Introducing C D Swanson, author of Blessings In Disguise

“I’d like to give my sincere thanks to Outskirts Press for doing a phenomenal job, as always. I’ve been with OP since 2011 for my first book, “Dear God With Love” right up to my newest books, “The Progressive Intern” and “Blessings in Disguise.” The results are nothing short of fabulous. The entire team is courteous, prompt, and professional in all aspects, making it so rewarding for the author. The transition from submitting the manuscript, to the final galley is consumer friendly, and the results are magnificent! I’ve had the pleasure to publish seventeen books with Outskirts, and I’m currently finishing up two additional books as I type. I look forward to interacting with the stellar individuals who make publishing fun! I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about publishing to contact Outskirts Press for the finest experience you’ll ever have, and the results will be awesome! Thanks Outskirts!”

C D Swanson is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, she’s been published in four testimony faith-driven books along with various writers who share a common thread-love of God. She contributes to magazines, websites, and currently at work on a screenplay adaptation of one of her earlier works. C D is happily married to Ron, whom she met as a teenager, they live with their beloved furry “boy” Max in the good old USA.

Product description…

Sometimes people of faith can become discouraged when their prayers seem to be “unanswered.” It happens to the best of us when we begin to wonder “when will my prayers be answered?” Well, there can be reasons why they’re not “answered.” God wants what’s best for His children and sometimes an “unanswered prayer” is in fact “an answer” to our prayers. Come along and read about people who’ve experienced the blessings of unanswered prayers. This inspiring and uplifting book will bring about an entirely different perspective concerning “unanswered prayers.”

Introducing Josef Kobik, author of Total Revision

“I have been really happy about Laura’s help, advice, quick responses… The same goes for all the other OP representatives I have been in touch with. I am very happy with the result of our mutual work – TOTAL REVISION.”

Josef Kobík graduated from the University of 17th November (interpreting and translation in the field of English and Russian) and later from the faculty of pedagogy and psychology at Charles University in Prague. For 42 years he has worked as an English teacher (first at university, then in high school, his own language school and now as a private instructor). He teaches all types of specialties and now, at the age of 66, handles almost three ordinary teaching loads; with enthusiasm and love of both the field and his students.

Product description…

TOTAL REVISION is a summary of the history of the human psyche. From the Big Bang to Adam and Eve to the demise of the Universe. Everything is included! TOTAL REVISION offers an experimental read resembling a photo album look and feel. It gives the readers a huge space for creative thinking based on their own understanding and interpretation. TOTAL REVISION was originally written in Czech: started forty-five years ago, after the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia, and finished and published in 1989. It took twenty years to write! TOTAL REVISION is intended primarily for demanding and experienced readers. Do you like Bunin, Babel, Bulgakov, Heller, Bradbury, Vonnegut? Do you like to laugh? Then there is a good chance that TOTAL REVISION will appeal to you.

Introducing LaRenee C.B., author of Wear your Crown Proudly!

“I will work with Outskirts Press again. My experience was awesome. I learned so much and seeing my book published was the dream of a lifetime!”

LaRenee C.B. enjoys singing, dancing, writing, reading, watching the sun set, and meeting new people. Wear Your Crown Proudly! is her first book, and she is currently at work on her second.

Product description…

Cherri was a good girl at heart-kind, loving, and faithful-but even as a young girl she suffered from low self-esteem. As she grew into a young woman, her lack of confidence resulted in abusive relationships, and this, combined with infertility issues, led to deep depression and despair. It took years, and a renewed faith in God, before Cherri realized that she was the only obstacle in a path filled with joy, genuine friendships, success, and true love. Wear Your Crown Proudly! is a testament to the strength one woman found to overcome trauma and self-doubt. The book is also a loving reminder to women that we are to use our God-given talents for a positive purpose, and in doing so, we will be honored, loved, and adored. By giving God the glory, we will be rewarded with peace, dignity, and grace. After all, every woman is born a princess, and with God’s help she becomes a queen. So…wear your crown proudly!

Introducing Leroy Lakey, author of What You Heard Is Not What I Meant

“I am very pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press. This is my first book and was looking for a very affordable way to get it published. At the price that I paid, I didn’t expect to get any extra benefits or suggestions. But what I did get was a great Publishing Consultant, Jerry, and a really great Author Representative, Jamie, who helped me work through several problems that I was experiencing. And after the book was published in record time, they are giving me many great suggestions to market my book with their Outskirts Press marketing Coach. I got all of this with a very reasonable low production cost.”

About Leroy Lakey: In this short book I have tried to raise some of these questions and explain some of my confusions. I still have a lot of questions as I suppose that most people do. It is my hope that within these pages that I at least give you some thoughts that you have not considered before. Perhaps you have accepted some answers about the scriptures without giving it much thought. I don’t like to accept things without at least considering other options. The idea for this book was originally to help my kids understand some of my often confusing ideas.

Product description…

There is an old quotation which has been attributed to Alan Greenspan that says “I know that you believe that you think you understand what you thought you heard me say, but what you don’t realize is that what you heard is not what I meant”. I quite often am reminded of this quote especially in my trying to understand the Bible and in my relationship to God.

