Introducing Stephen A. Vigiano, author of Millennials “Your Time Has Come”

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Stephen A Vigiano, PGA Master Professional, was born and raised in Long Island, New York. At the age of 18, he pursued a career in acting in Los Angeles, California, where he studied the art of acting for over ten years with some mild success. In the mid-eighties he fell into the game of golf, which changed his life forever. His professional resume is highlighted by the prestigious Master Professional Certification, as well as certifications in all five areas of advanced education in the PGA of America. Stephen was featured in PGA Magazine’s “Lessons in Humanity” for charitable contributions of his time and energy. Over the last 28 years, he has given over 15,000 golf lessons of which many were free of charge, golf has allowed him to pass along many of the life lessons he learned from the game of golf. Stephen has spent the past 5 years transitioning to a career as a full-time author and motivational speaker.

Book description…

What is the secret to life? Is it to take a moment to reflect on the things you have done and then ask yourself “Did I make a difference in the world”? Showing compassion and empathy towards others will never diminish your self-worth; it will only increase it. Every day we are given opportunities to positively impact the lives of those we touch along this journey. Life is an incredible opportunity to CHANGE the world through kindness and the use of our creative thinking that will lead to a better world! It is in our thoughts that our dreams are created. Our hope for the future of mankind can become a reality if we unite in a common cause that is bigger than any one individual. Don’t avoid the future, embrace your future!

“Putting off an opportunity that is presented today, thinking it can wait until tomorrow causes more regrets and heartache then you could ever imagine. We have a choice when opportunity comes knocking at our door, we can seize the moment or we can simply ignore the signs. Life is about taking a leap of faith knowing there will be someone there to catch you when you jump.”<

Introducing David A. Yeats, author of A Universe Full of Magical Things: A Cosmic View Beyond the Myths of Religion and Scientific Materialism

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David A. Yeats is author of the book Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship: A Journey of Deepening Connection, Meaning, and Joy, which explores one’s relationship with self, partner, and the world-at-large. The last chapter, “Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship with All That Is,” turned out to be a catalyst for this book. David is an armchair theoretician who was disturbed by the apparent flaws and falsehood of the “standard model” of science and the premise of the primacy of matter, which dismisses the very notion of consciousness-and which, he found, is the true first cause of our existence. David lives and works in Boulder Colorado. Along with working with his psychotherapy clients and spending time with his family, he has spent the last five years researching and writing this book.

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Our Universe is Living, Conscious, and Brimming with Intelligent Emergence! Traditional science holds that everything that exists starts with matter, but this undocumented belief must be false, according to Quantum Mechanics. It has to be! QM demonstrates that: There is no such thing as matter or space or time; A conscious observer is a necessary condition for anything to exist; There is only subjectivity without any objective truth; The world we experience, therefore, must be an illusion, like a holodeck program or a virtual game. And no one disputes the conclusions of this mysterious science—Quantum Mechanics underlies all of reality. This virtual experience we are having is nevertheless alive and conscious and deliberately makes choices. Life has always been latent in the universe; every species is aware, intelligent, and chooses; and existence—according to spiritual and scientific conclusions alike—is one unified evolving and emerging intelligent being, purposefully partnering with the universe in influencing what it is to become. Sound strange? What is far stranger is the materialist notion that existence burst forth out of absolutely nothing! That’s why this book “matters.” The life we live is not based in some mindless and mechanical machine. The life we live is filled with purpose and meaning, and we humans have work to do to bring our world along. Join in on this astonishing unfolding journey which we participate in fashioning: The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Introducing Ron Spillers, author of The Delving Dictionary Volume II

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Ron Spillers was born in Minneapolis and grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. He studied economics and philosophy at Iowa State and Drake Universities, did graduate work in economics at San Diego State University, and received his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. Ron currently is a Flaneur Apprentice, and is a former Fortune 500 officer, corporate attorney, and professor of international management strategies at several universities. He lives in the foothills of New River, Arizona, with his high school sweetheart.

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Book description…

The Delving Dictionary strikes again, with the ABCs of Reality! Volume II will challenge those who take reality for granted, suffer through it each day, try to avoid it, or dress it up to serve their own desires. But what exactly is reality-and when we depart this astounding place, what, if anything, awaits us? By examining some of the greatest minds in history-intellectuals and specialists in the disciplines of philosophy, physics, mathematics, sociology, religion, and the humanities-and objectively considering a wide range of opinions and tools, The Delving Dictionary reveals important clues about what constitutes the phenomenon of reality. Jovial, humorous, and down to earth, the book also explores the benefits of uniting the efforts of science and theology in their differing yet compatible quests for how and why the universe came to be. So delve right in and prepare to be surprised-even dazzled-by the conclusion’s simple grace.

