Introducing James A. Sagerholm, author of From Green Hills to Blue Seas

“Colleen was most helpful and patient in guiding me through the seemingly esoteric publishing process of which I had no advance knowledge whatsoever. I could not have asked for a better Author Representative.”

Born in Uniontown, PA, in 1927, James A. Sagerholm graduated from the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in 1946, and enlisted in the Navy. In 1948, he received an appointment to the Naval Academy from the Secretary of the Navy, graduating ninth in the class of 1952. Saw action in the Korean War aboard the cruiser Rochester during the campaigns of 1952 -53 that led to the truce of 1953. Had additional service in coastal minesweepers, destroyers, and nuclear submarines, commanding a ballistic missile submarine from 1968 to 1971. While ashore, he served in naval intelligence, and later, as a rear admiral, worked on Navy budgeting and programming on the staff of the Secretary of the Navy. He commanded the South Atlantic Force, making two circumnavigations of the South American continent, and instituted the first West African cruise in 1978. Following a year in the Reagan White House, he was Chief of Naval Education and Training. He retired from active duty on 1 November 1985. He lives near Annapolis, Maryland.

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On a spring day in 1944, while visiting the Naval Academy to compete in a track meet against the Navy plebe team, 16 year-old Jimmy Sagerholm fell in love with the Naval Academy and the Navy. He resolved then to be a midshipman and a naval officer. This is the story of how he did just that, culminating in a career spanning 39 years, and retiring in the rank of vice admiral. He enlisted in 1946 and retired in 1985, during which time, some experiences were typical of Navy life, while others were unique, experiences that he shares in this, his story.

Introducing Monica Sudds, author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Parrots

“Being a first time author, I was bewildered. Fortunately, my Author Representatives walked me through the steps easily. They were always willing to answer my questions or concerns within 24 hours. I picked the right place to self-publish for sure. And I get daily emails from my marketing coach that are very helpful. I watch for those emails daily! With Outskirts Marketing Coach, I know I will get great sales. I have had my first book signing and it went very well. Thanks to all the advice I have received.”

Monica R. Sudds was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She and her husband, Chuck are currently living on a small farm in Iowa. She has been breeding parrots since 1983. Her articles have been featured in The Missouri Valley Times-News, Parrot World, Bird World and countless organizational newsletters and Internet websites worldwide. She has appeared on KTIV Channel 4 in Sioux City, Iowa, and given many speeches to parrot clubs around the nation. Monica was also the President of Beakers Parrot Society, an International club, from the years 1993 through 1997. Monica also served two years as the Iowa State Coordinator and one year on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aviculture. She was in the first group of participants to study and pass the Certified Avian Specialist course, conducted by Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council in 1993. She is the owner and graphic design artist of Beakers Enterprises, which produces and sells animal related gifts for pet lovers. Visit Monica’s eBay store online

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Whether you own a parrot, several parrots or are considering purchasing one of these fascinating creatures, you’ll find something in this book that will be helpful. Everything you need to know about purchasing the right bird for you and your family, proper nutrition, emergency care, taming, training, including tricks and invaluable potty training. You will also learn about caging, bedding and toys, as well as tips on constructing your own aviary. I will tell you about toxic chemicals and toxic household products, plants and foods that you should never feed. Contains over 30 tried and true recipes that I have created for my feathered friends. I will teach you how to determine sex, breed and produce offspring, as well as the basics of selling birds as a small business, including licensing and contracts. I will give you advice on incubation procedures and weaning babies. I will talk about when veterinary care should be sought. I will even explain about organizations, such as bird clubs and what can they do for you, along with their benefits and possible pitfalls. If you follow these well laid out suggestions, your experience will be much more rewarding for you both. Let your parrot be healthy enough to out live you and be passed down through your family for generations.

Introducing Debra Closner Franklin, author of Intervention for America

“I have loved working with everyone on the team!”

