Introducing Debra Closner Franklin, author of Intervention for America

“I have loved working with everyone on the team!”

Debra Closner Franklin has been an Addiction Counselor for over thirty years. During this time she has assisted hundreds to overcome their addiction problems. She believes that addiction is the most under-treated disease in America today, with some addictions, such as those of wealth and power, encouraged, and even aspired to. Debra graduated from Iowa State University, where she majored in Sociology-emphasizing in Marital and Family Counseling-minoring in Child Development. However, she believes her roles as a wife and mother to be her most important. She describes herself as just ‘one of the people’ who work in the trenches everyday, along with thousands of other dedicated and underpaid addiction professionals. She is a strong believer in God and encourages this in her patients for a complete recovery.

Product description…

Most Americans have the feeling that something is wrong with the country, but are unclear of exactly what it is. A look back into the decade of the 1950s may hold the answer. During this time period, most people felt safe, secure, and were engaged in deep caring relationships. When we exited this time period, we were no longer focused on relationships, but on things promoted by the business world which had promised to make life better for us. Sixty years later, we continue to strive for more and more of these things, still hoping to achieve the happiness promised so many years ago. Americans need to recognize that our lives are not getting better, and by continuing to live in this way, we are actually destroying our own lives, other relationships, and our country. Addiction is at the root of all of this. Learn how we were tricked years ago into becoming a country of addicts and how we can get those good feelings and caring relationships back again. The consequences of not addressing this vast national problem will be revealed, as well as how to begin resolving it. People from all socioeconomic levels will find this exploration of American life from the past to the present, enlightening and helpful. Everyone will be able to make positive changes for themselves and be able to start creating it on a national level as well.

Introducing Jimmy Jimmy, author of World Rebirth or World War Three

“From my first contact Liz to Jamie, Justene and all that I have worked with,it has been an experience i couldn’t have imagined. It was also a learning experience. With me, Jamie and Justene had that patience of Angels. Thanks to the entire team. I am putting final touches to my second book.”

Jimmy Jimmy is a researcher on international politics (political science), historian and freelancer. He was born December, 1984. Inspired by US first president Washington and the Buffalo soldiers who dared to dream.

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World Rebirth or World War Three – New Non-Fiction Offers Grim Outlook, If Politicos Don’t Act, Could doomsday be just around the corner? One political researcher sure thinks so, and details his theory of impending disaster in his new non-fiction, World Rebirth or World War Three. Nairobi, Kenya – Political researcher and author Jimmy Jimmy contends that the world is ripe for disaster – specifically, World War III – if our leaders don’t learn to reason. He details his theory in the newly released non-fiction World Rebirth or World War Three, published by Outskirts Press. We are living in a world with a major divide: The West versus The East, and the dividing factor is the policies/governance driving each political divide. The West comprises of United States of America, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Canada, Japan and the Scandinavian countries also pull in this direction. The East comprises mainly of Russia and China. With them comes Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of South America. The West believes in democracy, capitalism and the tolerance that comes with it, while The East spearheads communism, a political philosophy more associated with dictatorship. {THESE FLAGS WILL PLAY PART} The current standoff between the U.S. and Russia could signal a war that is likely to irrevocably change the planet. With both superpowers having nuclear at their disposal, doomsday hovers nigh. Besides contentious issues on the political front, there are sensitive matters centering around violence against women, including female genital mutilation, acid birth and gang rape, all of which are very real in the present day – and sometimes even accepted in certain societies. RELIGION-Add into the mix the rampant misinterpretations of the Bible and Koran, issues arising in Israel and the ongoing struggle between the U.S. and Russia over nuclear dominance, and it becomes clear that the world is ripe for disaster.[US, CHINA, RUSSIA] Muslims and Ishmael son of Abraham as well as Chinese, Indians and Amos who made the golden calf Terrorism- military might is 10/1 to crash extremism but Hollywood can. In the book, you find two or three script that can make movies that will counter what madrasa where falsehood has turned impressionable mind of young and vulnerable Muslims into suicide bombers (a blockbuster movie is about to be released based on the book). Clinging to God of Israel-questions, we all avoid Ancient England- rich history we tend to ignore. THE LAST IMPERIAL POWER-US/ CHINA/RUSSIA? Everyone from students to world leaders will find something of value in the pages of World Rebirth or World War Three.

