U.S.A. have a source to turn to restart their lives after the tragic loss of a loved one.

Product description…

Widow starts with a bang as the first chapter has letters written to Mr. Blake by three widows who each tell how they made the adjustment to their newly unwelcomed lives. The book emphasizes the “positive” side of life, with a little humor thrown in, attempting to bring back some joy into the lives of widows (or widowers) trying to recover from the loss of a loved one.

Introducing Doug Fratianne, PhD, author of Being Different

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the rapid and professional way my questions were addressed and solved. This was my first self-published book so I was learning as we proceeded. Even changes that were not part of the normal original plan were allowed, and every step was not completed until I was completely satisfied. I posed a number of questions and every one was addressed to my satisfaction. Every step of the publishing plan seemed logical and well defined. I went from an original contact with Outskirts Press to a finished copy of my book delivered to my address in less than 2 months.”

Doug Fratianne, Ph.D. is retired from a career that spanned thirty years as an educator at the university level. That background did not prepare him for the stories told to him by some of his grandchildren regarding the bullying that goes on in their schools on a daily basis. Learning of the frequency and extent of such situations was something of a revelation. Hearing these stories of bullying, then, formed the motivation to write this book, although the story lines are fictional. While bullying might be considered to be a negative basis for a story, the major emphasis in this book is on personal determination and friendship.

Product description…

Being Different follows Trudy through her three years of middle school. She is faced with serious speech difficulties, and she must cope with teasing and bullying from classmates. She befriends a girl who was her most abusive bully with a selfless gesture of good will that converts this girl to a friend. Later, when this new friend faces a serious challenge of her own, the two girls form a closer bond as each play a significant role in helping the other overcome the reason that they are different than their classmates. Both girls show a great deal of courage in overcoming their respective difficulties, which produces an uplifting story of determination and extraordinary friendship. Perhaps Being Different can give hope to other youngsters who face challenges and who are bullied themselves.

Introducing John A. Hopkins, author of The Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Ministry

“I found your self-publishing establishment a positive experience. You have a great array of choices before, during, and after. And I wish to thank all concerned from the bottom of my heart. I have already recommended your service to several other authors. There is a load of other operations out there and every one seems to offer the best deal. Your operation has the best deal for my concern.”

While John A. Hopkins was tasked with security in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, The Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Ministry came to life for author John A. Hopkins. Seeing all the suffering and confusion taking place, he thought, What if everyone lived in a place where they could count on their neighbors and the local government at all times, no matter what? And so Bucksburg became the small town where everyone wants to live and be accepted by their neighbors as friends and family.

Product description…

Meet John T. and Buck, the guardian angels of this delightful little community. John T. is the sheriff, mayor, and county judge, and Buck is the preacher of the BLT Ministry. (But watch out for Buck…he can sell ice to Eskimos in the middle of a blizzard.) Buck’s best friend John T. does his best to deal with all the problems that come up in the normal dealings of a small town, including a crisis that overshadows all concerned. But everything always works itself out in Bucksburg, as you will see. You’ll meet Lenard and Dewayne, who just can’t stay out of trouble. And Ms. Megan, a former stripper who won a state lottery. Bob has a brain injury and works everywhere in town depending on who he thinks he is working for on the day he shows up. And don’t forget about Larry, who lives in a Dumpster and rides a mini-bike. Don’t worry if you are a little different. You’ll be accepted in Bucksburg, Mississippi, as long as you accept everyone else. It’s just the way it is. No matter how far off the beaten path you’ve walked, you’ll be warmly welcomed in this small town, where everyone takes care of each other and “normal” is just out of the question.

Introducing Dr. Shirley Durham, author of Marriage: Better With Time

“I am very pleased with the overall service Outskirts Press has provided to me.”

Dr. Shirley Durham is a faith-based belief therapist and anger management facilitator in Arlington, Texas. She is the author of Pastoring from Scratch.

Product description…

Every couple desires a long and loving marriage, one that can overcome difficulties and survive hard times. But sometimes couples need help. Across the nation there are many seminars, conferences, fellowships, and retreats that address what makes a successful marriage. In Marriage, Better with Time, Dr. Shirley Durham offers her own recipe for a successful marriage, combining the word of God with the professional advice she gives her clients. She discusses sharing, finances, communication, praying together, and even taking a vacation, drawing on examples from her own marriage as well as the real-life challenges of husbands and wives who seek her counsel. Warning that society poses a potential danger to the biblical principles of marriage, Dr. Shirley provides the antidote to help couples, young and old, avoid unhealthy marriages, endure life’s changes, and stay together.

Introducing M.L. Shubert, author of The Silence and Beyond

“Not being too technically savvy, I needed much patient assistance all the way through from my Outskirts Press team, and now I’m feeling very appreciative of their devoted efforts on behalf of my book with its wonderfully customized cover.”

