Introducing Maria Pita, BA, Morgan DeSimone, BA and Gary Robinson, LMHC, author of The Daily Brew: A 365-Day Guided Journal

“Our Author Representative was very helpful and we simply couldn’t have published The Daily Brew without all of her assistance!”

Morgan DeSimone graduated from Hartwick College with a B.A. in Sociology. She was a member of the Peer Counseling program for three years and also a charter member of Hartwick’s NAMI on Campus (National Alliance on Mental Illness). During her senior year of college, she interned at Opportunities for Otsego in their Violence Intervention Program planning events to educate the community about sexual assault. Morgan is now employed as a Case Manager at Rehabilitation Support Services in Albany, New York working with chronically mentally ill individuals. Maria Pita graduated from Hartwick College with a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish. She worked as a Peer Counselor at Hartwick for two years and was a charter member of Hartwick’s NAMI on Campus (National Alliance on Mental Illness). After college graduation, she will continue her education at Long Island University with the goal of earning an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Maria’s passion is to give back to others the way that others have given to her. Gary Robinson, LMHC is the Director of Counseling Services at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, a position he has held for over twenty years. His clinical specialties include stress management, mood and anxiety disorders and life coaching/mentoring. Gary holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and the State University of New York. He is the co-founder of P3 Mental Health Advisors ( P3 serves in a training and crisis management consulting role to Gap Year, Study Abroad, Experiential Education and Service Learning programs.

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Book description…

Have you ever started a personal journal only to give up because you didn’t know what to write about? Have you ever wanted to keep a journal but didn’t know how to start? Well, The Daily Brew Journal might be just the thing for you! The authors have painstakingly created a 365-day template for writing about your thoughts and feelings as well as a nice mix of active, hands-on exercises to keep it interesting and to help you avoid “journal fatigue.” So, find a comfy chair, grab your favorite hot beverage, a good pen and start journaling! All proceeds donated to charity!  For our Press Release, click here.

Introducing Dr. George M. Burnell, author of Funny People: Short Stories

“My experience in the publishing process was beyond expectations with regards to communication with the author representative.”

Dr. George M. Burnell lives in Palm Desert, California.

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What Readers Say About Funny People. “Every story is a compelling read. You don’t want it to end and can’t wait for the next one to begin.” -Angela DeSarneaux, Desert Edge, CA. “Stories to ignite your thinking buoyed by an entertaining touch and humorous edge.” -Robin Anawalt, Las Vegas, NV. “Dr. George Burnell’s stories are fun, thought provoking and always an entertaining read.” -Art True, La Quinta, CA. “George Burnell takes you on a delightful journey of short stories that entertain, educate and surprise the reader, about ordinary and not so ordinary people. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” -Craig Himot, Berkeley, CA. “The main characters in these stories share a deep quiet compassion for others. Waiting to see what happens next in each story kept me engaged to the end, where each one touched me deeply, but with a feather touch that left me surprised and satisfied.” -Susan Moore, Hemet, CA. “Through captivating and humorous stories, the author gives us flashes of insight while opening our minds to a promising new world. An entertaining and provocative read.” -Henri Waisblat, Grenoble, France. “A delightfully eclectic collection of short stories. With dark and subtle humor, the author cleverly weaves these stories in a way that brings the characters to life.” -David Burnell, Winston-Salem, NC Entertaining. “Informative, and amusing stories that every reader will enjoy.” -Elizabeth Ann Gomez, Atascadero, CA. “I have found these stories riveting, inventive, educational, and always captivating from the first page.” -Joan Lachkar, Sherman Oaks, CA. “Dr. Burnell educates and enchants us with his sometimes realistic, sometimes imaginative stories of life’s twists.” -Richard Seigle, Joshua Tree, CA.

Introducing David Dewitt, author of Bullying: Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Danger Signs and Effects

“I think Outskirts has been good and I have referred two authors to you. Also, I have been supporting Outskirts Press to other authors at the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association (CAPA) on a regular basis. Thank you again for making my book happen.”

David J. DeWitt is a professional Graphologist and a certified Graphoanalyst. He is the author of the book, “Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential,” a guide to discover 40 jobs to fit your personality, published by Outskirts Press, Inc. Since his early years in the US Army, he has been lecturing publicly on handwriting analysis to organizations, clubs, schools and colleges by demonstrating and showing how you can get a grasp of the fundamental rules of handwriting analysis and find out about yourself and others. His new book represents his same easy step-by-step approach in spotting projective behavioral patterns in handwriting in the same way that body language expressions are evident. With the help of graphology, he seeks to provide insight and an additional screening tool for bullying behavior prediction from handwriting to complement traditional approaches. Mr. DeWitt is retired from a successful career as a Nationwide Insurance Agent. Mr. DeWitt is also a: Board Certified Graphologist by the National Society for Graphology, Certified Graphoanalyst by the International Graphoanalyst, Society Member of (AHAF) the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, Member of (IGAS) the International Graphoanalysis Society, Member of (CAPA) the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association, Retired President Club Nationwide Insurance Agent, CLU, CPCU, LUTCF