Introducing Leslie Abeysekera, author of Justice Denied

“Having arrived in the US about two years ago, when I sat down in peace and solitude to write my autobiographical sketch of “Justice Denied – The Journey of a Judge,” the daunting task of publishing my work once it was done, was always haunting me. I had heard about the many hurdles and pitfalls that a conventional book publisher would hurl at a novice author like me – my manuscript being unacceptable to their money making notions, the cost and the delay being just few of them. Discovering the idea of self publishing was therefore the bright star in a dark sky and discovering Outskirts Press was indeed the luckiest break in my ambitious journey. They dispelled all my inherent fears. They guided me at every step and cared for me all the time. Among the several equally competent and caring staff, Elaine who was my Author Representative, arrived at a crucial point in my publishing journey. I have no words to adequately describe her kind and generous attitude to service; she uplifted my expectations. Finally when the first copy of my book was placed in my hands, my happiness as a published author, soared to the skies. Right now I am being instructed and guided by my Marketing Coach with tremendous new ideas that I appreciate and want to emulate. Thank you Outskirts Press. You are indeed great.”

Leslie Abeysekera has lived and worked through the hierarchy of the judicial system of Sri Lanka from 1974 to 1995. Having started as a Magistrate, he was a Judge of the High Court when he retired. He is a Master of Laws of the University of Colombo and has been a Vice President of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association for about ten years. After retiring from judicial service, he managed Legal Aid in Sri Lanka and worked tirelessly for the legal welfare of the prisoner. He sat as a commercial Arbitrator until his departure from Sri Lanka. He also wrote about the process of arbitration which he admired as an acceptable means of alternative dispute resolution, and taught the subject. He is married and has a son and daughter who live and work in the United States where he hopes to spend the evening of his life with his wife. He is proud to be the grandfather of four adorable grandkids.

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The author of “Justice Denied” attempts to weave the story of his life around the maze and mayhem of the judicial system that prevailed in Sri Lanka during the latter half of the last century, which he sadly believes will go on for ever, despite a rapidly changing world, despite the carnage of insurrection and, despite the ravages of war. He has written this book in the peace and solitude of America in the spirit of the glass that is half full and the cloud that always has a silver lining. He has encapsulated the resilience of a people who have been denied justice by delay and the decadence of a legal profession that seems to be immune to change. This telling indictment against a decrepit system that is designed to deny justice will reveal to those living in the United States the bounty of the justice they enjoy that respects the Rule of Law, that affords its citizens the essence of Natural Justice, that ensures that equal justice is delivered to all.

Introducing Jeffrey P. Gorman, author of America on the Precipice

Outskirts’ services were very reasonably priced and the process was quite easy. Much of the process can be done online at the author’s convenience. The reps were very responsive and helpful. It was a great experience!”

Jeffrey P Gorman was born in a steel mill town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, witnessing the peak of the industry’s economic decline. He graduated from Clarion University in 1992 with a degree in Broadcast Communication, leading to an eight-year career in news/talk radio. As the local news director of WKZV radio and newscaster/producer for both local and national talk radio shows for WBVP AM, he developed a keen interest in economics and politics fueled by the elections of 1996. Jeffrey lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area with his wife Tammy and five children, is on the leadership team at Abundant Life Lutheran Church/Charlotte Blind Outreach, teaches Bible school, and has been a Cub Scout leader for several years. Jeffrey also has a degree in Management Information Systems from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh and is currently attending Wingate University for a Master’s in Business Administration.

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With national debt in excess of the Gross Domestic Product, and with deficits of one trillion dollars per year, our nation faces a major crisis—and the point of no return is just over the horizon. The U.S. government seems unable or unwilling to recognize this fact and take steps to avert the coming disaster. As Americans, we need to exercise some common sense and take action—in our own lives and our own homes—to reverse this trend and fix the economic and moral mess in which this nation finds itself. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and invest the effort to turn our communities around. We must pay attention to what is going on around us, and above all, we must get involved. Jeffrey Gorman’s book takes a hard look at various aspects of American life, stripping away the complexity and the politics and revealing the core issues. It puts forth ideas to fix the problems rather than slapping a Band-Aid on the symptoms…a practice that has come at great cost to the American people. Here, partisanship is bypassed by looking at the facts, not the grandstanding political fluff and spin that dominate what passes for news today. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Will Americans continue to do the same?

Introducing Wallace Williams, author of Stand Down

“I was very pleased with the overall experience. The individual who upgraded my book cover did an incredible job. I can’t wait to see what she does with my current manuscript.”

While serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War, Wallace schooled hundreds of students in martial arts along with his other duties. After completing his military service, Wallace returned to college where he focused his energies on business, marketing and writing. Wallace Williams spent the last twenty years working as a regional sales manager in the new housing and commercial products industry. Through most of Wallace’s adult career, he maintained a second career as the head instructor of a highly successful martial arts school located in Northern California. In his spare time Wallace can often be seen on the back roads of Southern California riding his Chevy V-8 powered “Boss Hoss” motorcycle. Wallace’s passion for writing fuels his life with energy and enthusiasm. He finds this full time endeavor to be highly rewarding and extremely therapeutic. He is actively working on his next manuscript.