Debra Closner Franklin has been an Addiction Counselor for over thirty years. During this time she has assisted hundreds to overcome their addiction problems. She believes that addiction is the most under-treated disease in America today, with some addictions, such as those of wealth and power, encouraged, and even aspired to. Debra graduated from Iowa State University, where she majored in Sociology-emphasizing in Marital and Family Counseling-minoring in Child Development. However, she believes her roles as a wife and mother to be her most important. She describes herself as just ‘one of the people’ who work in the trenches everyday, along with thousands of other dedicated and underpaid addiction professionals. She is a strong believer in God and encourages this in her patients for a complete recovery.

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Most Americans have the feeling that something is wrong with the country, but are unclear of exactly what it is. A look back into the decade of the 1950s may hold the answer. During this time period, most people felt safe, secure, and were engaged in deep caring relationships. When we exited this time period, we were no longer focused on relationships, but on things promoted by the business world which had promised to make life better for us. Sixty years later, we continue to strive for more and more of these things, still hoping to achieve the happiness promised so many years ago. Americans need to recognize that our lives are not getting better, and by continuing to live in this way, we are actually destroying our own lives, other relationships, and our country. Addiction is at the root of all of this. Learn how we were tricked years ago into becoming a country of addicts and how we can get those good feelings and caring relationships back again. The consequences of not addressing this vast national problem will be revealed, as well as how to begin resolving it. People from all socioeconomic levels will find this exploration of American life from the past to the present, enlightening and helpful. Everyone will be able to make positive changes for themselves and be able to start creating it on a national level as well.

Introducing David Webb, author of Behind the Swinging Doors

” As a first time author I was overwhelmed with the number of self publishers available. Each had glowing reviews and also some not so glowing. After discussing this problem with a good friend who had just published a book I narrowed my search and found Outskirts Press. Their packages started at a lower cost and offered many options. After contacting them, I chose the Diamond Package and began receiving support for finishing my book. The responses from the various representatives were timely and helpful. I am still a bit uncomfortable with things like “formatting” and “extensions” but these folks walked me through the steps. The whole process went rather smooth and I now have “Behind the Swinging Doors” published and selling. If you are considering a self publisher look no further than Outskirts Press.”

About David Webb: 50 years ago I began my food service career with no intention of staying in it. I needed money to buy my first car. After a few different jobs I was asked to begin cooking. I found I enjoyed it and the social trappings that went with it. I was trained by skilled chefs and good managers yet never went to culinary school. I have talked people into hiring me for nearly a half century and have never once been fired from a job although I have had many. I still cook for a living and still enjoy going to work. I’d say my career path was a good one.

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You are sitting at your table in a fine dining restaurant and suddenly a muffled crash is heard. The waiter assures you it is nothing. You notice groups of employees gathered around the edge of the dining room chatting about something. There is a faint smell of smoke in the air. Your server returns to take your order stating all is well. Two firemen in full gear walk through the dining room and into the unseen back. Just a funny made up story? No because I watched it happen. This is only one example of the misadventures, disasters, and downright comical behavior that goes on without the public knowing. Food service bands together some of the most unlikely crews and somehow manages to get the job done. This book explains the victories and failures that followed me through my career. Take a trip with me Behind the Swinging Doors.

Introducing George B. Blake, author of Widow

“For the first time using self-publishing, the experience was at times a little trying only because I was new at this type of publishing. But, my Author Representative, Lisa, was very patient with me and a very big help, answering all my questions so that I could understand and follow through properly. Everyone involved was very accommodating also making the whole process come to an exciting end. A successfully published book! Thanks to all.”

George B. Blake is a successful advertising executive who became single after 18 years of marriage. He soon realized how very difficult is was to meet new single acquaintances of the opposite sex so he embarked on a 20 year research program among singles to determine the best ways and the best places to meet other singles. His research involved interviews with over 29,000 singles from all around the country, many as a result of his appearances on 160 call-in talk shows. He has written a popular syndicated newspaper “singles” column for 14 years which helped considerably with his research. After he wrote 6 books on “singles meeting other singles” he realized that no book had ever been written of the difficulty of widows meeting other singles…so he stepped-up his research to specifically involve widows (and some widowers as well). Now the 50 million widows in the U.S.A. have a source to turn to restart their lives after the tragic loss of a loved one.

