Introducing Grace Ralston and Florence Ralston Schnurr, authors of Saga of Our Kintyre Kin

“I was a complete novice to publishing and the help I received moved me to ‘experienced.’ Thanks for all the ideas, assistance and patience from Outskirts personnel.”

About Grace Ralston and Florence Ralston Schnurr: High on the list of fun things I’ve done in my life is years spent researching genealogy and the history of Scotland and Kintyre. All of my grandparents were born in Kintyre. I was immersed in the culture of the Illinois Scottish settlement during my childhood and observed the closeness of my parents to their siblings and we cousins. During our three trips to Scotland, it was such a pleasure to reconnect with relatives. I am the “last man” standing! May there be something of interest for you.

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“The Saga of Our Kintyre Kin” is a social history of Scotland and genealogies of the families who moved to Kintyre as part of the Plantation of the Lowland Lairds in 1650. It includes the Ralston family from 1160 and other families: Greenlee, Breckenridge, Brown, Andrew, McPhail, Wallace and Howie.

Introducing Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D., author of Write Your Book With Me

“I continue to be very pleased with my experience in publishing with Outskirts Press. Congratulations on your fine service.”

Dr. Douglas Winslow Cooper retired from a career in the environmental sciences that included a Ph.D. in engineering from Harvard, seven years on the faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health, a decade of research and publishing with IBM’s Research Division, and election as Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology. After writing and publishing his own memoir, Ting and I, he now helps others write and publish their books. His web site is

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Praise for WRITE YOUR BOOK WITH ME “If you’re thinking about writing your own book and need inspiration, step-by-step guidance and lots of encouragement, this book is for you. Doug Cooper…analyzes…the actions you need to make your book a success.” Ginny Carter, The Author Maker, “I wish I had a copy of WRITE YOUR BOOK WITH ME as I wrote my first book in 1994. The process by which you can write a book is spelled out step by step, with time-lines, accountability tables, and all the resources necessary to make the journey a pleasure. If you ever thought writing a book was impossible, I encourage you to pick up this book, and you’ll see the possibilities.” Edison Guzman, President, A&E Advertising and Web Design “In these pages I found a great intellect reading widely in the field, consolidating the most practical tips, and expressing them in crisp, down-to-earth prose. He’s also honest-neither promising nor claiming best-selling status-but telling us candidly what works (and doesn’t work) for him and others, motivating us by his passion for writing and his genuine concern for helping fellow writers along the way.” J. Steve Miller, author of SELL MORE BOOKS! and WHY BRILLIANT PEOPLE BELIEVE NONSENSE. “As a budding novelist, I’ve read a lot of books on how to write. A lot. I wish I’d had access to this book sooner…. He covers all the different formats: fiction, nonfiction, and memoir. The book starts with an excellent section on why to write in the first place, then covers preparation, the actual act of writing, publishing, promoting and marketing. It covers the whole enchilada….If you’re contemplating writing and publishing, this book should be in your inventory.” Dr. G.E. Nolly, author of the Hamfist series

Introducing Dolly Kyle, author of You Can’t Come Back for Seconds

“Thank you Brie and your company for everything you did for me. I really appreciate it. I had a good time writing and publishing my book.”

Dolly Kyle had some wild experiences during her 85 years of adventure in Nevada. Although born in Sacramento, she’s done more than earn the origin title of Nevada native. She’s lived in Hawthorne, Yerington and Fallon for 56 years. She rode the desert on horseback between all three northern Nevada towns, played in the mountains near Gabbs, hunted in Paradise Valley, wed in Virginia City, soaked in the beauty of the Stillwater Refuge and swam in the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. She still lives in Nevada with her large family.

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Gain insight into the true-grit spirit and and some ol’ gumptious wisdom from the life of Dolly Kyle in the early days of Nevada. Horsewoman, bullrider, clown, Santa, cook, butcher, telephone operator, change girl, bartender, deputy sheriff, keno runner, golfer, and business owner–these are just a few of the roles in this modern-day Wild West that Dolly experienced. She reaped the rewards from an honest work ethic, honored those who touched her life and made a difference in the lives of others. Teaching by example, Dolly shows you how to bravely take care of one’s own heart, family and friends, and still maintain a healthy self-respect. Dolly demonstrates the worthiness of embracing life head-on, wringing out all that is good along the way, from both the joys and the challenges. Because…after all, “You Can’t Come Back For Seconds.”

Introducing Harold Cohn, author of Crazy Old Man

“Everything was great. Jamie helped guide me through the computer world with a lot of patience. She was just wonderful. I will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to self-publish.”

Harold Cohn is a published poet and writer and has been writing creatively for over twenty-five years. The author is a Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet and is a retired Park Ranger. He is also a curious person.