Product description…

A long term plan is hatched in June of 1998 to bring death and destruction to America. The operation is conceived, planned, financed and launched by a new Islamic power. They recruit potential candidates, provide a college education and upon graduation the trainees are sent to training camps in order to become master craftsmen in promoting terror, mayhem and death to their enemy. Each recruit is taught a specialized skill within the cell. When the recruits accept the offer to receive a college education and join I.S.L.A.M., they are locked into the program and there is no dropping out. The training is grueling and the stakes for the recruit’s successful completion carries life and death consequences as failure is not an option. In 2006 the recruit’s begin the dangerous illegal infiltration process into the United States. The sleeper cells integrated into nine major cities with large Muslim communities. The nine independent cells have an assigned handler providing financial help, housing, documents and networking capabilities. The handlers supply the needed networking capabilities to help them achieve the job placement specified by their superiors. Each cell is totally independent and has no knowledge of the other eight to prevent exposure of the entire operation. The “sleeper cells” have no idea when they will be called upon to activate and bring the country to its knees, raining down terror and destruction on the “Great Satan.” If successful, thousands of Americans will die and the face of America will change forever.

David Michael Dunbar, author of Liars Corner Road

“I was elated with the rapid response and constant support from the staff of Outskirts Press. The book is gorgeous! When I emailed my author representative prior to publishing to tell her that I was leaving several intentional typos as a personal message of emphasizing substance over form, she emailed me back and said, “You’re a riot!” She is absolutely wonderful. The whole purpose of the book was free expression that is being suppressed nationwide and, as I suspected it would be, two local bookstores–that professed their “tolerance” routinely–refused to allow me to sell it because it pointed out flaws in their ideology and views that opposed theirs. That is not tolerance or intellect. Thank you for giving me the most important thing of all: Free Speech and Free Press!”

Product description…

The Great Hornswoggle

The poetry and short stories of David Michael Dunbar and lampoon of today’s society; a result of Marxist public education. Unedited, unadulterated.

Why I Chose To Leave Several Typos: I chose to leave several typos in my book for a reason. In life I have learned that not all things that look good are good and not all things that are perceived as inferior are inferior at all. Inside a mentally retarded man I went to school with I found a heart of gold and he really doesn’t look like gold from the outside, but that’s exactly what he is on the inside. There are a lot of “typo” people who get passed over because of looks and no one gets to see their substance. That is the purpose of an intentional typo.

Gary R. Patterson, author of Jump-Starting Real Job Creation in America

“Please! For my next book, I must have Bridget again to help me. This is the second book for which she’s served as my author’s rep and I must admit, I’ve been spoiled. She’s that good.”

Jump-Starting Job Creation in America is author Gary R. Patterson’s third book following his previous books, What Obama and the Democrats Knew that McCain Didn’t (2009) and Barack Obama’s “Ultimate End Game” published earlier this year. Patterson, a former U.S. Treasury Agent and CPA spent his career conducting criminal income tax investigations and statistical data analysis.

Product description…

After two and one-half years of futile Obama Administration economic policy – dominated by failed Keynesian-inspired Government Spending initiatives and subsidies – emphasis must now, finally, shift to directly incentivizing Employers monetarily, through tax policy, to again begin hiring. However, to a nation reeling from a net loss of 8 million jobs since 2008, rather than more of the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, the optimal Private Sector Jobs Creation Solution can beachieved, through targeted tax policy, that will financially incentivize Private Enterprise to hire; but, without the necessity for adding a single “upfront” Dollar to the Deficit or National Debt. Specifically, the lucrative Sustained Jobs Creation Tax Credit, as recommended herein, could create as many as five million jobs over a two-year period, while at a projected “back-loaded” cost of only $63 Billion. By comparison, that $63 Billion projected cost is less than 10% of the entire cost of the Obama Stimulus Bill. Indeed, at an average cost per job of $14,000, the Sustained Jobs Creation Tax Credit is tens of thousands of dollars less when compared to 1) the Obama Stimulus Plan ($238,000 per job); 2) the “Cash for Clunkers” program ($86,000 per job) or 3) the “Cash for Caulkers” program ($80,000 per job). Additionally, in conjunction with imperative and comprehensive Corporate and Individual Tax Reform, this book describes exactly how to financially incentivize Existing, Established Businesses and U.S.-based Multi-National Corporations, in particular, to finally move their collective $2+ Trillion of capital currently “sitting on the sidelines,” both domestically and overseas, back into the United States and invest it in Job Creation in this country. Once achieved, a recovery of a projected eight million sustained, long-lasting American jobs – along with meaningful and justifiable Social Security and Medicare payroll tax reform – could, indeed, result in a balanced Annual Federal Budget (as detailed herein) within just five years.