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A How-To Guide to Identifying Possible Signs of Bullying Behavior Through Handwriting. David DeWitt has done it once more! In his latest book, “Bullying: Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Signs and Effects,” David DeWitt puts forth a timely hypothesis that carries great import for contemporary American society. As a certified Graphoanalyst, David DeWitt has spent a lifetime studying the link between human behavior and handwriting. This field of endeavor is referred to as Graphology and is a science unto itself. I have personally witnessed this man as he applied his extensive knowledge to analyzing the handwriting of interested volunteers …and the results of his findings were incredibly accurate! The individuals involved were, to a person, amazed by the insights that he garnered based upon their handwriting samples. Above all, David DeWitt is a humanist of the highest caliber and his altruism has inspired him to deploy his unique skill set for the betterment of mankind. On October 7, 2003, young Ryan Halligan’s life ended as a result of recurrent bullying by his peers. John Halligan, Ryan’s father, has since made it his mission to speak out publicly against bullying and to alert people to its many and varied warning signs. Having met Mr. Halligan personally, David DeWitt was touched by Ryan’s tragedy and was compelled to marshal his graphoanalytic talents in the war against bullying. In his newest work, “Bullying: Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Signs and Effects,” David DeWitt methodically exposes the reader to the links between handwriting and possible aggressive and dishonest behavior. This book is not just for parents …we are all involved in the battle against bullying. I endorse David DeWitt in his literary efforts and highly recommend this book to you. Simply stated, this is a must read. -John De Mado, John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC Author/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson

Introducing Pura Regalado, author of Pure Gift

“I am an architect and I am not your typical writer who wants to be known. Book signing activities would be suicide for me. I wish I can impart to humanity a message of great importance for a better future for our world while staying anonymous. I wrote my book because a task compelled me to. I want to remain unknown but I cannot hide behind a pseudonym because the title of my book, ‘Pure Gift’ is English for my real name, which is essential to my story. Thank you, Outskirts Press for giving me a tool to carry out my task and my special gratitude to Colleen who was most helpful, very prompt and considerate in her responses to all my queries. I hope this endeavor will unload me of this heavy burden on my shoulders.”

Pura Regalado earned a B.S. in Architecture at the Mapua Institute of Technology in her native Philippines and taught there before migrating to Florida. She worked for an Architectural firm that specialized in luxury homes. Her last assignment before going on retirement was to supervise the construction of a multi-million dollar home in Florida, which got the Best Construction of the Year Award in Hollywood, Florida.

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Book description…

A heartfelt and highly personal account of Pura Regalado, who overcame the manifestation of a negative energy emanating from the collective unconscious to then embark upon a life of enlightenment in the world following her experiences. She welcomes all who wish to debunk her story. Through conveying her visions of telepathic communications with a mysterious sentient entity, Pura believes it is her mission to enlighten the world. She offers innumerable prescription of how this can be attained in this extraordinary account of her life experiences. Pura is critical of how Christianity has been misrepresented through the centuries. She believes distortions abound so she seeks to correct these misapprehensions. Here you will discover a very intense, wide ranging, colorful, kind spirited yet provocative book, based on a personal spiritual connection with God, as Pura Regalado enlightens and teaches us the path she has discovered.

Introducing Barry Jon Supranowicz M.S., author of S-Theory: A Theory of Personality, Emotional Intelligence, and Survival

“Nothing but the highest praises for my Author Representative! That is the absolute truth! Knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. The editing department did an outstanding job with the material they had to work with. The ‘coaching’ e-mails I have found to be an essential tool for new authors, such as myself. These e-mails are a welcome aspect of the services you provide. And, you have great marketing options.”

Barry Jon Supranowicz, M.S. is a Psychologist with Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Psychology from the Universities of Central Florida and Nova University. Following years of clinical practice with, and analysis of, many differing clinical populations the author conceived S-Theory-a theory inspired by detailed psychological investigations on over 1,000 men, women, and children-a theory taking over a decade of research analysis by the author to compose.

