Introducing David “Bill” Verhines, author of Super Thunderbird

“I can see where Outskirts Press really knows their business and that they have done this for quite a while. They know how to cater to the author in a responsive and responsible way. I plan to keep on publishing my passion with Outskirts Press.”

David, or “Bill,” Verhines had experienced academic success, journalistic success, and even Charismatic success. In this single, powerful volume he devises a way to understand everything in terms of a life-satisfying worldview. Now, having drawn the attention of a startling cryptid companion in the process, “Bill” now wishes to share his perspective with the church, family, friends, neighbors, and any companion who might listen — be that companion cryptid or otherwise.”

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Book description…

I am not the sort of person who goes out of his way looking for encounters with cryptid creatures. I have no interest in believing they are real. I never had any desire to encounter one. Until something appeared right in front of me on an Interstate highway. After experiencing several plateaus in my life, the truck-driving rhythm of the road has afforded me a lot of time to reflect on my life, my experience, and how to understand reality. My hours of contemplation led me to construct a worldview that emphasized the importance of a “bipedal” existence as a tie-in with all of life — Christian life, in particular. I had a “driver’s seat, front-row” experience with the largest bipedal event in all of human history. Applying my endeavors to this newfound-jet-airliner-winged dinosaur has led me to several startling new insights. The purpose of this book is to share these insights with you.

Introducing William Donald Needham, author of The Compleat Ambler: A Hiker’s Notebook about the Flora, Fauna and Fungi of a Healthy Mind and Body

“Overall – Excellent.”

William Needham holds degrees in science from MIT, engineering from Duke, education from Troy, and business from Central Michigan—an eclectic educational background that reveals his wide-ranging interests. He has trained as a Master Naturalist in the state of Maryland and as an active hike leader with the Sierra Club, along with serving seven years as a docent at the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington, D.C. After retiring as a captain in the U.S. Navy submarine service, William met his wife, Marina, while hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania. They currently live in Columbia, Maryland.

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Book description…

Boost your health with a walk through the seasons of nature. Discover the many physical and mental benefits of unplugging from the digital world and taking a walk in nature! As affluent societies have become more urban, they have become more sedentary and anxious in equal measure. The frequently frenetic movement from home to car to office to sit at a computer screen at the beginning of the day, repeated in reverse order at its end, has wreaked havoc on our bodies and our brains. The Compleat Ambler is a recipe to brave the newfound world of what’s out there waiting to be seen—a guide to what is interesting and what matters in nature: the flora, fauna, fungi, and geology of the great outdoors. Revisit what our ancient ancestors knew: that exploring the natural world reawakens the body’s own evolved strictures to reach and maintain a balance of mental, physical, and moral well-being. Trekking through the seasons—with the flowers of spring, the birds of summer, the fruits of fall, the rocks of winter—The Compleat Ambler eloquently illustrates why it’s so important that we “eat right, walk more, and seek trees.”

Introducing Carol Creager, author of Ronnie’s Reach: My Story, by a Red-eyed Tree Frog

“My Author Representative continues to be a wonderful helper for me with my books: 10 so far, and more to come. Thanks so much Outskirts Press.”

Carol Creager is an experienced wildlife photographer, author, and Spanish teacher who travels extensively in Costa Rica.

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Book description…

“I reach for the sky and the stars, just as Carol does. I climb every flower, leaf, and stick, hoping one will take me high enough. Dreams are so important,” says Ronnie Frog. Frogs need clean air and water to survive. Las ranas necesitan aire y agua limpios para vivir. Carol

Introducing Linda Compton, author of Winged Gifts of Grace: Some Wild Birds & Spirited Musings for Life’s Journey

“In today’s business world, it can be rare to experience excellent customer service, along with superb follow-through, long after the “sale” has been made – not so with Outskirts Press. This is my second book with OP and the company just keeps getting better. My Author Rep is absolutely wonderful. She’s responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Despite my questions and needing clarification on a few steps throughout the process, Lisa always understood what I was asking, and responded in an impressively timely manner, with patience and thoroughness. This experience has been so fun that I am now considering a series. After looking at and evaluating many self-publishing options, I am so glad and grateful that I selected Outskirts Press. For beginners to repeat authors, I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

Linda Compton believes that it’s never too late to choose joy despite Life’s many betrayals. Anyone can experience the enlivening beauty of Nature. By observing and applying Nature’s Laws, we can discover how to live our Dreams and become our personal best-in mind, body and spirit. Linda is an ordained Presbyterian clergywoman, Nature photographer, joyful entrepreneur and best-selling Amazon author.