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Widow starts with a bang as the first chapter has letters written to Mr. Blake by three widows who each tell how they made the adjustment to their newly unwelcomed lives. The book emphasizes the “positive” side of life, with a little humor thrown in, attempting to bring back some joy into the lives of widows (or widowers) trying to recover from the loss of a loved one.

Introducing Bradford C. Edwards, author of Let’s Talk About Guns

“My Author Representative, Lisa, was great! She not only responded to my many questions, she answered them and explained all the choices offered by Outskirts Press that applied to my book. My artist Richa was so patient and understanding. She brought my written words to life with the greatest, bright, fun, and colorful illustrations I had hoped for. Cheri, my Production Manager, is the best! She pulled it all together, always had the answers and advice that made this project so much fun. She calmed me when I was overwhelmed and she encouraged me when I was right! They are still helping me as my wonderful book is growing in popularity every day! Thanks to all at Outskirts Press!”

About Bradford C. Edwards: I was born on a dairy farm in Cooperstown, New York. Guns were often kept behind the kitchen or closet doors just like a broom or an umbrella. A gun was a tool. Back then, kids knew where the guns were kept. Don’t kid yourself. Today’s kids know were the guns are kept. The question is do they know what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun?

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Today, children are growing up in a high-tech, animated world of make believe. This book reminds kids and parents they must learn the difference between real and fake. Teach kids what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun. The book reads in a fun flowing and easy to understand way that could truly save a child’s life. My book is not for or against guns. It is a tool to help stimulate the conversation. It may not be your gun; it may not happen in your home. Tragedy is too often the result when a child finds or shows off a gun. Guns are kept as heirlooms, for hunting and for family protection. Studies show that as many as, one in every three homes on your street may have a gun in it. Be sure your kids know what to do! Teach them it’s okay to tell. Read “Let’s Talk About Guns” with the kids you love today!

Introducing Thomas Lamb, author of Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Anxious, Do Not Be Afraid

“Lisa sent me notice that my manuscript was accepted to be published. She took the time to identify the strengths of my manuscript; her comments were detailed and very affirming. I am deeply grateful to her and all of the professionals at Outskirts Press. We did it!”

Thomas Lamb studied for the Catholic priesthood for nine years. For five of these years he was enclosed in a contemplative monastery, where he developed a knowledge and love of sacred Scripture. Following clinical training at Indiana University Medical Center, he was appointed assistant professor in psychiatry at a major medical center. For forty years he has been treating patients with anxiety as a psychiatric therapist. Mr. Lamb also has developed therapeutic relaxation CDs titled Relax Deeply and An Authentic Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The CDs and his book Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Anxious, Do Not Be Afraid are the culmination of four decades of clinical study, research, and practice.

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We live in a world of worry, anxiety, and fear—a natural part of the human experience—but dwelling on anxiety-provoking thoughts can cause exquisite pain, both emotionally and physically. In the Scriptures, there are 200 sites where God’s people are directed not to worry, not to be anxious, not to be afraid. Like a loving father, God wants us to remember that He is driving the bus, and He is urging us to let go of our fears and trust in Him. If we pay attention to these messages, we can leave worry, anxiety, and fear behind. We can enjoy a calm, peaceful mental state in spite of whatever difficulties arise. And that is the goal of Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Anxious, Do Not Be Afraid. With this soothing collection of messages taken from Scriptures, may you find the peace of mind that comes from having faith in God and following His path.

Introducing Douglas W. Roussin, author of Canteens and Horseshoes

“I was not sure of all that was involved with this process. Everything went very well. I will publish my next book with Outskirts Press and will ask for Lisa.”

Douglas W. Roussin has been collecting and studying Civil War and Grand Army memorabilia for nearly 60 years. This is his second book on GAR memorabilia. Doug is a current member of the Civil War Veteran Historical Association and present Camp Commander of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He enjoys relic hunting, traveling, gardening and antiquing with his wife Kathie.

