Introducing Wayne Humphries Jr., author of A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol

“Outskirts Press gave me a chance to become an author by accepting my manuscript and preparing me for an adventure of a lifetime. The staff is fully conducted with help for your writing needs. I recommend Outskirts Press for any up & coming author that is trying to get published and distributed thru-out the world.”

Wayne Humphries Jr. was born in Michigan. From there, he graduated high school and went straight to college having a talent for music and business.

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Book description…

Unruly characters from an unknown kind participate in the art of life and death by doing normal and abnormal things to survive responsibility; through the 24 hour course of seven days; Pictator the Emperor discovers that his involvement with recording issues creates an epic of curiosity and confusion for those who didn’t realize a greater means of behavior during the leisure traits of reality, every step forward could lead into a good or bad situation as the record company prepares for a concert in the State of Michigan.

Introducing Brad Anderson, author of When Is Sylvia Wallace?

“I have found the people at Outskirts Press to be a very friendly and knowledgeable. I had spent years and a considerable amount of money working through the traditional publishing process without getting anywhere. I had vowed never to go the “vanity” publishing route. Then, during a visit to NY City, I came across some musicians hawking their music CDs on the street and realized maybe it was time to put my own money toward actually publishing my works instead of relying on others. I did my research and chose Outskirts Press. After talking with authors who have used other publishers, I know I made the right decision.”

Brad Anderson, a West Point graduate, currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author of six other novels, including the Guardians trilogy and The Janus Project.

Product description…

Her New World Began in Complete Silence and Absolute Darkness. It wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t even supposed to be possible. All the science and technology said so, but a freak accident changes everything and Deputy U.S. Marshal Sylvia Wallace finds herself sometime in the future when the Janus Project does not exist and most of the people around her are prison escapees. All is not forsaken, however. A note from the past gives her hope. Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Mackie (the Guardians trilogy) and Colonel John Callan (The Janus Project) are coming to take her back to her time. All she has to do is stay alive until they find her, which becomes the most dangerous time of all.

Introducing J.E. Bean, author of Intellectual

“Leona was awesome. Also, the person who did cover was great, and it was exactly what was requested. Now I am at the marketing stage and so far finding it confusing. But this is my first time. I would say that I will definitely use you guys again and recommend you to others.”

J. E. Bean is a talented young author whose writing style is action-packed while developing strong character relationships. She is a native of Michigan where she lives with her family. Watch for more exciting young adult novels to come by J.E. Bean.

Product description…

Grace and her friends were just assigned their government jobs, and quickly realize that they won’t survive long fighting others for government entertainment. Peter was always such a jerk in school and is a government favorite, but now he agrees to help them escape. Why? As they leave for a politically unstable outside world, Grace, Peter and the others come across a young girl who leads them to a city called Detroit where they soon find themselves in the middle of a revolution. As the plot unravels in this realistic future thriller set in a politically unstable 22nd century where science is misused for power, the teens discover who will become heroes, who will find romance, and who will be pushed to the breaking point.

Introducing Fil Munas, author of Mission to Earth

“Thank you Dana! I appreciate all your assistance.”

Fil Munas lives on a farm in the United States of America. Born in Sri Lanka, he studied Medicine & Surgery in India, and trained as a Psychiatrist in America. Dr. Munas is now retired. He is a hobby beekeeper.

Product description…

“This is the account of a mission I undertook from Galymon to a small rocky planet in a quiet quadrant of our present Universe. My original report regarding this matter was delivered to the Most High Tribunal of Galymon which is the Supreme Authority on my home planet. I wish to acknowledge my deep gratitude to our High Tribunal for this opportunity…”

And with those astonishing words, Mac—the alien protagonist in this extraordinary tale—masterfully recounts the history of Earth since its advent 4.54 billion years ago, and relates with amazing authenticity the 200,000 year odyssey of Homo sapiens—and how they became the dominant lifeform on their planet today. This scientific novel colorfully channels the reader from the inception of this Universe 13.8 billion years ago to the present. The narrative describes the exponential rise of these humans—from speciation in East Africa to modern space traveler, from archaic hunter-gatherer to accomplished brain-surgeon, from tinkering with fire to building nuclear reactors. And on this breathtaking journey, the reader is always kept supremely informed and pleasantly entertained. But with their starkly genocidal ethos, can this species survive? A novel with footnotes!

From the Big Bang to mass extinctions, from the nature of life to the future of humans—it’s all here and it’s pure magic.