Introducing Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, author of The Worship of Kiln Gods

“I liked the step by step process. I would use your services again in the future. I also thanked you for your services in my book. Thank you again for everything. Jennifer, you are great.”

Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho leads a double life-first as a senior lecturer at the Universiti Brunei, Darussalam, and secondly as her performance art character, the “Kiln Priestess.” Dr. Geiger-Ho received her doctorate in philosophy from Texas Tech University in 2003 and divides her time between teaching ceramics, sculpture and art history in Brunei and writing at her home in Bradford, PA. She is married to Kong Ho, a painter and muralist who is also an associate professor at the Universiti of Brunei Darussalam. She and her husband travel the US, Hong Kong, Japan, and Brunei among other places, to conduct research, attend conferences, and exhibit their artwork. Dr. Geiger-Ho’s website ( features extensive information on kiln gods and stunning photos of her work.

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Martie Geiger Ho’s comprehensive and noteworthy study can be divided into two parts. In the first part, the reader is introduced to the realm of kiln lore, including the author’s alter ego, the Kiln Priestess, who not only helps her watch over unpredictable kiln firings, but also manifests herself in the author’s photographic works. Later she guides the reader through the origins of kiln gods in the American ceramic community. The second half of this book presents the cultural research and actual kiln god temple sites where various kiln god deities are worshiped in Hong Kong and China. Geiger-Ho’s insights into this trope are not only unique, they are also the first to have been seriously researched as an academic undertaking. “My exhaustive research into the history and mythology of kiln gods as a topic for my dissertation led me to believe that there is a direct lost link between the practice of kiln god rituals in the United States and the ancient religious beliefs of China still in practice today.”

Introducing Michele Bledsoe & Richard Bledsoe, authors of The Secret Kingdom

“Thank you, Outskirts Press for helping me make my book a reality. Throughout the process, your knowledgeable staff responded quickly to my questions. I was very impressed with the work of your talented design team. The finished book turned out beautifully. I will definitely use Outskirts Press again.”

Michele Bledsoe has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings in art galleries for almost 20 years. Inspired by the beautifully illustrated children’s books she grew up with, Michele started creating art when she was a child—and has never stopped. With “The Secret Kingdom,” Michele Bledsoe hopes to inspire a new generation of artists to share her lifetime love of creating pictures. Art is for everyone, and “The Secret Kingdom” is a place that welcomes children of all ages.

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Take a journey through the imagination of artist Michele Bledsoe. “The Secret Kingdom” is a collection of paintings and poetry celebrating the world of dreams.

Introducing John Payne, author of Guardian in my Shadow

“My overall publishing service with Outskirts Press was great. Everything from the edits to the cover selections. Thanks.”

John Payne, single, father of two, working in a managerial professional environment has been inspired By God to write about events he has experienced to share with others of how God intervenes when the hope of all else is lost. In this know that where man can’t, God can if you believe.

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In demonstration of hope, love and joy. John’s passion has always been within the Arts. Weather it was in acting, writing, plays or music they are all means for reaching out to other people. In a world of many wonders, good and bad he would just like to bring the means to uplift someone’s spirit. J. P. is currently setting aim to step into his next where according to prophesy thousands may be waiting for positive importations directed by God. His mission at hand is to impart hope and belief of the empowerment of our strength in God. Sometimes acceptance may not be at home but abroad as he leaves us with food for thought.

Introducing Fox Grimaldi, author of Cosmos Divine, Volume I

“My experience has been comprehensively informative and gratifying. The many options for Marketing and the personal attention to my needs before, during and after publication have caused me to look forward to publishing my follow-up Volume II of Cosmos Divine with Outskirts Press.”

Fox Grimaldi, Ph.D., D.D., Reiki Master, has many years of experience as: Piano Entertainer, Singer, Composer, Director, Producer of Original Stage Plays, and Community Television. American born, Dr. Fox, studied all martial art forms, all religions, the sciences, and teaches, privately: Piano, Voice, Acting, and his own, Dao Ren-Kung Self-Defense.

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With this book, the authors take you on an expedition into a world of deep emotions, lucid dreams, and creativity that is designed to disclose humanity’s place in the Divine Playground of our Universal-Cosmos.

Introducing Sophia Santucci, author of One Face

“I truly appreciate working with Dana during entire publishing process. It was a great pleasure and her expertise, patience and superb customer support throughout entire process was appreciated. Job well done and prompt e-mails and assistance were exceptional. Thank you!”