Introducing Andrew Rodriguez, author of Mediocrity in America

“Mediocrity in America is my sixth book published by Outskirts Press. I was very fortunate having Colleen as author rep for my last two books. She’s gracious, knowledgeable, patient and always ready to help a difficult guy like me.”

Andrew J. Rodriguez is also the author of Santa Rita Stories, Coming of Age in a Cuban Fishing Town; Helen’s Treasure, Odyssey of a Ladies’ Man; and The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz, a finalist for both the Book of the Year Award sponsored by Foreword Magazine and the Best Books Award sponsored by USA Book News. His second book, Adios, Havana: A Memoir, won the prestigious Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Award in 2005 as well as the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award. Rodriguez and his wife live in Colorado and Florida.

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Book description…

A legacy to future generations, Mediocrity in America reminds readers about the fragility of freedom. “I’ve been granted the dispensation to communicate with selected humans at will. And so, I shall draw upon my talent to warn my two loyal friends against the venomous scourge of mediocrity-the dark Trojan horse breaching our country’s soul…” In Mediocrity in America, Titan the St. Bernard presents a wealth of information regarding the effects of widespread mediocrity-offering much to consider if America is to remain one of the greatest nations on Earth. Titan weighs in on envy (as well as the other deadly sins), art and culture, and vulgarity, and offers his canine point of view on what he considers the scourge of our nation: Indifferent beings strolling through the walks of life without teaching and without learning. “The catastrophe occurs when boring citizens such as these grow to immeasurable numbers and become the majority-perfect timing for a dogmatic, narrow-minded, inflexible group to fill the vacuum and establish an encrusted, paralyzed society that will disintegrate as mediocrity becomes its bedrock.” This unique and thoughtful narrative is as spot-on as it is entertaining. And Titan-a true doggy guru-is a benevolent narrator, making a compelling case against the dangers of mediocrity in America.

Introducing David G. Bickler, author of Time to Choose

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Author David G. Bickler is a descendant of a lineage of believers who seek God, peace, and love. David’s grandfather is mentioned in his “Time To Choose” piece, from his father’s side that built the shrine mentioned in our book. His twin brother, who also had open heart surgery, also wrote his interpretation of creation called God’s Love Machine, written by Joseph Buechler. Yes, most of the Buechlers changed the spelling to Bickler at some point. David is pretty much a simple man with careers spent in carpentry and many earthly opportunities. My older brother Robert has also written a book about love-God’s love-titled “Angel And Adam.” This has not been published. The bloodline in our tree is built from our desire to share our God-given visions of love of the God of peace. David has mastered the art of giving without needing redemption. He believes his personal biography would include his book with all books of peace-with all sticky notes or emails or Facebook hash-tags-they would all be bound together in a perpetual traveling book of peace. A book that has traveled borders, it contains biographies of us all. Then Mr. Bickler says you can now ask for my biography. Most of my life’s biography is written within our pages of peace.  Peace I Am.

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A story about a simple man who believes he is a Universal Soldier seeking Eternal Life through peace in the biological form-maybe God’s form. All revenue created from this book of peace will be reinvested in this book of our peace. If you can’t afford a copy I will do my best to get you one. Thank You.

Introducing William Nitardy, author of Understanding The Anatomy of Evil

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William (Bill) Nitardy has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and was employed at 3M Company. His need to understand probability science was key to developing the profound concepts for this book. He has a passion for truth and justice. He lives in Florida with his wife Diane.

Product description…

The book examines the anatomy of evil in the realm of ideological and philosophical beliefs. This includes politics, culture, religion, science and law. It attempts to answer many questions by giving the reader a better understanding of all aspects of evil including stealth evils that are not even on our radar. Although the author uses many scriptural verses to support the book’s thesis, it does not simply rely on scripture, but relies on probability science and rationale to draw conclusions while showing consistency with and support of scripture. Although the author is convinced that the bible is the infallible Word of God and believes in biblical Christianity, he is very critical of denominational Christianity and other religions including pseudo-science and other religions that masquerade as secular entities. He believes that the rapid and virtually complete secularization of our society has only been possible because of the many false foundations that have been established and accepted as fact when they are completely false and destructive. Those false foundations justify and support many evils that have been and are being promoted in America. The book discusses the situation in which America finds itself where we are being destroyed and are near the point of no return. The book addresses the current political situation and the upcoming presidential election. The final chapter of the book is to encourage skeptics to believe the truth of the bible through rational evidence. Although this book should connect well with Christians, it is hoped that the rational approach taken would attract atheists, agnostics, and skeptics as well as pastors and religious leaders. Pastors and religious leaders are encouraged to teach the full council of God by relating scriptural principles to our evil culture and even go so far as to attack the false foundations that are making the gospel irrelevant or addressing the contaminated soil that prevents the gospel seeds from germinating.

