Introducing Sheryl H. Outlaw, author of Life After Death

“I searched for an affordable way to publish my book. And after reading some terrific reviews, I decided Outskirts Press was the company for me. They really are a great and affordable company, who lets the author be in control throughout the entire process. I was absolutely blown away when I saw the finished product. My book turned out to look amazing. In addition, even after my book was published, they continued to provide me with helpful ways to market my book and increase my sales by sending me marketing COACH emails. They really do offer high-quality products and amazing service at an awesome value. Thanks a lot Outskirts Press; you made my dream a reality!”

Sheryl H. Outlaw is a living testimony of God’s love, compassion and supernatural abilities. She is a registered nurse, with an Associate of Science in Nursing, from Gordon State College. She lives with her family in Georgia. Please visit her website for more information at, also

Product description…

Sheryl and her father Garry always had a unique and special relationship…and ever since she was a little girl, Sheryl had been aware of her own intuition and sensitivity to things unseen. But neither of them could have guessed the ways in which their closeness and Sheryl’s attunement to the spirit world would manifest, through the grace of God. On the morning of December 18, 2012, about 12 a.m., Garry pulled over to the side of the road to rest, and suddenly died of cardiopulmonary arrest. In the weeks before his death, Sheryl had begun to experience supernatural occurrences, including precognitive dreams, and communications from spirits. After Garry’s death, Sheryl’s connection with the spirit world blossoms, as he continues to reach out to her and Sheryl quickly realizes that God has chosen both of them for a very special purpose. Life After Death: Us Forever is the fascinating and compelling story of a father and daughter who allowed Jesus into their hearts, accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, and watched as His amazing gifts changed their lives.

Introducing Annemarie Schoone, author of Journey of a Dogman

“When I received the copies of my book, I was extremely pleased as the book came out beautifully and it was a welcomed learning experience.”

Product description…

This book is for those of you looking for answers to who you are and why you are here. It was written for those who are willing to awaken.

  • You will discover your true heritage
  • The importance of your presence here on Earth
  • What your purpose in life is
  • Why your journey is unique
  • How your choice to come here was not a coincidence but actually purposeful and important
  • You planned to come down here

Introducing John F. Brinster, author of The Afterlife of a Restless Soul

“Help and response was lots better than several of the other self-publishing organizations–congrats to Terri, Jackie, Heather and Bridget and all the rest!”

John F. Brinster is a phi beta kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University in physics. A founder of several high tech companies, Brinster was member of a Palmer Physical Laboratory research team at Princeton University during wartime that helped create the atomic bomb and other new weaponry. He was assigned responsibility for missile instrumentation including the preparation and firing of five captured German V- 2 missiles for initial upper atmosphere exploration at White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, working closely with Werhner von Braun, the father of space exploration. At Princeton, he studied with many twentieth century Nobel physicists such as Einstein, Wheeler, Feynman, and Pauli. He was a neighbor of the Institute for Advanced Study for many years, having frequent contact with Einstein and Oppenheimer. In 2006 he made a study of the unique Einstein ideology published as an op/ed by the Philadelphia Inquirer as ALBERT EINSTEIN’S COSMIC REVERENCE in conjunction with the Einstein annus mirabilis anniversary.

Product description…

This book of fiction, science, and satire describes how the soul of a hard and fast atheist professor unexpectedly finds itself in heaven following his untimely death. It emphasizes needed change in world condition and, although laced with periodic elements of humor, it represents a review of atheist vision in a world of widespread conflicting religious beliefs. It emphasizes how religious differences have led to bitter conflict and suffering throughout the planet. This book is intended to encourage reexamination of religious teachings that often move vulnerable minds in unreal and imaginative directions. hopefully to lessen extreme and militant violence. The protagonist questions the evidence of the existence of a higher power that would allow such human behavior. Its controversial subtitle BUT IS GOD REALLY A WOMAN? is consistent with modern feminist movements. The professor considers fundamental female characteristics as a basis for increased feminine development and recognition, suggesting that if there were a god it must be female.

Introducing Ruth Carter, author of My Neighbor is a Sorcerer

“My experience publishing my book, as a novice author, with Outskirts Press was favorable. My publishing consultant was so helpful and willing to help me over the humps and road blocks I encountered as I began my journey. During the process of publishing, all problems were smoothed out with the help of a well-trained staff. I recommend Outskirts Press to all wanting to self publish. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Having lived in the North Shore area of Massachusetts for over forty years, Ruth Carter, a retired teacher, learned the necessity of continually watching in prayer because of the witchcraft, sorcery and occult influences in the area.

