Introducing Jim Syvertsen, author of The Power of Why

“Traversing into unknown territory with my first book created issues and concerns for me. Each time, Lisa and the Design Team overcame each of my objections and worked out a fair solution. Her actions took me to a feeling the publishing experience was educational and favorable. She did far more than I thought she could to satisfy my concerns.”

Jim Syvertsen retired from the mortgage industry with 45 years of sales and management experience. He loves traveling the world with his wife, Pat. He founded VIPS, a 501©3 non-profit serving the blind and visually impaired. Jim is a member of the Modesto 500 Lions Club and Past District Governor. This journey has led him to share his perspective on creating a better way to live and enjoy life. Married since 1967 with a son, daughter, three grandsons and a great grandson.

Product description…

You may have a dream unfulfilled or a purpose you have been unable to pursue. Developing your reasons Why will provide you the path for you to follow and realize your dreams. I have been on many journeys in my life. The one event that has brought clarity to The Power of Why is the process I went through to establish VIPS, a center for the Blind in Modesto, CA. There were hundreds of pieces of the puzzle that came together to allow us to open the center and continually grow. However, it would never have happened without the very personal reasons Why this was so important to accomplish. Under normal circumstances I probably would have abandoned the project long before we succeeded. I had a goal but no idea how to accomplish it once I started on the journey. I was able to figure out how as I went along by asking questions, looking for resources and opportunities to assist us. I found answers where I never expected to find them. Step by step it slowly all came together. It was my reasons Why that kept me going through the good and terrifying periods. This book offers you many ideas, tools and methods that you can apply to fulfill your goals, dreams and purpose in life. They are not original, but a compilation of what I have learned and experienced in my lifetime. I hope you will find some that register with you and motivate you to pursue what you are fully capable of achieving. Use this as a resource to come back as many times as you require. Your journey in life is designed to be unique and one of a kind. Do not worry how you will accomplish what you desire at this point. I promise, you will always figure how as you move forward once you have established all the strong, personal and deeply rooted reasons Why to go for it.

Introducing LaRenee C.B., author of Wear your Crown Proudly!

“I will work with Outskirts Press again. My experience was awesome. I learned so much and seeing my book published was the dream of a lifetime!”

LaRenee C.B. enjoys singing, dancing, writing, reading, watching the sun set, and meeting new people. Wear Your Crown Proudly! is her first book, and she is currently at work on her second.

Product description…

Cherri was a good girl at heart-kind, loving, and faithful-but even as a young girl she suffered from low self-esteem. As she grew into a young woman, her lack of confidence resulted in abusive relationships, and this, combined with infertility issues, led to deep depression and despair. It took years, and a renewed faith in God, before Cherri realized that she was the only obstacle in a path filled with joy, genuine friendships, success, and true love. Wear Your Crown Proudly! is a testament to the strength one woman found to overcome trauma and self-doubt. The book is also a loving reminder to women that we are to use our God-given talents for a positive purpose, and in doing so, we will be honored, loved, and adored. By giving God the glory, we will be rewarded with peace, dignity, and grace. After all, every woman is born a princess, and with God’s help she becomes a queen. So…wear your crown proudly!

Introducing Linda K. Reed, author of Serenity’s Journey

“Pretty smooth sailing this time around. Thank you and all who helped make this possible!”

Linda K. Reed is retired, yet always busy and wondering how she found the time for a career. She spends as much time as she can on or near the water and enjoys time spent with her daughters, her close friends, and her four-legged companions, Big Boy Sue and Patsy Love (aka Pooper). She is also the author of Winter of 1950, a tribute to her late husband, Phil.

Product description…

As a new widow trying to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s death, Lindy begins to question her sanity when Phil seems to be communicating with her and their children in some amazing ways. The dreams and odd occurrences leave them shaking their heads in wonder, but after a life-changing reading with a medium, Lindy realizes that it truly is possible to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. The realization leaves her feeling warm and loved…and greatly comforted. Serenity’s Journey shares Lindy’s fascinating path from grief to acceptance. This inspirational yet down-to-earth memoir is a testament to miracles, and to the special place where one’s soul finds peace, unconditional love, and hope.