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Book description…

Beautiful Bird Photos and Amazing Insights About Nature and Life. “Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.” In eleven simple words Albert Einstein issues an irresistible invitation, reveals a sweeping truth, and gives us a profound way to comprehend fundamental aspects of ourselves and our world. To look deeply is to grasp more fully. To observe and experience Nature this way is to better understand all that is. Nature is the supreme purveyor of understanding if we will but observe its lessons and recognize its truths. From Nature we draw the life-sustaining air that we breathe, obtain our water and food and everything essential to our survival and well-being. Through the Laws of Nature, our Creator also provides the possibility of endless inspiration and regenerative growth. Winged Gifts of Grace: Wild birds & Spirited musings for Life’s journey is a book of color photographs, accompanied by quotes and short essays. Through her images Linda Compton seeks to share the wonder of Nature. She aspires – visually – to enthusiastically tug on your sleeve and say, “Oh wow, look at this!” With her words she hopes to enliven the reader’s sense of wonder and joy by sharing thought-provoking reflections, paradigm-shifting nudges, bits of hard-won wisdom and inspiration.

Introducing Donna Somboonlakana, author of Night Life

“I always appreciate Lisa’s helpfulness and kindness.”

Donna Somboonlakana is an environmental engineer from New Rochelle, New York. She works with her artist husband, Oan, and their daughter, Asia, to produce insightful books about creatures that share the earth with us. People of all ages are entertained by Donna’s poetic style and enlightened by the knowledge gained from all of her books.

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Book description…

Nocturnal creatures emerge to live their lives in darkness. The night time provides an atmosphere where they can use their special talents to live full and enjoyable lives. Learning how the earth provides for our diverse plant and animal life helps us appreciate the magic of nature and enhances all of our lives.

Introducing Donna Somboonlakana, author of Wolves and the Trophic Cascade

“This was my first publishing experience. Outskirts likes to communicate via email so not feeling rushed was very calming to me. Lisa was terrific. Thanks.”

Donna Somboonlakana is an environmental engineer who met her artist husband, Oan, while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps. After 30 years, they combined their talents to produce ecological books for all ages to enjoy. Their environmentalist daughter, Asiamae, helps photograph her father’s artwork.

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Wolves were almost completely destroyed during a time in our history when people viewed them as a threat to our safety. The absence of wolves appeared to impact other wildlife and even the water quality. Now, we try to protect the remaining wolves and other endangered species.

Introducing Donna Somboonlakana, author of Knowing Owls

“Publishing with Outskirts Press has been a wonderful experience. It is a joy knowing you don’t have to send loads of query letters along with your book to publishing companies to see if they may send you back a note of interest.  Publishing with Outskirts Press allows you to publish your work by selecting from several different publishing choices that they make available to clients at a very reasonable cost. It is hard to believe that we have published three books within 6 months time that are being sold all over the globe!”

Donna, an environmental engineer, met her artist husband, Oan, while serving in the United States Peace Corps. After 30 years, they decided to combine their talents to produce beautiful and factual books for people of all ages to enjoy. Their daughter, Asiamae, helps photograph her father’s artwork.

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Book description…

While owls may be mysterious to some, people have learned a lot about these majestic raptors that help us understand their uniqueness. As you read and explore the lives of owls, enjoy using these educational rhymes to help you remember their special talents.

Introducing Kerry Atkinson, author of Bird Facts for Everyone

“Outskirts Press was very efficient and helpful for someone new to e-publishing like myself.”

Kerry Atkinson is a physician and cell biologist who has been fascinated by wildlife, and in particular, birds from childhood. He has written or edited three textbooks on bone marrow transplantation but this is his first book that has nothing to do with biomedical science or medicine. Born in Belfast, he was brought up in Tonbridge in Kent, England and graduated from the University of London. He has worked in medicine in the UK, the USA and Australia. He is still involved in biomedical research and in conducting clinical trials with stem cells in Australia.