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In the 83 years following the American Civil War, a powerful organization known as the Grand Army of the Republic dominated the life of the Civil War veterans. Founded in 1866, the organization’s membership peaked in the 1890’s, with nearly 450,000 veterans. In 1949, the last surviving members disbanded the organization and it became history. The organization was all but forgotten except by Civil War enthusiast, historians and collectors of Grand Army of the Republic memorabilia. During its existence, the Grand Army produced souvenirs in the form of badges, canteens and good luck horseshoes. “Canteens and Horseshoes,” is an in depth study of what the veterans left behind. This volume containing approximately 280 colored photos of Veteran’s badges, miniature canteens and canteens used to hold the veteran’s liquid of choice, “whiskey.” Their motto, “We Drank from the Same Canteen” had real meaning to the veteran. Along with canteens, this study contains a large variety of little known, and often overlooked, decorative horseshoes which the Civil War veteran proudly displayed in his home. After nearly 60 years of collecting, researching information at numerous museums and conversing with other avid collectors, I have compiled and cataloged this study on Grand Army canteens and horseshoes. This study will give the novice and advance collector a better understanding of what can be found on the collecting market. The last remaining veterans never realized how fascinating their souvenirs would become to future generations.

Introducing Kerry Atkinson, author of Bird Facts for Everyone

“Outskirts Press was very efficient and helpful for someone new to e-publishing like myself.”

Kerry Atkinson is a physician and cell biologist who has been fascinated by wildlife, and in particular, birds from childhood. He has written or edited three textbooks on bone marrow transplantation but this is his first book that is not about biomedical science or medicine. Born in Belfast, he was brought up in Tonbridge in Kent, England and graduated from the University of London. He has worked in medicine in the UK, the USA and Australia. He is still involved in biomedical research and in conducting clinical trials with stem cells in Australia.

Product description…

No bird books to date have included references to paintings by Velasquez, Van Gogh and John Constable, poetry by TS Eliot and Shelley or to Bob Dylan and Lamborghini sports cars – all with at least indirect links to birds and their behavior. This book contains facts on the number of bird species in the World, details of endemic bird species by country, the classification of birds, details of extinct birds, and special features of bird anatomy including eating, feathers and plumage, grooming and preening, eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, bills and beaks and feet. There is an extensive section on how and why birds sing and details of the many types of vocalization they use as well as non-vocal communications. Other sections detail the many types of bird flight, hunting techniques, courtship and mating, bird territories, nesting and the miracle of bird migration. There are additional sections on bird intelligence and learning, other aspects of bird behavior and details of bird lifespans. There is a list of the names used for for groups of birds of the same species. There is a section called FAQs, which answers questions such as which is the World’s largest bird, the World’s smallest bird, the fastest flying bird and the answers to many other questions about birds. There is a section on which person a specific bird species was named after, and finally a section on birds with the most intriguing names such as the Kagu, the Great Potoo, the Snoring Rail and the Melancholy Woodpecker. This book deals with birds from all seven of the World’s continents.

Introducing Michele Bledsoe and Richard Bledsoe, author of The Secret Kingdom

“Thank you, Outskirts Press for helping me make my book a reality. Throughout the process, your knowledgeable staff responded quickly to my questions. I was very impressed with the work of your talented design team. The finished book turned out beautifully. I will definitely use Outskirts Press again.”

Michele Bledsoe has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings in art galleries for almost 20 years. Inspired by the beautifully illustrated children’s books she grew up with, Michele started creating art when she was a child—and has never stopped. With “The Secret Kingdom,” Michele Bledsoe hopes to inspire a new generation of artists to share her lifetime love of creating pictures. Art is for everyone, and “The Secret Kingdom” is a place that welcomes children of all ages.

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Take a journey through the imagination of artist Michele Bledsoe. “The Secret Kingdom” is a collection of paintings and poetry celebrating the world of dreams.