M. L. Schubert, a University of Chicago graduate, has taught all grade school levels and English at Long Beach City College and LA Harbor College. She has written several prize-winning poems and stories, and has published a poetry anthology, Song of Eli’s Child. Her novel, The Silence and Beyond was inspired by the tragic loss of a girlhood friend. She lives in California with her husband, Roy. Contact her at

Product description…

The Gift and Burden of an Extraordinary Friendship…

Elizabeth Hartung is noticeable everywhere she goes: beautiful, unbelievably brilliant, unconventional, and troubled, “Bethie” seems to walk a lonely path. But with her on that path is poet and journalist Carol Mandell, her only friend in high school, drawn irresistibly to Bethie’s charismatic and powerful personality, even as Bethie finds grounding and solace in Carol’s thoughtful, sensitive, quietly courageous character. The two girls blossom together into young womanhood at the University of Chicago, in the heart of 1960s civil rights and feminism, while also trying to come to terms with their own needs as children of Holocaust survivors. Their lives diverge; Carol chooses marriage and family, and Bethie blazes a trail of intellectual accomplishment and sexual freedom. But when Carol, in her settled and stable life, receives a suicide note from Bethie, everything she thought she knew about herself will be called into question. She embarks on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey to find out what happened to her dearest friend…and what has happened to Carol herself as the years slipped away. Insightful, richly characterized, and suspenseful, The Silence and Beyond is a beautifully observed story of the ways in which our closest friends mirror, challenge, and support us.

Introducing Robin with Farida, author of Me and Joe’s Life Skillz

“I would like to comment with a few words on my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Upon the completion of my manuscript, I searched and researched online for self-publishing companies. I analyzed quite a few of those companies inside and out. I covered all the pros and cons of each of these businesses and even kept extensive notes on what I found. After six months of intense study, I became aware that the VERY FIRST company I had began this research journey was the company I had analytically and statistically chosen to do business with… AFTER my research. That company? OUTSKIRTS PRESS! From that point on, everyone at OUTSKIRTS with whom I came in contact kept me well-informed and aligned with what I needed to allow my dream to manifest!”

Robin and Farida are a pair… who hold LOVE from above and dare to bare and care to SHARE. “WHERE?” Here and there and everywhere!
: >) (< : (that’s Farida on the left, there…)

Product description…

ME and Joe’s “LIFE SKILLZ” is a fully colored cartoon-illustrated book which allows everyone to LAUGH and LEARN at the same TIME all the while reading a reflective sublime book of prime time internal RHYME! There are: SECRET CODES and SECRET AGENTS and a PG SLANG DICTIONARY, just for YOU! You will learn about the importance of your HEALTH and DIET and how to listen to your SPIRIT to help you HEAR IT, TOO!

Introducing Thomas S. Odunga, author of From Hello, to Hey Love

“Honestly, my publishing experience with Outskirts Press was very good. All my questions and problems were resolved.”

Thomas S. Odunga holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from the University of the West of England. He is a Tanzanian resident, who has had a living experience in Malaysia. Having been in the dating field for more than seven years, he is on a mission to ensure that no man is left behind when it comes to attracting and communicating with the ladies.

Product description…

Within this book lies your solution. It will show you everything you need to know, to have her eating from the palm of your hand. From understanding women, to making them irresistibly attracted to you; the tips, tactics, strategies and exercises outlined herein will transform your love life. Here are some of the things you’ll discover in these life changing pages:

  • The mentality and attitude of a confident man, and how he attracts women
  • Common dating mistakes and how they kill attraction
  • Why you should never be the first to say I love you to a girl you are dating
  • How women are, what they like, don’t like, and what drives them crazy
  • How and Where to Meet Women, How to Approach them and ask for their Numbers
  • When to Call, What to say, How and when to ask them out
  • What to do and what to talk about during your Dates/Meet-ups
  • How to Physically Escalate from your first touch to your First Kiss and much more

Introducing Todd Crews, author of Love and Heartbreaks

“I just had my book of poetry,”Love and Heartbreaks” published and I am very pleased with Outskirts. They answered all questions that I had and they never seemed to be bothered by it. They offered me great advice to market my book and even improved the cover of my book. I was happy with the way my book cover turned out and the inside print. When the time comes for book number two, I will go to Outskirts Press. I even recommended Outskirts Press to a friend of mine who is thinking of writing her own book.”

Todd Crews was born and raised in Southern California. He currently resides in Springfield, Oregon.

Product description…

A set of poems that deal with love and the pain of a heartbreak.

Introducing Philip Michaels, author of Love Me Two Times

“I’m most happy to provide you with a most heartfelt testimonial. The experience I’ve had with Outskirts Press has been fantastic compared to the nightmare I had with a ‘large self-publishing company’ on my previous novel.”

Philip Michaels writes from personal experience about San Francisco, Berkeley, and Harvard during the dynamic and turbulent late 1960s. Before taking an early retirement to focus on writing, he was an executive for a major financial services firm in San Francisco, where he still resides with his wife.

Product description…

Love Me Two Times is a poignant, ill-fated, love story that vividly recreates the sights, sounds, thoughts, mood, and tumultuous events of the late 1960s.