Product description…

A BATTLE WITH DARKNESS Few people know how witches and sorcerers, using spells and curses, torture their victims. The story is a true, progressive account of a Christian’s feud with a witch that led to a life of persecution for both. The feud expanded to include all area witches and sorcerers, including those in Salem, Massachusetts, better known as, “Witch City,” and sparked a major war in the heavens. Jesus Christ and many angels, descended from heaven, to not only defend the churches and his servant, but to enter into judgment with the attackers and deliver the area from evil. As the Gates of Hell open, we get a unique glimpse of the many varieties of wicked spirits that are used by witches/sorcerers to persecute us. Few victims could live to tell such a story. Here is a warning to those who would practice these arts and an eye opener to the rest of us who thought that witchcraft and sorcery were no threat.

Introducing Carolyn R. Prescott, author of Twin Flames

“The last chapter of my book is “The End is The Beginning.” When you put the last period on the last line, if you are a beginner like me, you might be tempted to think you’re done. Well, you’re not. You’re just starting up the next hill. You can’t give birth to your baby and say, “Job over.” The baby needs nourishment and TLC in order to grow. That’s where Outskirts Press comes in. They are, first, the midwife, then the school teacher during the growth step–marketing. I thank The Creator every day for creating Outskirts Press, the care givers of my creation. Thank you.”

Carolyn R. Prescott, a former student of shamanism, is a graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities, with advanced degrees in maternal and child health. She has been privy to intimate stories of the heart, a witness to the paranormal, and a visitor to shades of herself-all of which helped birth Twin Flames.

Product description…

Twin Flames is more than a love story. It’s a cross-culture, cross-dimension, and cross-time story of longing that shows the effects of unenlightened use of personal subtle energies. When two innocents, members of the First Nation People, are torn apart, it seems their love is doomed. But with unwavering determination, the lovers Ahhatome and Lily, formerly known as Little Bear/Two Bears and Sings To Flowers, propel themselves through adventures of emotion, mind, and past-life memory, where two beings are more than soul mates. They are transcendent, timeless twin souls-they are Twin Flames. This moving and thought-provoking book reminds us that our bodies are not only ephemeral vehicles for our time here on earth, but also a temporary home for our spirits and our love-which are eternal.

Introducing Orva Schrock, author of Let There Be Light

“Overall very good professional publishing service. I wish there was more person-to-person ‘human’ communication, but I do understand that many authors would take advantage of the Representative’s valuable time. Jennifer is A+”

Orva Schrock is retired from business and now lives in Northern Indiana, USA, on a small private nature preserve with his best friend and wife, Jenny, and his other two best friends, Lizzie the Australian Shepherd and Bella the Boston Terrier. He’s glad to hear from folks at

Product description…

This is a book of wisdom for people who don’t read wisdom books. Here you’ll find complex subjects simplified, brought down to earth, understandable, and ready for your use: the Psychology of Belief, the Origins of Christianity, the Mystery of Death, C.G. Jung and Personal Transformation, Sanatana Dharma, Advaita Vedanta, Ramana Maharshi and the Real Self, Non-duality and Cosmic Consciousness. This book is not intended for the true-believer Christian, as they might be offended, but if you are an open-minded truth seeker and would like to learn – you are among the fortunate minority and this book may be an excellent first step; A giant step toward freedom and discovering Who you really are.

Introducing T. Brady, author of Soul Seeker

“I personally chose Outskirts Press from the top five online publishers because I read that they were a younger publishing company with many great offers. My experience with publishing my first novel through Outskirts Press was made easier by a patient and dedicated, helpful staff including Stephen, Dana, Jennifer and Jackie. I was allowed to take my time with the whole experience. The excellent cover design is a hit with all who have seen it. ”

Born and raised in Lancaster, California’s Mojave Desert, T. Brady moved to Arkansas as a teen and currently resides outside of Yellville. Educated and employed in the medical profession, she is dedicated to a life of service to others whether in the form of care giving or writing and to working toward her own enlightenment. “Who am I?” she says. “Just another soul walking this earth in a magnificent shell called the human body, and every time I gaze up at the night’s starry sky I know there’s a bigger picture.”