Introducing Travis Wayne Goodsell, author of An Introduction to Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet and Grammar A New Theory

“My book is An Introduction to Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet and Grammar A New Theory. My story of the miracle of publishing with Outskirts Press began with Joseph Smith the founding Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He made the claim in April 1844 before his martyrdom that the Hebrew text of the Bible was translated incorrectly. I had an overwhelming urge to know how he made his translation and what a re-translation of the Hebrew text would read. It was in my last year at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada that a Biblical Hebrew class became available. I knew I had to take it. Our instructor, Walter Emanuel Aufrecht, was a Harvard graduate who himself was taught by Thomas O. Lambdin and we used Professor Lambdin’s Biblical Hebrew textbook. On the first day of class we were taught the suspicions for a new theory of the origin of the vocabulary with the word for ‘sea’ contained in the word for ‘water’ which was contained in the word for ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’. This provided the basis for my theory that would come later on. But my initial discovery was with the alphabet itself; with the letters making up the Egyptian God Re. They were a match with the Hieratic form of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I was overwhelmed with excitement. Now I had to do some theory testing. I took Brown Driver and Brigg’s Hebrew/English Lexicon which was also our textbook and restructured it my taking out all the vowels. Then I used that to check and see how many 2 letter words corresponded as part of 3 letter words. I found a number of hits; but Hebrew is a relatively small vocabulary. However after taking Ewa Wasilewska’s Egyptian courses at the University of Utah I learned about determinatives. This was the missing link to understanding the vocabulary. And with matches to other Egyptian Hieroglyphs with the rest of the Paleo-Hebrew letters I had a sound theory. Now I just needed to get my discovery published. And sure enough when I had finished typing up my research into a book on my computer there just happened to be an advertisement online for two online publishing companies. Researching both of them, I found Outskirts Press to stand out even when compared to regular publishing companies. Outskirts Press explained every step of the publication process in an easy to understand manner and a user friendly website. And with a world-wide distribution service and top of the line marketing tools I am looking forward to future publications with the success of this my first book.”

About the author: The name Travis in Hebrew is “Hebrew/Heber/Eber” meaning, “He who is from the crossroads.” I happen to be living in the “crossroads of the West”. I was born and raised a Californian though. Schooling involves a Bachelors from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada and two years at the University of Utah. I’ve studied the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian, and Philosophy of Science; which just happen to be the perfect education to make the discovery of the new theory of Paleo-Hebrew.

Product description…

A new theory has been discovered about the origins of the Hebrew alphabet and how the vocabulary has been developed. The result is a new translation of the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses. And the Creation Story is revealed as a Hebrew Scribe’s rewrite of the Egyptian’s Creation Story originating from the Pyramid Texts dating to 2400BCE.

Introducing Della Stewart, author of Aha Moments in the Bible

“I searched out different avenues for publishing my book and found Outskirts Press to be the best choice. I am so glad I did! I was a novice and had no idea how to proceed. They have directed me through every step and answered any questions that came up along the way. I am so grateful that I have accomplished writing my first book Aha Moments in the Bible that I feel so proud of. It was a seed in my mind that grew into reality because of Outskirts Press. I can now say I am an author. Outskirts Press continues to give me marketing advice and it is invaluable. Thank you Outskirts Press!”

Della Stewart’s interest in the spiritual life has been part of her since she was a little girl, when she was drawn to the church and to the Bible. The Bible’s message of love and healing power resonated with her, and has become a message that she wants to share with others. Della has two children and six grandchildren, and is grateful for the love of her family, and the love of God.

Product description…

The self-help and positive thinking industry has sparked thousands of books, seminars, gurus, and personalities. Articles and advice surround us; talk shows and inspirational videos are everywhere. But all of that enlightenment is available in one place, the source of all true illumination: the Word of God. Aha Moments in the Bible is an inspiring, reassuring reminder that our faith in God and walk with Christ can give us all the guidance and support we need through life’s trials and tests. Author Della Stewart brings the scriptures to life, showing us how our modern problems and concerns are all compassionately addressed in the Bible, and how we can transform our lives by embodying and sharing God’s timeless wisdom.

Introducing Lori Penn, author of Marina: The Virgin Shepherdess

“Thanks to all of you, publishing was stress free. I felt valued as a client. My worries, and concerns were addressed with solutions almost immediately. I’m so grateful, and will write an official review soon. God bless OutskirtsPress.”

Lori Penn holds a Master of Arts Degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, in Religion: Evangelism and Church Planting. She lives in California with her husband and two children where she enjoys learning to speak Spanish, playing the violin, gardening, and dancing with her children.

Product description…

In the year of the Lord, 304 A.D., faith in Jesus Christ is a crime punishable by death, under the rule of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian. Marina, a young shepherdess, rises above the ashes to fearlessly proclaim the truth of all things: Jesus is alive and His Kingdom of Heaven is real! While shadows of darkness lie in wait for Marina’s faith to fail, angels of light protect her all the way to the guillotine. The miracles of her martyrdom would deny all reason and logic, only to prove that God’s incredible power and righteous judgment still reign on high. Those seeking a revival of faith in the supernatural deity of the Lord will find these pages riveting, inspiring, and full of unceasing hope in His promise of eternal life.