Introducing Muhammad Jerr’, author of Infrastructure

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Born and raised in his beloved North Carolina where he developed a deep love for his people and an even deeper understanding of their plight, Jerr’ Muhammad has been a world traveler, a businessman, a community activist, an educator and a journalist that has developed and broadened his scope and given him a unique insight into the interaction between people of color and institutional racism and the mentality that undergirds both.

Product description…

After over 400 years of the worst treatment ever imposed on a human being, after over 500 years of generational emotional and physical pain, after over 150 years of having self invalidation where we live in the valence of our slave masters, what are the communication, reality and affinity breaks that undergirds the black community.

Introducing Josef Kobik, author of Total Revision

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Josef Kobík graduated from the University of 17th November (interpreting and translation in the field of English and Russian) and later from the faculty of pedagogy and psychology at Charles University in Prague. For 42 years he has worked as an English teacher (first at university, then in high school, his own language school and now as a private instructor). He teaches all types of specialties and now, at the age of 66, handles almost three ordinary teaching loads; with enthusiasm and love of both the field and his students.

Product description…

TOTAL REVISION is a summary of the history of the human psyche. From the Big Bang to Adam and Eve to the demise of the Universe. Everything is included! TOTAL REVISION offers an experimental read resembling a photo album look and feel. It gives the readers a huge space for creative thinking based on their own understanding and interpretation. TOTAL REVISION was originally written in Czech: started forty-five years ago, after the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia, and finished and published in 1989. It took twenty years to write! TOTAL REVISION is intended primarily for demanding and experienced readers. Do you like Bunin, Babel, Bulgakov, Heller, Bradbury, Vonnegut? Do you like to laugh? Then there is a good chance that TOTAL REVISION will appeal to you.

Introducing Victor Aragon, Jr., author of Philosophy of Life

“My immense gratitude to the person who meticulously reviewed, commented and approved my manuscript, to Lisa (author consultant) who guided me from the beginning, and to my author representative Laura who patiently and attentively guided me through the publishing process step-by-step 7 days a week. This was my first time publishing a book and I am beyond impressed, pleased and satisfied with the publishing process that was made easier and faster than I would have ever imagined, all thanks to the knowledgeable and diligent professionalism and promptness of the excellent team from Outskirts Press. I completely love the final polished piece, my book, all made possible by Outskirts Press.”

On the day I was born my appreciation and passion for spoken and written words was also born. Far back in early childhood, as far back as I can consciously recollect I began to express my emotions, ideas, and thoughts with ink on paper through poetry and philosophies to convey a deeper meaning of life. Then ever since, up to the present time, I have never ceased to continue to learn and write, in my own words, about anything and about the complexities and simplicities of life that many of us experience or witness at one time or another.

“When you become tired of walking in the dark, search within and find your spark.”

Product description…

This book I dedicate to all of those who have walked before us, to those who walk amongst us now, and to the many who after our time are to walk this earth.

In this book through a variety sort of some of my philosophical essays, poems and quotes (a small fragment from a large collection), I have written and continue to write, I share with you and with everyone my interpretation of my observations and experiences of life good and bad, some of my own and others of the lives of others whom I have known and not known; in hopes that my words can shed some light to you and many others and help you find some comfort.

Introducing Richard G. Aanonsen, author of The Power of Encouragement

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Richard G. Aanonsen, Ed.D., has extensive experience in private and public sectors as a counselor, educator and clergyman. Speaking occasions include professional organizations, community service clubs and church groups. He has been married to his wife, Else-Marie, for 54 years and currently reside in Florida. They have two adult children.

Product description…

Encouragement builds up. Discouragement tears down. One of the most powerful ingredients to enhance personal growth is Encouragement. When this powerful factor is successfully integrated into an individual’s experience, life’s challenges, no matter how tumultuous, can be mastered with confidence. Dr. Aanonsen defines encouragement as “a behavioral statement in words and/or deeds that influence a person to keep on and to do better despite life’s vicissitudes.” With the reassuring style of a seasoned counselor, he provides guidance to help the reader learn skills in applying four elements of encouragement: unconditional love, understanding, conveying authenticity and expressing specificity. Discover how to effectively encourage your spouse, children, relatives, business associates and yourself. The Power of Encouragement will furnish people with courage to build on their strengths and work for improvement. “An excellent book. The work you did with me and my staff forever changed the manner in which I approach workers.” CEO, A Major U.S.A. Corporation “We use the book as a study guide for adult classes” Pastor, Florida “A great book. I recently re-read it.” Psychologist, TN “A wonderful, informative and inspirational book. It contains depth of experience and information. Thank you.” Retired Professor, N.Y.U.