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The anthology “Crazy Old Man” is designed to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question why. This anthology is comprised of selected things written by this author over twenty-five years. In the book are the following genre: poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, and supposition essays. Examples of titles in the book by genre are: Poetry: “Winged Warrior”, “The Whore”, “Mr. Greenburg”, and “weeping willow why” (American Haiku), Fiction: The short-short story “DUI” (written in second person), Nonfiction: “Points of Interest – Deadman, S Point-San Diego, California” , “The Mount Laguana / Kitchen Creek Fire”, and “How to Survive a Writer’s Workshop”. Playwriting: the play titled: “Midnight”, Supposition essays: “Baked-Bean Colored Rock Decorated with Petroglyphs”, ‘The Balanced Solar System Thorem”, and “Peralta Stones Find The Lost Dutchman Mine”.

Introducing Jane E. Jenkins, author of Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together

“Your company and staff are wonderful and so helpful. Tomica and Jamie were so kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Thanks for an overall wonderful experience! I will highly recommend this publishing company to others!”

Jane E. Jenkins received her B.A. in Social Work at Missouri State University and her M.A. in Counseling from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Jane enjoys counseling children, however, she has found that helping families is truly her passion. While teaching parenting classes, she learned she was able to put her two passions together by teaching parents how to be their children’s counselor!

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When you read, Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together, YOU will become the agent of change for your family! Just a few of the benefits are: Identify your family’s explosions. Learn how to utilize the family’s “feel good” hormones. Learn how to let go of the past. Equip yourself with beneficial tools. Learn how to break generational habits. You, as parents will be confident in building a secure foundation, therefore, helping everyone in the family to rebuild an even stronger home. My passion is to empower parents with vital skills for guiding today’s children and youth through society’s mine fields. This book will teach you how.

Introducing Anthony Siracusa, Ph.D Randall Fisher, LICSW, authors of Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion

“Brie was exceptional to work with. She was very responsive, which helped us move our project along. Hope to have a chance to work with her again.”

Randall Fisher is a licensed clinical social worker who has provided counseling and psythotherapy to individuals and families for over thirty-five years. Randy has written a parenting handbook that helps children who have witnessed domestic violence and co-produced an early intervention, parenting video series. He has also developed a clinically based video intervention program and provides organizational consultanting services. Randy is a past recipient of the Berkshire County, MA, NASW award for “Contributions to the Professional.” Randy maintains a private practice and is the Director of Behavioral Health for the Hilltown Community Health Centers in Huntington, Ma.

Dr. Anthony Siracusa is a licensed psychologist who has been involved in the study and treatment of adults, children and families with psychological, health and interpersonal issues for over 30 years. He attended Long Island University as an undergraduate, and Indiana University for his graduate studies. He has authored several papers and book chapters on a range of issues in clinical, health, and educational psychology. He has presented his work at both national and international conferences, and has conducted many workshops on the delivery of clinical care.

As a clinical consultant to social services agencies, educational institutions and medical facilities, he provides other professionals with problem solving skills on dealing with difficult cases. Tony is the CEO for Siracusa Associates Behavioral Health with offices in Williamstown, MA and at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). is his website.

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The decision to change your life and start therapy has been made. But what exactly is “therapy?” How is it different from counseling? How does it work? And, more importantly, how can I make it work for me? Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion has been developed by experienced psychotherapists with the expressed purpose of making your journey of change more focused and efficient. It is your bridge from the work done “in the office” to your real and outside life. In concise, easy to understand language, it provides an overview of what therapy is, how it works and how to stay on track. It will guide you from the first session to the last and help you identify the issues most important to you. It explains the key elements of different talk therapies, interventions and homework. It gives a useful, brief overview of medications and when and why they are used. And finally when you have completed your therapy work you have a personal, written history to serve as a future reference. Your Psychotherapy and Counseling Companion is truly your guide, teacher and support as you embark on the exciting process of change and taking charge of your life.

Introducing Mamon Boykin, author of Sermons

“To publish a book for the first time, I thought Outskirts Press was extremely good! Thanks.”

Mamon Boykin was born in 1948 in Pensacola, Florida. He graduated high school in 1967 and attended Pensacola Junior College. Afterward, he attended Tuskegee Institute now known as Tuskegee University. From there he moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1970 and acquired employment with the So. CA Gas Co. for thirty two years. Mamon still resides in Los Angeles and has been blessed with a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous granddaughter. ‘I became a true hardcore believer in Jesus Christ in March 1980 and I wouldn’t change it for all the gold bars on planet earth.'”

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Look around you, and ask yourself where are we headed?