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Book description…

No bird books to date have included references to paintings by Velasquez, Van Gogh and John Constable, poetry by TS Eliot and Shelley or to Bob Dylan and Lamborghini sportscars – all with at least indirect links to birds and their behaviour. This book contains facts on the number of bird species in the World, details of endemic bird species by country, the classification of birds, details of extinct birds, and special features of bird anatomy including eating, feathers and plumage, grooming and preening, eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, bills and beaks and feet. There is an extensive section on how and why birds sing and details of the many types of vocalisation they use as well as non-vocal communications. Other sections detail the many types of bird flight, hunting techniques, courtship and mating, bird territories, nesting and the miracle of bird migration. There are additional sections on bird intelligence and learning, other aspects of bird behaviour and details of bird lifespans. There is a list of the names used for for groups of birds of the same species. There is a section called FAQs, which answers questions such as which is the World’s largest bird, the World’s smallest bird, the fastest flying bird and the answers to many other questions about birds. There is a section on which person a specific bird species was named after, and finally a section on birds with the most intriguing names such as the Kagu, the Great Potoo, the Snoring Rail and the Melancholy Woodpecker. This book deals with birds from all seven of the World’s continents.

Introducing William A. Carlson, author of From Delicate Lily Pads to Sculptured Peaks

“Lisa, my first contact with Outskirts as my Publishing Consultant, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, knowing who to get answers from as I asked her so MANY questions. A BIG thanks to her!”

Born and raised in Moline, Illinois, William A. Carlson received a B.S. degree in Geology from Augustana College (Ill.) followed by his M.S. degree from University of Kansas. He married the love of his life, Christine in 1952; has three children and four grandchildren and has been a resident of Colorado since 1974.

Product description…

John Fielder, American landscape photographer, conservationist and nature writer says: “If I am making photographs of nature as fine as Bill Carlson does when I am at 87, I will be a happy man.”
AND, if there were words to express the true definition of beauty, one might be able to describe the photography you will find in this collection: FROM DELICATE LILY PADS TO SCULPTURED PEAKS: Landscape Photography with Verse Impressions from North America, Scandinavia, and New Zealand by William A. Carlson. As the artist describes the process he has experienced, we might come a little closer to conceiving the concepts. “It is the development of a consciousness-the sensitivity-of the environment that I attempt to capture in each photograph. I search for elements and patterns of simplicity, spaciousness and sensory response. The interplay of light and shadow.” Bill Carlson’s career in geology led him to photography. While performing field and management assignments for oil, mining and utility companies, he became cognizant of the intricate landforms and abstract patterns in Nature. The desire to capture what he saw became difficult to ignore and he began taking photographs with both 120 and 35mm format film cameras. Finding “just the right vantage point” was always well worth the effort. Bill’s photography has received numerous awards and publication credits. His color photograph “DOCK” received first place recognition in a field of 6,000 International entries, a competition sponsored by the Famous Photographers School, Westport, Connecticut, and the Hartford Insurance Company. His first collection of black and white photographs with accompanying verse-A Walk Through Mountain, Meadow, Marsh and Woodland-was published in 2001. The photographs included in this book were taken during the period 1960 to 2012.

Introducing Kay Peterson, author of 13 Days in Africa

“Before I found Outskirts Press, I used another publisher for an earlier book and the difference was like night and day. Throughout the process of publishing 13 Days in Africa, all the members of my appointed Outskirts team helped me make decisions about what would work best from the content to the cover without exceeding my budget. The Outskirts print-on-demand service was quick and efficient in filling book orders. I would not consider working with any other publisher again. And yes, I’m already starting on the next book—a sequel to 13 Days in Africa.”

Kay Peterson’s life experiences and extensive travels have brought her in contact with people from many walks of life. After nine successful non-fiction books, 13 Days in Africa is her first venture into the creative world of fiction. Kay’s devoted readers hope she will continue to offer stories as intriguing as this safari adventure.

Product description…

When tourists on an African safari are kidnapped by bandits, it changes their lives…forever. For Sarah, an American nurse who has just lost her job, it means accepting her past in order to find the family she always wanted. Sarah’s group includes a teenager named Boy trying to discover why he is alive; his racist father who resents his son’s existence; a former drug addict trying to rebuild her life, and the wealthy Englishman who loves her. Their leader is an Anglo-African guide haunted by his own ghosts. When the group is left stranded in Africa’s wild savanna, Sarah learns the value of living every moment, the importance of helping each other, and that hate and cruelty are two of the disguises worn by Fear.

13 Days in Africa is a memorable and evocative story of love and hate, kindness and cruelty, and the peace that comes when we can accept who we are.