Sophia Santucci is a writer, yoga instructor, and inspirational art visionary. She has facilitated empowerment workshops and meditation classes for over forty years, and is the author of From Across the Ocean to Electromagnetic Energy in Motion to Waking up in Light; World’s Greatest Treasures: Reaching the Summit of One’s Nature; Yoga Practice Demystified: Four Simple Yoga Guidelines to Wellness; and Multidimensional You, Even When Baking Cookies. Sophia lives in Florida with her husband.

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We’ve come a long way since prehistoric times. We’ve made great progress and advancements, and the current generation has grown up with the latest and greatest in technology. But has our consciousness evolved as well? Have we reached a higher level of thinking, acting, communicating, and relating to others? One Face, Seven Billion Masks reveals how our past thinking and old habits create energy in our mind and body that affects our everyday life, creating either harmony or stress and drama. How we can balance our daily lives—our fast-paced lives filled with modern technology—and find a way to nourish self and soul? Empowering ourselves is to know ourselves, but we must update the digital technology in our brain to effect positive changes. One Face, Seven Billion Masks explores how we can bridge generational differences and find commonality—how to move beyond the mask we choose to wear in the external world and reveal our true face. The book is a reminder for all human beings to take responsibility and action to initiate positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and action—a guide to moving beyond the caveman mentality and creating a better life for yourself and future generations to come.

Introducing Carolyn J. Sweers, author of Earth, Air, Fire, Water

“Dodi’s decision to send me a sample custom cover, which I had not ordered, was brilliant. I knew immediately I wanted to pay the money for the excellent and ‘just right’ cover.”

Carolyn J. Sweers left the farm when she went to college but returned for regular visits. She majored in philosophy and earned an advanced degree in the subject. Her working career was as a teacher, mainly at New Trier High School, and later in a variety of older adult programs. She now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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“I grew up on an Iowa farm in the 40’s and 50’s. I was fortunate to have a lot of leisure time for contemplating the land, the sky, the growing seasons, the work that humans did, as well as the reality of death. The seeds of the philosopher I was to become were sown early, as I observed the world of my rural childhood. These recollections were originally written in 1985 and extensively revised in 2014.”

Introducing Windy Lucero, author of Beyond the Storm

“Outskirts Press is the perfect publisher for me! I can honestly say that I had no idea who to reach out to help me publish my manuscript. I did a lot of research and found that Outskirts Press had all good reviews from other authors, so I looked into what they had to offer me. I was pleasantly surprised at how many publishing packages they had to offer people. I ordered the package that was right for me online, and a day later an Outskirts Press representative called me to go over everything. They made the process of publishing very simple, and if you don’t understand something, they are patient and will assist you until you feel comfortable about what you are doing. They kept me informed every step of the way during the process -which I deeply appreciated! I never felt like I was just a number or that they didn’t have time to answer any of my questions. They made me feel that my work was important and that they truly cared. I submitted my manuscript on 7/17/14, and it was officially published and for sale on 9/23/14! Talk about fast, the process only took ten weeks! Now my book is being sold at Amazon, Kindle and Nook. I am working with their marketing department and they are assisting me with spreading the word about my book Beyond the Storm. They have pointed me in the right direction for radio interviews and setting up a fan page. The bottom line is that I highly recommend Outskirts Press to authors who want to self-publish. They are not paying me to say this, I plan on having them publish more books for me in the near future, and I have already recommended them to several other writers I know.”

Windy Lucero is a psychic medium and a highly respected member of one of the largest psychic development groups in the world. Windy teaches psychic development and mentors students one-on-one; she also works with a paranormal investigation team focusing on soul rescue. Windy lives in Colorado with her son, and hopes Beyond the Storm, her debut novel, will open minds and hearts, bringing an amazing peace to those who are led to read it.