Product description…

Hey folks. This is a long time coming – twenty six years to complete. Between these pages lies more than a fiction novel. There is a message; the road to enlightenment is an open mind. In this novel, life’s veil of protection is lifted for two true mates – one religious, one spiritual. Spiritualism teaches us why we are here. Religion gives us a sense of security about the future. Those attuned know that how we treat each other determines the degree of enlightenment we obtain on this planet. Bluntly stated, we’re all in this together. The two main character’s directed purpose is to help earth’s population rid themselves of apathy and discontent, and to help prepare for the Way.

Introducing Barry Supranowicz, author of S-Theory

“Nothing but the highest praises for Brie! That is the absolute truth! Knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. The editing department did an outstanding job with the material they had to work with. The ‘coaching’ e-mails I have found to be an essential tool for new authors, such as myself. These e-mails are a welcome aspect of the services you provide. And, you have great marketing options.”

The author, Barry Supranowicz, is a Psychologist with Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Psychology from the Universities of Central Florida and Nova University. Following years of clinical practice with, and analysis of, many differing clinical populations the author conceived S-Theory—a theory inspired by detailed psychological investigations on over 1,000 men, women, and children—a theory taking over a decade of research analysis by the author to compose.

Product description…

S-Theory is the first new theory of personality of the 21st century, coming into existence almost 50 years since the last major theory of such was introduced. S-Theory defines and explains emotional intelligence. For us as a human species to productively change from our frequent cyclic tendencies toward violence, greed, and oft-accompanying ruin (expressed through the recurrent rise and fall of civilizations), we must develop motivation to change—motivation induced through knowledge. S-Theory allows such motivation to usher forth in readers by explaining, and allowing a revolutionary new understanding of, what we call personality and emotional intelligence—the essence of what makes us (and other life forms) up. It explains how such developed and evolved (with particular emphasis to human functioning). Understanding S-Theory will allow the reader to evaluate the level of personality and emotional intelligence they (or others) possess—in functional easy-to-measure behavioral terms. Such theory will also allow the reader a clear perception of what adaptive and maladaptive behavior is, how these develop, and how to change them (if desired). It is hoped by the author that the knowledge brought forth from within this manuscript will arouse in the reader an epiphany of awareness—and lead to arousal of motivation sufficient enough to create productive individual change, leading to ultimate enhancement of future human (and non-human) survival on earth.

Introducing Tony Richards, author of F.E.A.R. Factor

“Will publish again with Outskirts Press and telling friends to use as well. Great experience. Thanks for all you do!”

Tony Richards is a writer, leadership and management consultant, and keynote speaker. He is a motivator that works with individuals and businesses to define and shape their true destiny. Tony is an adjunct instructor in business and leadership, and lives with his wife and two daughters in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Product description…

If time and money were no issue, what would you be doing? The dreams that are deep within and have been with you all your life are still there and it is never too late to turn them into reality. Tony Richards has written a short book packed with power and punch that will inspire you to move through your current situation and into your true destiny.

Introducing Evelyn Schwarz, author of The Hummingbird Garden

“The color illustrations turned out great and the font and print were just as I asked. The shadowing effect on the illustrations were a great added touch to make the pictures “pop” and the boxing and color of it made the text catch the reader’s eye.”

Evelyn Schwarz loves the outdoors and volunteers as nature center docent at a local regional park in San Diego, California. She enjoys hiking and sharing nature with others. The Anna’s hummingbird is one of her favorites. Illustrator Kitty Quinn is a high school student who plans to attend the San Francisco Academy of Art. The author can be contacted at:

Product description…

Six-year-old Alexis and her parents have just moved from an apartment in the city to a home in the suburbs. While lying in the grass in her new backyard, Alexis is startled by a tiny flash of color darting by, heading for her neighbor’s yard. Peeking through a hole in the fence, she sees a wondrous sight. Her new neighbor’s backyard is filled with hundreds of beautiful flowers, and there are colorful glass balls hanging from some of the trees. But the most magical sight of all are the tiny, jewel-like birds flashing by, hovering in midair, and even flying backward! This delightfully illustrated book will bring the world of hummingbirds to life as Alexis learns a valuable lesson about what sharing can accomplish.