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Book description…

S-Theory is the first new theory of personality of the 21st century, coming into existence almost 50 years since the last major theory of such was introduced. S-Theory is the first major theory to come into existence that also defines and explains emotional intelligence. For us as a human species to productively change from our frequent cyclic tendencies toward violence, greed, and oft-accompanying ruin (expressed through the recurrent rise and fall of civilizations), we must develop motivation to change-motivation induced through knowledge. S-Theory allows such motivation to usher forth in readers by explaining, and allowing a revolutionary new understanding of, what we call personality and emotional intelligence-the essence of what makes us (and other life forms) up. It explains how such developed and evolved (with particular emphasis to human functioning). Understanding S-Theory will allow the reader to evaluate the level of personality and emotional intelligence they (or others) possess-in functional easy-to-measure behavioral terms. Such theory will also allow the reader a clear perception of what adaptive and maladaptive behavior is, how these develop, and how to change them (if desired). It is hoped by the author that the knowledge brought forth from within this manuscript will arouse in the reader an epiphany of awareness-and lead to arousal of motivation sufficient enough to create productive individual change, leading to ultimate enhancement of future human (and non-human) survival on earth.

Introducing Brook Gerity-Miles, author of Dancing In The Mouth Of The Tiger

“Leona was fast, accurate, informed, and above all, PATIENT! I am a professional copywriter, but this is my first novel and I admit to being a bit green. Leona never lost patience with my learning curve or my perfectionism. She is a treasure and an asset to Outskirts Press! Thank you!”

Brook Gerity-Miles is a professional copywriter who makes her home in Portland, Oregon, and is the mother of two boys. Her debut novel Dancing in the Mouth of the Tiger is based on her own life story. Why fiction? The author believes that sometimes fantasy can be the best way to reveal the truth.

Product description…

When five year old Cody O’Gara’s genius mother Gwen takes her aside one day to tell her she is no longer her mother but a reincarnated holy man from India, Cody’s fairy tale world falls apart. And when Gwen leaves home in the mid 1960’s to preach Hinduism to beats and hippies in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, Cody finds herself in a world where everything and nothing is real. Coming of age in an era of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Cody must learn to carve out her own reality, vanquish demons that have tormented her family for generations, and ultimately redeem her heart. Travel with Cody beyond the borders of the known world. It’s a journey you won’t soon forget.

Introducing Muhammad Jerr’, author of Infrastructure

“I am pleased with my publishing experience and will use Outskirts again.”

Born and raised in his beloved North Carolina where he developed a deep love for his people and an even deeper understanding of their plight, Jerr’ Muhammad has been a world traveler, a businessman, a community activist, an educator and a journalist that has developed and broadened his scope and given him a unique insight into the interaction between people of color and institutional racism and the mentality that undergirds both.

Product description…

After over 400 years of the worst treatment ever imposed on a human being, after over 500 years of generational emotional and physical pain, after over 150 years of having self invalidation where we live in the valence of our slave masters, what are the communication, reality and affinity breaks that undergirds the black community.

Introducing Anthony Siracusa, Ph.D Randall Fisher, LICSW, authors of Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion

“Brie was exceptional to work with. She was very responsive, which helped us move our project along. Hope to have a chance to work with her again.”

Randall Fisher is a licensed clinical social worker who has provided counseling and psythotherapy to individuals and families for over thirty-five years. Randy has written a parenting handbook that helps children who have witnessed domestic violence and co-produced an early intervention, parenting video series. He has also developed a clinically based video intervention program and provides organizational consultanting services. Randy is a past recipient of the Berkshire County, MA, NASW award for “Contributions to the Professional.” Randy maintains a private practice and is the Director of Behavioral Health for the Hilltown Community Health Centers in Huntington, Ma.

Dr. Anthony Siracusa is a licensed psychologist who has been involved in the study and treatment of adults, children and families with psychological, health and interpersonal issues for over 30 years. He attended Long Island University as an undergraduate, and Indiana University for his graduate studies. He has authored several papers and book chapters on a range of issues in clinical, health, and educational psychology. He has presented his work at both national and international conferences, and has conducted many workshops on the delivery of clinical care.

As a clinical consultant to social services agencies, educational institutions and medical facilities, he provides other professionals with problem solving skills on dealing with difficult cases. Tony is the CEO for Siracusa Associates Behavioral Health with offices in Williamstown, MA and at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). is his website.

Product description…

The decision to change your life and start therapy has been made. But what exactly is “therapy?” How is it different from counseling? How does it work? And, more importantly, how can I make it work for me? Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion has been developed by experienced psychotherapists with the expressed purpose of making your journey of change more focused and efficient. It is your bridge from the work done “in the office” to your real and outside life. In concise, easy to understand language, it provides an overview of what therapy is, how it works and how to stay on track. It will guide you from the first session to the last and help you identify the issues most important to you. It explains the key elements of different talk therapies, interventions and homework. It gives a useful, brief overview of medications and when and why they are used. And finally when you have completed your therapy work you have a personal, written history to serve as a future reference. Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion is truly your guide, teacher and support as you embark on the exciting process of change and taking charge of your life.