Product description…

After her fiancé is killed by a wildfire that destroys nearly everything important to her, Emily Evans prepares to leave her hometown of Rock Springs, Colorado. She sells her gift shop and hopes that by moving 2,200 miles away, she can escape the constant reminders of what she’s lost. She could have ended up anywhere, but she is drawn to a nine-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian with a wraparound porch, overlooking the sea in Seaport, Maine. The secluded coastal village is exactly what she’s looking for—a whimsical, charming spot, picture-perfect in every way. Here, Emily envisions a new life, a new beginning, and she hopes to find the peace of mind needed to heal from the devastating loss of her beloved fiancé. Beyond the Storm bursts with suspense and emotional intensity as Emily faces a violent thunderstorm right after moving into her new home. She has little confidence that her timeworn house will hold up during such an intense storm, and then she begins to sense a presence in the home. At first, the supernatural occurrences seem harmless, but they take a nasty turn following her discovery of hundred-year-old hidden journals—leading her to John Stone, the handsome, unmarried local physician. As a mutual attraction develops between the two, Emily struggles to make peace with her tragic past so she can once again be free and open to the possibility of love.

Introducing Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan, author of The Multi-Dimensional Self

“I never anticipated how nervous I was about publishing my book. Your process and being there at every step was wonderful. Thank you.”

About Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan: After being introduced to Quantum Physics and receiving an energy attunement, my life was thrown into a world wind of knowledge. My studies are: The Metaphysical study of Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Medicine Wheel, Soul Retrieval, Energy Medicine Modalities, Emotional Clearing, Sovereignty. I now live my life between two worlds. The life I share with my family, friends, community, and the life I share with the unseen dimensions of time and space.

Product description…

Perfection is found when we learn how to look for it.

Introducing Jake Pixley, author of The Testimony of a Dead Man

“This experience of publishing with Outskirts Press has been above what I expected. I really was in control of my book! Furthermore, what I appreciated most was that there were no gimmicks to deal with. Everything was straight forward. I will be using Outskirts Press again for other books I am currently working on.”

As a young boy, Jake Pixley lived on a small farm and worked like a grown man. To get out of work on Sundays, I would ride my bike two miles to church, and the two miles back home. Spiritually it was the best thing to happen to me. I have never been without a connection to the Father. I have grown to be more spiritual than religious, but I still like to go sit in the church where it all started.

Product description…

Sometimes a soul must enter into the deepest darkness to find its own light. MICHAEL makes a mistake that is taking a lifetime to find redemption. Along his journey, Michael is being called to battle against great evil and dark spirits. At one time in his life, Michael had sit at the table beside the lake of fire and was rescued. Now the darkness wants him back. Michael must follow the commandments given to him if he is to complete God’s mission for him on earth and in Hell.

Introducing Mildred M. Stokes, author of Romancing the Beautiful Divine

“If your hope and prayer is to birth forth the vision to become an accomplished author, Outskirts Press is the place to begin! My author representative partnered with me and always maintained a sincere level of commitment to deliver a final product on my terms. I am absolutely amazed at the response I get from everyone—without exaggeration—when they lay eyes on my book. People tingle with surprise and warmth as they comment on how effectively the graphics compliment the theme so uniquely. It opens doors, too! Within just several weeks out of the starting gate, I have done a radio broadcast book interview in a major market, have conducted a workshop, and already lining up to do book chats, book club features and vend at upcoming conferences. Romancing the Beautiful Divine, A Joy Embrace Story Devotional is gaining visibility in a variety of settings. Yes, I’m working hard. But I’m having the time of my life! Thank you OP.”

Mildred M. Stokes is an author, health and wellness promoter, and motivational speaker for Joy Embrace Ministries. The emphasis of the ministry invites you to stretch beyond unfulfillment and enter into a refreshing lifestyle of renewing contentment and destiny’s promise. She is the founder of SunJoy Ventures, LLC—a company whose empowerment mission centers upon building mindful, lifestyle changes along pathways that capture the balance of complete wellness. Mildred’s inspirational writings have been featured in the FBCG Grace Magazine, a publication for today’s women of faith, hope and great expectations. Romancing the Beautiful Divine is her first book.

Product description…

Get comfy and prepare to take a healing and inspirational journey—one that will take you over life’s hurdles and bless you jubilantly along the way! Romancing the Beautiful Divine is a passionate and thought-provoking story devotional designed to help you uncover the abundance of self-worth God has for you and the courage you will need to run the distance with it. If you’re hungering for insight and healing—seeking confirmation that there is a destiny calling set in place for you—this devotional will move you through the uncertainties and self-doubts that can linger and hold you captive. This collection of pivotal life moments and spiritual insights will empower and refresh you in the glory of God’s favor and loving embrace. Each chapter ends with an engaging challenge and prayerful reflection.