Introducing Johnny Coomansingh, author of Seven Years on Adventist Street

“Writing and publishing this little book: ‘Seven Years on Adventist Street’ is a milestone in my life. I have always wanted to pen my childhood experiences while growing up on Adventist Street in the town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad. It is now a reality! Outskirts Press has made my dream come true. The Outskirts Press personnel assigned to me in publishing this book were patient, kind, prompt, and effective. Their constant attention to the process gave me the assurance that they were working tirelessly to have my book on the shelves. I am working on another book as we speak, and Outskirts Press will have my contract for the production of this new book. I am so proud of my accomplishment. Thank you Tina and Lisa…thank you Outskirts!”

Born and raised in the town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago, Johnny Coomansingh received his education from Kansas State University (KSU), Fort Hays State University (FHSU) (Kansas), Andrews University (Michigan), The College of Teachers (London), The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture, Forestry (ECIAF) and Northeastern College, Trinidad. He read for his doctoral and master’s degrees in Geography at KSU. At FHSU he graduated with a Master of Science in Communication with emphasis on Public Relations. During the course of his development, he served as a high school teacher at Bates Memorial High School, Sangre Grande (mathematics, geography, and human and social biology), an agricultural extension/communication agent in the Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad, a corporate communications practitioner in the petroleum industry, and a university professor in the United States.

Product description…

Have hope. Written especially for youth everywhere in any station of life, Seven Years on Adventist Street distills hope…hope for all; all who think that they are living under the worst of circumstances. Seven Years on Adventist Street dissects, analyses, and synthesizes the impact of cultural forms on a young boy’s mind during the period 1960-1966. The narrative provides a window into the societal structures that fashioned his belief, his positive outlook, and his anchor of hopefulness as he journeys through life. On any given street in Trinidad, an individual could find an array of cultural variables similar to that of Adventist Street. Despite this fact, Adventist Street is unique. His emic view of Adventist Street as place, establishes the great value he has ascribed to this street in directing his intellectual leanings and perception of the world. Part of his soul is everlastingly entwined in the noise of the street-scape. More than any other place, he identifies with Adventist Street, and sadly, could offer no explanation for the placelessness of the basin in the Guaico River where he used to fish; no one fishes there anymore. In such a cultural melee, he was able to find a compass, and subsequently, chart a course for life. Seven Years on Adventist Street characterizes the play and interplay of people and their roles, rituals, and religion in the creation of a community. In his poverty-stricken world during those early years, he became a literal forager of sorts in his immediate environment and was able to sometimes fend off his physical hunger. Nevertheless, the hunger for intellectual stimulation and development was ever present. Written on the wall of his elementary school was the proverb: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Taking this bit of biblical scripture as his guide, he purposed in his heart to keep focused on the goals that would emancipate him from the shackles of rebuff, ridicule, and want. “Seven Years on Adventist Street” reveals a fulfilling story of hope, prayer, perseverance, and providence.

Introducing Naomi C. Hanna, author of You Can’t Go Dressed Like That!

“Great experience…very pleased with the outcome. Thanks Outskirts Press!”

Naomi Hanna is a retired RN, Author (Dove Cry, 2003), Minister and mother of two children, Philicia and P. Isaac Hanna, whom she loves dearly. She likes to read, garden, travel and feed an old dog named Dee Dee, in her free time. She lives in Nassau, N.P. Bahamas and attends the Revival Tabernacle Highway Church of God Bahamas, Inc., which is located on Millars Road off Bacardi Road, Nassau, N.P.

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It’s amazing how in this world there are standards and codes of conduct, including dress codes; to which we automatically adhere, if we wish to visit, or be a part of a particular environment such as Government functions, courthouses, prisons, and rehabilitation centers, etc. Heaven is often described as a “prepared place, for a prepared people.” Those who would enter, are put on notice to ensure that they are properly groomed and immaculately attired by faith, to be received as guests of honor, at His Majesty’s royal table, or risk being denied entrance!

Introducing Jade Yu, author of The First 100

“My Author Rep – Dana – went above and beyond to help me resolve all issues to my complete satisfaction and surpassed my expectations of a professional. Dana should be commended on all levels as she is a truly superstellar Rep. I have 12 more books I want to publish and really hope she continues to be my Rep (if she will have me).”

Jade Yu is an artist, writer, and philosopher from California. In 2014, she published the first volume of a four-volume book defining her philosophy: Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT). As her uniquely compelling worldview, IPT is her attempt to empower others to achieve their highest potential every day, inspiring all to their best self.

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On 5 June 2014, I launched my blog,, as a compendium to my newly-released book: Igniting an East-West Globalizing Dialogue, Volume I: Thus Spoke Chuang Tzu. The blog is designed to bring the major concepts of my book into practical and everyday relevance to all individuals – across time, space, and geography – for immediate application and use. Through my blog, I answer the ‘so what factor’ (SWF) as to how and why Infinite Potentiality Theory is critically relevant. Ultimately, I encourage all individuals to be the best version of themselves through immediate, active, and unwavering realization of their infinite creative potentiality.